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Biden & WHO Declare End of Farcical Covid "Emergency" While CDC's Rochelle Walensky Quits

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Biden & WHO Declare End of Farcical Covid "Emergency" While CDC's Rochelle Walensky Quits

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Biden & WHO Declare End of Farcical Covid "Emergency" While CDC's Rochelle Walensky Quits

By Rav Arora

On April 10th, Joe Biden at last terminated the farcical Covid national “emergency” in a bipartisan resolution. The “emergency” declaration was set to expire in May, but the Senate passed the measure 68-23 at the end of last month.

The measure ends the national emergency a month earlier than the Biden administration had planned, prompting changes to some pandemic-related federal programs.

As if on cue, this was swiftly followed by a similar statement by World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus.

It is therefore with great hope that I declare COVID-19 over as a global health emergency

And that announcement too was immediately followed by the convenient resignation of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky.

The outgoing CDC director also discounted warnings from an agency advisory panel about booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine and recommended them anyway, to the Biden White House's satisfaction.”

This years-long state of “emergency” seemingly justified extreme policy measures throughout the pandemic such as prolonged lockdowns, vaccine requirements, and mask mandates.

Earlier in April, the Biden administration extended its foreigner vaccine mandate to May 11th after the requirement was on the verge of expiration on April 11th. The only reason why this policy remains in place appears to be political, rather than epidemiological.

Soon after the start of the vaccine roll-out in 2021 it became clear (at least to evidence-based scientists such as Dr. Marty Makary, Dr. Martin Kuldorff, and others) that vaccines could not reliably stop the spread of the coronavirus. According to Queen’s University medicine professor Dr. Matthew Strauss continued mRNA vaccine booster mandates have no scientific basis.

"It seems to me that some self-styled ‘experts’ have crafted this policy without reference to the hard scientific literature which shows that the effectiveness of a booster dose at preventing transmission to others wanes to about zero after four months," he stated.

Politically, Biden’s continued push for vaccine mandates also stands in contrast to his supposed message of diversity and inclusivity and the reality of vaccine hesitancy in the United States. As Dr. Strauss says, “they don't seem to have contemplated the softer social science side of things…What are the effects of denying racialized or immigrant communities (who tend to be more reluctant to pursue Covid vaccination) opportunities for upward social mobility?"

None of these policies ever had any scientific rationale or epidemiological "consensus" to support them— and they certainly do not in 2023. 

Biden’s national “emergency” declaration in part enabled the world’s most stringent, long term vaccine policy. A recent European Center for Disease Prevention and Control report showed virtually every European nation does not recommend updated booster vaccine shots for the non-elderly citizens.

Countries such as Italy, Norway, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Sweden now only recommend mRNA vaccination for those 60 years and over. Comparatively, the Biden administration continues to recommend its novel “bivalent” vaccine in kids as young as 6 months old.

Fewer than 17% of American citizens have complied with the CDC’s bivalent booster recommendation. Laughably, updated guidelines now recommend unvaccinated Americans to receive an updated bivalent booster shot without taking any original monovalent mRNA shots beforehand. 

the guidance elevates the bivalent vaccine — introduced last fall as a tool to train immune systems to protect from both older and newer strains of the virus — from “booster” status. Under the new recommendations, the bivalent vaccine can be used as the first and only shot a person gets as their primary vaccine.”

Up until now, Biden’s emergency powers have resulted in numerous set backs – most famously, last month Novak Djokovic was denied entry into the country to play in the Miami Open because of his unvaccinated status.

As reported in Al Jazeera, “tournament organizers said they ‘exhausted all the options’ in an effort to secure him a travel exemption,” but failed to do so. Furthermore, Djokovic’s application for a Covid vaccine waiver appears to have been rejected by the Biden administration since he also recently withdrew from the Indiana Wells tournament. 

Now that the global and national “emergency” is over and the expiration of the foreigner vaccine mandate is imminent, hopefully the Biden administration will no longer implement draconian, discriminatory measures with no scientific basis that have been shown to only harm the public, and that we at Radical Media have consistently opposed from their inception.

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