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Oxford City Council Denies Climate Lockdowns in Response To Our David Icke Interview And "Fact" Checks Radical Media

Meanwhile the Oxford Dictionary Defines Lockdowns Exactly As We Did

Oxford City Council Denies Climate Lockdowns in Response To Our David Icke Interview And "Fact" Checks Radical Media

Meanwhile The Oxford Dictionary Defines Lockdowns Exactly As We Did

- A Radical Dispatch


The Episode

On New Year’s Day 2023 Radical Media published our special interview with British commentator, esotericist and Great Reset critic David Icke.

If you haven’t already, you may watch the full special New Year’s Day interview here:

One of the clips we released from this interview was this one:

The Denial

Since releasing this clip, Oxford City Council has responded directly to Radical Media by “fact” checking us in the following way:

The facts that Oxford City Council pointed us to, are found here:

Unfortunately, for Oxford City Council, the very document they pointed us to contains the following passage:

The Lockdown

The above rather clearly fits the very definition of a “lockdown”, which Oxford City Council denies it is doing, provided by none other than… the Oxford dictionary:

The Ghetto

More sinister perhaps though, is the definition of a WWII Jewish ghetto, which sounds dangerously like a proposed 15 minute city:

Surely it is easy to understand then - considering all the above - why some people would view these developments as a tad dangerous:

The Agenda

And as internet sleuths have also pointed out, it’s not just in Oxford. This agenda is national:

Twitter avatar for @BlogPickled
The Pickled Blog @BlogPickled
@MaajidNawaz… This is everywhere in plans. 20 min in Edinburgh Private cars goodbye basically

The Plan

In fact, the sleuths have also pointed out that this 15 minute city ‘climate lockdown’ plan was published during the period after the UK’s first Covid lockdown.

Which links to the below article:

And contains the following passage:

“We have received a great deal of interest in our article How to build back better with a 15-minute city, which was published here in July 2020 as part of Spotlight On: A green and just recovery.” (bold emphasis ours)

The Future

No doubt, those planning to join the Not Our Future protest on this issue will be interested in Oxford City Council’s response.

We at Radical Media encourage those who can, to attend and make their views heard.

At the top of this Newszine, full members of Radical Media will find the exclusive behind-the-scenes video conversation between Maajid Nawaz and British author, esotericist and critic of globalism, David Icke.

To listen to this behind-the-scenes content, basic members may upgrade here:

Watch this behind-the-scenes video to hear David Icke’s reply to our questions on the following:

1) When you talk about the Great Reset, the Globalist agenda and the New World Order, who precisely is it that you mean when talking about this agenda?

2) When you say that - literally - the people running the world are reptilian, what exactly do you mean?

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