Oct 21, 2022 • 4M

WARRIOR CREED: On the Great Reset Deception

WARRIOR CREED podcast 11 with Michael Shellenberger

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Maajid Nawaz
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On the Great Reset Deception

WARRIOR CREED podcast 11 with Michael Shellenberger - for members of Radical Media via Resistance Radio.

On Friday 14th October WARRIOR CREED co-hosts Maajid Nawaz and Usman Raja live-streamed with author Michael Shellenberger on the Great Reset Deception. Among other topics, we discussed Michael’s environmentalism and his critique of state net-zero policies and the WEF’s Great Reset agenda.

Here is Michael Shellenberger’s WARRIOR CREED trailer for last week’s show:

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Today’s Live Show:

TODAY at 4pm UK / 11am EST WARRIOR CREED goes live from Edinburgh at the UK’s first major International Bitcoin conference, where we speak to host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast and Chairman of Real Bedford FC, Peter McCormack.

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أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz
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أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz
This Friday with co-host @Usman_Raja1977 WARRIOR CREED goes to the UK's first major international @BitcoinConfUK in Edinburgh, and we are hosting Bitcoin podcaster @PeterMcCormack from 4pm UK time /11am EST here https://t.co/wvqTfJQsVq exclusive to @GETTRofficial https://t.co/qdWRJl3BHO

Here is our WARRIOR CREED trailer for TODAY’s show:

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