Behind The Scenes Questions With Neil Oliver

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Dec 27, 2022
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Behind The Scenes Questions With Neil Oliver

Exclusive Radical Media Members Only Content

At the top of this Newszine, full members of Radical Media will find an exclusive behind-the-scenes video conversation between Maajid Nawaz and British broadcaster, archaeologist, and critic of the Great Reset agenda Neil Oliver.

On Christmas Day Radical Media released our first ever live in-studio conversation for The Radical Show - 36 between Maajid Nawaz and Neil Oliver. What is presented above is a new video feature in which we pose our guests some controversial questions that were not asked in the full show.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video to hear Neil Oliver’s reply to our questions on the following:

1) Is Ukraine a money laundering scheme?

2) Is Zelensky a Nazi collaborator?

3) Are our security services compromised by the globalist cabal?

4) Did the CIA kill former US President JFK?

5) If they did, doesn’t this necessitate having other conversations such as whether the US security services played any role whatsoever in the 9/11 attacks in order to launch the War on Terror?

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Below are some preview clips from the full show.

Neil Oliver and Maajid Nawaz share a warm Christmas greeting:

Neil Oliver expressing scepticism about the real motives behind the corporatist news agenda:

Neil Oliver questioning Canadian state sponsorship of death:

Maajid Nawaz raising the serious allegations around the state’s End of Life Care Pathways involving death row drug Midazolam with Morphine:

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