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Why Would the State Give You Death Row Drug Midazolam With Morphine As End of Life Care?

Radical Show Investigation - Podcast 17

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Why Would the State Give You Death Row Drug Midazolam With Morphine As End of Life Care?

The Radical Show Podcast 17

At the top of this newszine Resistance Radio is pleased to present full members of Radical Media with the Radical Show podcast 17.

On 14th August 2022 we aired a special investigation on the UK’s End of Life “Care” protocols. Worryingly, the eye witnesses we spoke to are alleging UK state democide of elderly patients using Covid as cover.

We begin by airing a clip from the investigative film 'A Good Death' by Jacqui Deevoy & Ickonic Media. We then quickly recap our eye-witness interviews about Midazolam in podcast episode 6 of the Radical Show, featuring freelancer Jacqui Deevoy, nurse and clinical researcher Dr Kevin Corbett, retired nurse Celia Jones, Dr Sam White, nurse Elena Anamaria, and the whistleblowing former global Head of Respiratory Illnesses at Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon, before featuring medical researcher Stuart Wilkie who presents some up to date findings into End of Life Care Pathways.

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For our Christmas day special The Radical Show asked UK broadcaster Neil Oliver about the Midazolam story:

And here is the Sky News report referenced above, dated 30th April 2019:

More recently, Portsmouth News 12th June 2022 reports developments:

For our New Year 2023 special we raised the story with British esoteric commentator David Icke:

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