Radical Media Column: The Troubling Rise of Myocarditis Cases in Europe

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Dec 18, 2022

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The Troubling Rise of Myocarditis Cases in Europe

A Radical Media Column

By Rav Arora

As a truth-seeking journalist, I have been covering under-reported stories — whether about rising minority success, the deadly consequences of under-resourced police departments, and revolutionary psychedelic therapies — since the start of my career in 2019. 

Consciously or not, my mission has become to spotlight injustices, authoritarian government control, societal neglect, and institutional corruption where few are looking.

Since the start of the pandemic I have taken almost no journalistic interest in the endless waves, policy changes, and governmental restrictions on Covid. Enough journalists on both sides seemed to be covering the issue. 

However, on the specific issue of vaccine-induced myocarditis, I see nothing but misinformation in the media. As a young male of 20 years, this issue personally affects me since the demographic that is overwhelmingly affected by adverse vaccine effects is young men under 25.

I have been trying to find national rates of myocarditis in Canada or the United States for several weeks but have been unable to find a reliable dataset. However, I came across two countries that appear to be closely tracking this issue: Germany and France.

The results are damning

First, take a look at Germany:


Since vaccines were widely distributed last year, myocarditis rates surged more than 75%.

One might say: ‘Covid causes myocarditis. That's what could account for the rise.’

Except, myocarditis cases dropped at the start of the Covid pandemic (Jan 2020) and kept declining for a few months afterwards (May - Sept 2020).

What happened in the middle of last year that could have resulted in a large increase in myocarditis cases?

Perhaps the widespread administration of a medical intervention that causes a significant number of myocarditis cases (in specific demographics)?

Maybe Germany is just an outlier and I'm senselessly speculating.

Well, look at France:


In 2021, myocarditis cases rose 31% — the highest in several years.

The orange and red codes are both for myocarditis (the red is for myocarditis cases that are unspecified).

Again, anytime one brings up myocarditis from the vaccine, opponents reflexively counter with the fact that Covid also causes myocarditis.

But as this bar graph shows, myocarditis cases fell in the first year of the pandemic. They only rose in 2021, the year vaccines were rolled out to the public.

It's impossible to prove with 100% certainty, but this data strongly indicates that mass vaccination in these European nations has led to surging rates of myocarditis (cases are almost certainly concentrated in young men under the age of 40).

Among young men, the vaccine-induced myocarditis signal is incontrovertible. And by best available evidence, it occurs at a HIGHER frequency than infection-induced myocarditis in that age/gender demographic. 

As one robust analysis by Oxford researchers found, Pfizer doses 2 & 3 and Moderna doses 1 & 2 are associated with post-vaccine myocarditis rates that exceed the rates of infection-induced myocarditis in men under 40.

Dr. Vinay Prasad has stated the myocarditis risk can be mitigated by only offering one vaccine dose to this demographic and limiting the use of Moderna as many countries have done.

Some evidence also indicates that adequately spacing two vaccine doses can also reduce the myocarditis risk. However, in most cases vaccination is hardly warranted given the near-zero risk of Covid in young, healthy people.Not taking these measures and blindly promoting universal vaccination will lead to many more healthy young males suffering from an entirely avoidable heart condition.

Myocarditis is a non-serious, minor condition?

For detractors who think myocarditis is no big deal and most cases are "mild," consider a typical case of myocarditis, regardless of the cause:

1) 3-6 months of limited physical activity. No sports or athletic competition. Even carrying heavy textbooks and walking up stairs can be prohibited.

2) Being placed on medications such as beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors that can have negative side effects

3) Scars in heart region visible on an MRI scan

4) Life-long risk of cardiac complications

So, yes most cases of myocarditis from the vaccine will be relatively "mild" compared to a “serious” case (heart failure or death) — just like chronic depression is relatively "mild" compared to schizophrenia.

So, yes most cases of myocarditis from the vaccine will be relatively "mild" compared to a “serious” case (heart failure or death) — just like chronic depression is relatively "mild" compared to schizophrenia.

That doesn't mean the former is trivial or should be downplayed the way the public health authorities and the entire mainstream media is doing, in large part because Joe Rogan has been correctly sounding the alarm.

As I’ve previously written, Pfizer and Moderna are now starting their mandated studies on vaccine myocarditis. The full extent of the damage done to a whole population who never needed to take an experimental vaccine is yet to be seen. But current data from European countries indicates Big Pharma companies are directly responsible for a sharp uptick of cardiac injuries in a number of countries.

Hopefully one day justice will be served.

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