Jan 16, 2022 • 15M

Vaccine Coercion & Medical Fascism

Austria introduces compulsory vaccination for all adults

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Maajid Nawaz

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Austria introduces compulsory vaccination for all adults

Austria confirms its path toward fascism by introducing compulsory vaccination for all over 18s, despite a mountain of scientific and humanitarian evidence against introducing such a travesty.

Below, are ten points of evidence for each of my assertions made herein.

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The scientific and legal evidence again such criminal mandates is by now very widespread and indisputable

1) Medical consent is defined and enshrined in Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bio-Ethics, which specifically states that consent may be withdrawn “at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice”

2) Vaccines do not stop infection:

3) Vaccines do not stop transmission (BBC)

4) According to the British Medical Journal, Pfizer’s vaccine data is not dependable

5) Covid mass-vaccines do not appear to cause downward trends in cases:

6) Covid vaccines do not reduce transmission beyond 12 weeks:

7) The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for Covid is similar to the flu:

8) There is no evidence showing that vaccine mandates and passports work

From Wales:

And from Scotland:

9) The health service will not be overwhelmed:

10) Isn’t making everyone take the vaccine at least better than nothing? No. This is not always the safest option. This is person and age variable. For example, the vaccine comes with some risk for younger males under 40:

The New York Times reports evidence that repeated boosters may not be good for the immune system (23 Dec 2021)

Some of you may recall that I was rounded upon for making this very point online (prior to the publication of this NYT article, on 10 Dec 2021)

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And this is why I have stated that vaccine mandates are as absurd as mandating peanuts in every meal. This will kill people. Saying as much does not make me anti-peanut.

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