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Global Palace Coup Targets World Leaders: Imran Khan, Putin and Now Trump "Arrest This Tuesday"

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Global Palace Coup Targets World Leaders: Imran Khan, Putin and Now Trump "Arrest This Tuesday"

Radical Reactions Plus Maajid Nawaz Audio Diary: Watching the Show


The Global Palace Coup Targets World Leaders: ICC Indicts Putin, Imran Khan's Home Raided, Now Trump is Arrest "This Tuesday"

Radical Reactions Plus Maajid Nawaz Audio Diary: Watching the Show

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1) The Knock on The Door

It’s been an interesting week for populist world leaders. Globalists seem to be desperate that none remain free.

This week Pakistan’s ousted former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home was raided, the International Criminal Court went after Putin and now Trump has announced that he will be arrested this Tuesday.

Our regular readers will recall that this Globalist round-up began with Imran Khan’s home being tear-gassed and raided.

Radical Media reports 14th March:

This action was swiftly followed by the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicting Putin.

Considering what has been known to be going on in Ukraine for decades, the ICC’s motivation seems a tad political:

Radical Media reports 30th December

And the hypocrisy involved is somewhat nauseating.

To underline the by-partisan nature of the Globalist establishment’s hypocrisy, let’s not forget President Bush:

Not that any of that would prevent Globalists and their captured alphabet agencies from only going after former President Trump.

Then again, perhaps this is all happening because matters are coming to a head.

This speech by Trump sets markedly decisive new and uncompromising tone against Globalists.

Radical Media has provided a transcript. It is worth paying close attention to the wording.

President Trump: "We have never been closer to World War III than we are today under Joe Biden. A global conflict between nuclear armed powers would mean death and destruction on. a scale unmatched in human history. It would be nuclear armageddon. Nothing is more important than avoiding that nightmare. We will avoid it, but we need new leadership.

Every day this proxy battle in Ukraine continues we risk global war. We must be absolutely clear that our objective is to immediately have a total cessation of hostilities. All shooting has to stop. This is the central issue. We need peace without delay. In addition, there must also be a complete commitment to dismantling the entire globalist neocon establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad while they turn us into a third world country, and a third world dictatorship, right here at home.

The State Department, the Defence bureaucracy, the intelligence services and all of the rest need to be completely overhauled and reconstituted to fire the deep-staters and put America first. We have to put America first.

Finally, we have to finish the process we began under my administration of fundamentally reevaluating NATO's purpose and NATO’s mission. Our foreign policy establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia based on the lie that Russia represents our greatest threat.

But the greatest threat to Western civilisation today is not Russia. It's probably, more than anything else, ourselves and some of the horrible USA-hating people that represent us. It’s the abolition of our national borders, it’s the failure to police our own cities, it’s the destruction of the rule of law from within. It’s the collapse of the nuclear family and fertility rates like.. nobody can believe is happening, it’s the Marxists who would have us become a godless nation worshipping at the alter of race, and gender and environment. And it’s the globalist class that has made us totally dependant on China and other foreign countries that basically hate us.

These globalists want to squander all of America's strength, blood and treasure chasing monsters and phantoms overseas, while keeping us distracted from the havoc they're creating right here at home. These forces are doing more damage to America than Russia and China could ever have dreamed. Evicting the sick and corrupt establishment is the monumental task of the next president and I’m the only one who can do it. I’m the only one that can get the job done. I know exactly what has to be done.” (Emphases ours).

Seldom has a president since JFK spoken in these terms. And he paid the ultimate price, as Robert Kennedy Junior reminds us here:

Such has been globalist desperation to push back that even Hunter Biden’s laptop repairman is being sued.

As we said on December 13th 2022. So how’s it looking?

2) Bank Crashes Are Like Viruses

The feared global banking crash seems a little closer today.

Concerns have been raised that the collapse of SVB and Credit Suisse are not mere anomalies.

As Radical Media reports 20th October 2022:

“..cumulative crises of monumental fiscal suicide, unprecedented supply chain disruption & food and energy shortages are in danger of causing the collapse of the global financial system..

3) That Which Must Not Be Named - The Covid “Vaccine”

Unfortunately for those may be eventually found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, the Covid “vaccine” injury topic stubbornly refuses to go away.

On Friday evening British parliamentarian Andrew Bridgen MP (Independent) again raised the issue in the House of Commons, registering the issue in Hansard as a matter of official parliamentary record.

Alas, Youtube responded by banning the speech. Further, parliamentarian’s appeared to have been instructed in advance to empty the chamber in an attempt to embarrass Mr Bridgen.

This all led to Mr Bridgen’s wife Nevena taking to twitter to make comparisons with her native China.

But the issue will simply not disappear.

In America too, the resilience of the topic is guaranteed to make it an election issue. Recently, Florida’s Surgeon-General waded in to cite new findings.

As former member of the pop band Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta spoke openly about her "Covid “vaccine” injuries.

4) China’s Xi Jinping to visit Putin

Globalists seem to have achieved nothing but a spectacular backfire with their war mongering in Ukraine.

That this was going to happen should have been obvious.

Not that anyone can listen to the above clip. It has been censored by Elon Musk’s Twitter.

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Feb 2022 with Joe Rogan: “The situation now in UKRAINE, I believe it’s a FOLLY. Russia & Putin, of course like all governments they have.. their own agendas, but what we really should be looking at isn’t throwing RUSSIA FURTHER INTO THE BOSOM OF CHINA” https://t.co/n1JbiJECqE https://t.co/CwFrQAhfDd


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