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WARRIOR CREED: Explaining The Assassination Attempt on Anti-Globalist Former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan

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WARRIOR CREED: Explaining The Assassination Attempt on Anti-Globalist Former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan

WARRIOR CREED Special Broadcast


Explaining The Assassination Attempt on Anti-Globalist Former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan

WARRIOR CREED Special Broadcast

On 3rd November 2022 - the day of the attack itself - Maajid Nawaz presented a WARRIOR CREED special livestream, exclusive to Gettr, on the attempted assassination of former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. Full members of Radical Media will find the podcast version of that special livestream at the top of the newszine via Resistance Radio.

The remainder of this newszine is free for all. Below are our accompanying notes and links for the above livestream, explaining the background to this attempted assassination.

1) Imran Khan Was Shot

After winning a series of landslide elections that led to him taking every province in the country except the federal capital Islamabad, Imran Khan had resumed his mass rallies across Pakistan in an effort to pressure the unelected federal government to call elections after he was ousted as PM in what he alleges was a US-led plot. It was during the below mass rally that he was shot.

2) Developments Since Our Special Livestream

Since broadcasting this special livestream Imran Khan has not only survived the attack but has addressed the nation. Khan has named three of the country’s top officials as being behind the attack on him and has demanded that the nation continue to protest until these three figures resign (video below is in Urdu):

Khan’s party the Pakistani Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has continued to rally around their leader nationwide:

So widespread and well attended are the protests that the authorities have responded by locking down the federal capital. This is what global covid ‘lockdowns’ served as a precursor for. Lockdowns are nothing but a tool for those in power to control the masses.

Here is the Pakistan government’s lockdown order. Note the reference to ‘anti-terrorism.’ You will see a great deal more of that excuse around the world from now on:

Though Imran Khan survived the attack, others weren’t so fortunate. Here is a short ode to martyred Moazzam Gondal Shaheed and injured 13 year old Areeb Khan.

Play instagram clip with sound on:

As usual, corporatist media caveated their reporting on the above events so as to not displease their globalist sponsors:

3) Background to the Shooting

The below notes accompanying this special livestream WARRIOR CREED podcast are taken from three previous Radical Dispatches. One from April 2022, and the second from May 2022. The third from 2nd November, the day before Khan was shot.

In these previous Radical Dispatches, Khan’s rise to power is largely attributed to the Panama leaks that exposed the corrupt globalist bipartisan cabal that was running Pakistan until then:

Having come into power off the back of this global corruption scandal, the globalist cabal had already been unfavourable to Khan. While alleging a US-led globalist regime change operation against him to punish him for visiting Putin, Khan had made comments to the London Times explaining why he would not drag Pakistan into the US proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

Radical Media reports 13th April 2022:

Disagreements between Khan and the US-led globalist cabal increased when Khan was asked directly about allowing CIA bases to operate from Pakistani soil.

Radical Media reports 13th April 2022:

Khan then went onto international corporatist news to explain his position in no uncertain terms, alleging a direct US-led coup against him.

Radical Media reports 26th May 2022:

Here’s a transcript of the above CNN interview with Becky Anderson.

Radical Media reports 26th May 2022:

The issue was difficult to ignore for corporatist media. Khan needed to be silenced.

No surprise then that Bill Gates happened to have chosen this particular moment to visit Pakistan for his first ever trip, in the middle of the supposed pandemic.

Radical Media reports 26th May 2022:

Keen twitter observers have noted that the same Bill Gates appears to also have landed in the UK on the day populist Boris Johnson was deposed.

Radical Media reports 2nd November 2022:

4) US-led Globalist Interference in Foreign Countries is Nothing New

Globalist interference with elections to maintain their bipartisan grip is nothing new. The US election 2020 serves as the most infamous case in point.

Time Magazine reports 4th February 2021:

Brazil is another example where suspicions and allegations have been raised:

Of course, when made by none other than the former PM of a nuclear powered nation, the US was forced to deny such allegations.

Radical Media reports 13th April 2022:

Though such denials are, of course, highly questionable since President Biden himself has declared a New World Order.

Radical Media reports 26th March 2022:

5) What do Pakistanis Want?

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