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Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz with Jordan Peterson

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Maajid Nawaz with Jordan Peterson

Plus Accompanying Commentary via Resistance Radio


Maajid Nawaz with Jordan Peterson

Plus Post Show Reflections via ‘Watching the Show’ on Resistance Radio

1) The JBP Podcast

Two days ago Jordan Peterson published a conversation with Maajid Nawaz called ‘In Response to Netanyahu’ on his JBP podcast.

The full one hour and fourty minute conversation between Maajid Nawaz and Jordan Peterson is available to view for free on youtube here:

Maajid Nawaz launches this in-depth discussion with a rebuttal to Jordan Peterson's prior interview with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. From here they discuss the affinities and gaps between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and explore the origin of ideology, as well as the technocratic tower of babel we as a species seem to be constructing. Maajid Nawaz is a British anti-extremist, political commentator, activist, and podcast host. He was recently “released” from his LBC radio show for his views on the covid 19 pandemic, and has roots as one of the original named members of the supposed Intellectual Dark Web, along with characters such as Douglas Murray, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson.

2) Audio Diary: ‘Watching the Show’

At the top of this newszine full members of Radical Media gain access to a short audio guide and reflections, with timestamped references, to the conversation between Jordan and Maajid via ‘Watching the Show’ on Resistance Radio.

3) Highlights and Reviews

Below is a highlight clip from the show:

And here are some reviews from early viewers of the episode:

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