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RADICAL MEDIA EXCLUSIVE PODCAST: Maajid Nawaz & Sam Harris Reunite for the First Time Since Covid to Debate the Politics of Covid-Mandates

A Three-Hour Exclusive Radical Media Podcast

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Maajid Nawaz & Sam Harris Reunite for the First Time Since Covid to Debate the Politics of Covid-Mandates

A Three-Hour Exclusive Radical Media Podcast

On 8th March 2023 Maajid Nawaz and Sam Harris held a self-moderated and candid but civil conversation, conducted in the spirit of grace and gentle humour.

This is Harris’ and Nawaz’s first dialogue since global Covid-mandates struck. It arose after Harris sent Nawaz an unsolicited private email apology over how he had handled their Covid disagreement to date.

Nawaz and Harris have not only been on opposite ends of the Covid mandates debate, but have in many ways come to symbolise those opposite perspectives.

Maajid Nawaz had his LBC radio show cancelled from the largest commercial radio platform in the UK for opposing all Covid-mandates.

And Sam Harris eventually shut down his Twitter account after facing numerous waves of critical backlash over his stance on everything ranging from Trump to mandates.

In this podcast Nawaz and Harris cover:

  • Sam Harris’ apology to Maajid Nawaz

  • Who Sam Harris is no longer friends with from the loose grouping of heterodox commentators of the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW)

  • Why Maajid Nawaz took the Covid shot twice and then boycotted the boosters, while Harris reveals how many shots he took

  • Why and how Maajid Nawaz was cancelled from LBC and Maajid’s view on the falsehoods in LBCs original termination statement

  • Why Sam Harris left Twitter

  • Where Sam Harris stands on Maajid Nawaz’s concerns over a “Global Palace Coup” and Nawaz’s opposition to all Covid-mandates

  • Their respective views on the Chinese Communist Party’s technocratic system of governance, social credit, facial recognition and Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • The World Health Organisation’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations

  • Why Maajid Nawaz called Israeli philosopher Yuval Noah Harari a false prophet both online and in this Substack article

  • Centralisation vs decentralisation

  • Where concession are made between Harris and Nawaz and where they end up agreeing

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This is Nawaz’s and Harris’ second such successful conversation over a deeply divisive global subject. Their first was concerning their divergent views around Islam and the Future of Tolerance conducted during the War on Terror era.

Their original dialogue Islam and the Future of Tolerance has been published in audio format by Audible US and UK, and in written form by Harvard University press. Launched live at Harvard university, this conversation was eventually made into a documentary film available on Amazon, Google, and Apple TV.

In this latest dialogue around the politics of Covid, the two friends have once again demonstrated how to navigate some of the thorniest and divisive issues in the world while remaining warm and congenial with one another. They end the meeting with a promise to engage more with each other on such topics, and to meet for dinner soon.

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