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WARRIOR CREED: UK Political Chaos - Explaining the Global Palace Coup Against the UK & Other Nation States

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WARRIOR CREED: UK Political Chaos - Explaining the Global Palace Coup Against the UK & Other Nation States

Special Members Only Podcast via Resistance Radio

Peter Brookes Times Cartoon 20th October 2022


UK Political Chaos: Explaining the Global Palace Coup Against the UK & Other Nation States

Special Members Only Podcast via Resistance Radio

At the top of this newszine Radical Media is pleased to present members with a special podcast via Resistance Radio explaining the background to the current political chaos unfolding in the UK. This podcast was originally aired as an exclusive Gettr livestream, and is based on a Radical Reaction dated 15th October 2022, and a Radical Dispatch dated 14 July 2022. Both Reaction and Dispatch articles are reproduced below for members, as a companion to this members only podcast.

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UK Political Crisis: Explaining Why PM Liz Truss Sacked Her Chancellor After Only 38 Days

And Other Radical Reactions

15th October 2022

1) It’s About Globalism, Stupid:

At only 38 days, the UK’s equivalent to the Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng has become the second shortest serving Chancellor of the Exchequer in the country’s history. Shorter by 8 days was Iain Macleod, who died 30 days after he was appointed Chancellor by then Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1970.

The Times reports 14th October 2022:

Kwasi Kwarteng had no idea it was coming. After a seven-hour overnight flight from Washington he emerged from Heathrow smiling for the cameras before his meeting with Liz Truss.

Sixteen minutes later he was sitting in his ministerial car on the way back to London when The Times broke the news that he was about to be sacked. He arrived in Downing Street shortly after noon, by then cutting a glum figure…

Kwarteng was replaced by tried and tested Globalist ally and a former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who aims to raise taxes further while enforcing even deeper spending cuts.

The Times reports 15th October 2022:

Radical Reaction:

Globalists run the international money markets. They were not happy that Liz Truss - and not their preferred candidate and former Goldman banker Rishi Sunak - managed to seize the UK leadership. Radicals will not have failed to notice the immediate and visceral negativity towards Truss in the corporatist media.

What has been occurring since her victory has been a concerted effort to sabotage the sitting UK government in order to orchestrate a return to power of Globalist acolytes disguised as Conservative party members.

Reuters reports 26th September 2022:

LONDON (Reuters) - In the first half of September bets against sterling posted the biggest two-week rise since 2013, a sign that hedge funds may have ramped up short positions just as Liz Truss became Britain's new Prime Minister.

According to Vanda Research, which uses data from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), short contracts of GBP/USD made by leveraged funds in the first two weeks of September jumped 17 percentage points.(emphasis ours)

The below summarises the above, concisely:

Radicals may also recall what the Dispatch wrote about the above referenced Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt prior to the conclusion of PM Liz Truss’ leadership contest.

The Radical Dispatch reports 14th July 2022:

The collapse of the global financial system now appears inevitable…The demolition is orchestrated by World Economic Forum (WEF) establishment globalists so that their own controlled opposition may steer this global reset towards further centralised tyranny, as opposed to allowing it to enable decentralised democracy..

..it is important to recall that the then junior Rishi Sunak was prematurely and unexpectedly promoted to the role of Chancellor by none other than Dominic Cummings. This - keen Dispatchers will recall - was on condition that Sunak submit the Treasury to Number 10’s direct command, under its then Chief of Staff, again Cummings

“…Not that the gender-critical, Stonewall supporting, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) ally, and net zero advocate Penny Mourdant would particularly inspire actual Conservative party voters either. A final showdown between these two? It’s almost too perfect for globalists to be true. Yet the technocrats who are currently acting as pied-pipers for the Conservative wing of the globalist movement have spelled out precisely what they are engaged in: “regime change”.

PM Johnson’s former, now treacherous Chief of Staff, Sunak-ally, Globalist acolyte and Rasputin-wannabe Dominic Cummings (who thinks he is far smarter than he is) wrote the words “regime change” to refer to this process on social media himself:

It’s About Globalism, Stupid

UK Leadership Contest - How This Domestic Palace Coup Serves the Global Palace Coup

14 July 2022

1) Framing is Everything

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