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Announcing Radical Media

With Complimentary Gift - Radical Podcast Episode 1: On Censorship

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Maajid Nawaz
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Announcing Radical Media

With Complimentary Gift - Radical Podcast Episode 1: On Censorship

1) All Subscriber Updates:

We are pleased to announce that your Radical Dispatch subscription has grown into Radical Media. In addition to your free Radical Dispatch, all Radical Media subscribers will gain free access to our Radical Columnists section. Here subscribers will find our complimentary curation of up-and-coming young writers and political thinkers.

Full members will gain access to two additional podcasts, members only updates, event tickets and other special offers.

Our first new weekly columnist - for all subscribers - is Rav Arora.

Rav has written for publications such as The Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy Magazine, and The New York Post on race, violent crime, and identity politics. Over the course of the pandemic, Rav's views on vaccine safety, government mandates, and state control became too heretical for legacy media outlets, forcing him to go independent on his Substack: Noble Truths.

Rav may cross post, and carry over some of his work via his Substack page - tackling vaccine mandates, Big Pharma corruption, and occasionally, the renaissance of psychedelic therapy, and contribute informative opinion pieces once every week or two weeks.

2) Complimentary Radical Podcast Episode 1:

Above is your complimentary podcast episode 1 of The Radical Show exclusive to Odysee. This is included complimentarily as a ‘thank you’ for your basic membership package. All other episodes of the Radical podcast will be available for full members only. Upgrade your membership here:

3) What Else Do Full Members of Radical Media Gain Access To?

Every week, full members of Radical Media receive:

i) The podcast-only version of the previous week’s Radical Show.

Radical is an independent news and current affairs broadcast show that is exclusive to the Odysee platform. Members will now have access to the podcast-only version. All subscribers have received their complimentary episode 1 of this podcast. All other Radical podcast episodes will be for full members of Radical Media only. Episodes will be sent to members until the schedule is up to date, and once a week thereafter. This allows members to catch up with the full and latest Radical Show episode anywhere they are, at their own leisure.

ii) The podcast-only version of the previous week’s WARRIOR CREED livestream, exclusive to Gettr.

WARRIOR CREED is a livestream lifestyle show exclusive to Gettr, with co-host Usman Raja. The podcast-only version will be available to members of Radical Media. WARRIOR CREED is not a news and current affairs show, though we will discuss news and current affairs, at will. WARRIOR CREED will be a weekly interactive live event, focusing on conversations, appearances and physical & spiritual training all designed to revive a warrior’s creed. This podcast will allow members to catch up with the full and latest WARRIOR CREED episode anywhere they are, at their own leisure.

iii) Members also receive exclusive instant updates, special offers on our upcoming Radical Media merchandise & products, and early access to tickets for events. Our mission is to bring you Radical Media for Radical truths that modern corporatist media seek to silence. We cannot do this without your support.

Become a full member here:

Finally, please do us the courtesy of sharing this newsletter with friends and family and encourage them to sign up to for free.

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We remain grateful to you for your subscription and will continue to send all basic subscribers the free Radical Dispatch for cutting-edge geo-political analysis, as well as columns by our new Radical columnists.