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The Great Covid Back Pedal is Here

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The Great Covid Back Pedal is Here

Three Blind Mice. See How They Run.


At the top of this newszine Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast. On Tuesday 14th February 2023 WARRIOR CREED co-hosts Maajid Nawaz and Usman Raja live-streamed with former GB News host Mark Steyn who - like Maajid Nawaz a year prior - was removed from his broadcast role after the UK media regulator Ofcom initiated a complaint, and later ruled against him, for raising vaccine harm on his show.

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The rest of this Newszine is free for all to read. It is about notable British figures who initially facilitated the dangerous Covid “vaccine” roll out, yet are now desperately back-pedalling without suffering the consequences that this author, Mark Steyn and many others faced at the time.

The Great Covid Back Pedal is Here

Three Blind Mice. See How They Run.

1) Three Blind Mice

Yesterday, three government scientists who were instrumental in developing and facilitating the direction and intensity of the UK government’s Covid mandates co-wrote an article for the British Medical Journal blaming the government for the direction and intensity of the UK government’s Covid mandates.

2) The Backpedal

The above article, and the sheer Chutzpah on display here by Professor Susan Michie and her colleagues, should forever go down in the annals of history as the funniest example of the sort of panicked, contorted, back-pedalling on Covid that we have started to see from all former government Covid propagandists. Considering their own former Covid-mandates stance, the three professors at least deserve brownie points for the sheer audacity of writing it. It is quite hilarious.

i - Susan Michie

Let’s take a look at Professor Susan Michie’s previous attempts to scare the public into compliance. Do recall as we do that this is the very charge she is now desperately levying against the government, for whom she worked.

Professor Susan Michie on keeping masks forever:

Professor Susan Michie on keeping small business closed:

ii) Professor Stephen Reicher:

Professor Susan Michie’s colleague and co-author above, Professor Stephen Reicher fares no better.

Professor Stephen Reicher on lockdown:

Professor Stephen Reicher on Cancelling Christmas (remember that?)

iii) Professor John Drury

Professor Susan Michie’s other colleague and co-author above, Professor John Drury is equally complicit.

Professor John Drury warning against the government lifting lockdown measures:

Professor John Drury being paid to “facilitate the public response to Covid-19

iv) Piers Morgan

Not to be outdone, British broadcaster Piers Morgan has joined the list of public figures who are desperate to pull off this seemingly popular yet difficult-to-pull-off new move known as the ‘back-pedal’.

In the above, Morgan’s claim rests on the proven lie and false claim that the “science changed”. More on that later.

Meanwhile, this is the very same Piers Morgan on vaccine passports:

Piers Morgan on ‘anti-vaxxers’:

Piers Morgan featured on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website:

3) Silencing the Critics

Meanwhile, those who have been vocal in raising the issue of vaccine harm are still being silenced.

As already mentioned, pro Covid-mandates public figures rest their argument on a new lie, the claim that “new evidence” has since emerged.

Unfortunately for them, as far back as December 2020 we already made it impossible for them to successfully peddle this lie.

Serious crimes were committed. By many, many people.

The World Council for Health’s Dr Tess Lawrie has read a poem by Margaret Anna Alice: An Anthem for Justice, which nicely captures the level of public anger.

No amount of back-pedalling will ever soothe this anger unless historic and proper justice is served.

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The psychologists crafted the messaging. The propagandists chanted the slogans. The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents. The censors silenced the questioners. The jackboots stomped the dissenters. #MistakesWereNOTMade @MaajidNawaz @thecoastguy https://t.co/nA8ixaWTy5

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