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Trump Slams Israel, UN Passes 'Immediate Ceasefire' Resolution, Netanyahu Retaliates & Terrorists Attack Russia

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Trump Slams Israel, UN Passes 'Immediate Ceasefire' Resolution, Netanyahu Retaliates & Terrorists Attack Russia



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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast from yesterday Tuesday 26th March 2024, with a transcript provided: Trump Slams Israel, UN Passes 'Immediate Ceasefire' Resolution, Netanyahu Retaliates & Terrorists Attack Russia.

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Trump Slams Israel, UN Passes 'Immediate Ceasefire' Resolution, Netanyahu Retaliates & Terrorists Attack Russia

- A Radical Dispatch

1) Israel loses the UN

Six months after the bombing began, the UN has finally been able to pass a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This was made possible because for once the US didn’t veto the motion. Israel swiftly retaliated by cancelling planned talks in Washington DC.

The Times reports 26th March 2024:

Israel will not abide by the breakthrough United Nations security council ceasefire resolution to halt the fighting in Gaza for the holy month of Ramadan.

Benny Gantz, an Israeli war cabinet member, said that the resolution had “no operational significance for Israel” as the military continued to operate in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday…

…While security council resolutions are legally binding by international law, the UN would have no practical way to enforce the ceasefire if Israel continues the war during this period.”

Not that Netanyahu cares, he has proceeded to bomb Rafah anyway.

2) Israel loses the American populist-right

Last week’s Radical Dispatch noted the growing isolation that Netanyahu would be facing:

Since then, Israel’s isolation has only gotten worse. There has been a notable shift in attitude among America’s populist-right online media sphere, best exemplified by Candace Owens being fired from Ben Shapiro’s ‘The Daily Wire’ for repeatedly criticising Israel.

Ms Owens elaborated:

But Israel’s isolation did not stop there. Alex Jones, another populist-right online commentator with a huge audience, also chose this week to distance himself in no uncertain terms from Israel’s ethnic cleansing.

Here is the drone killing footage that Alex Jones refers to - click to play:

And though some may think it took him long enough, any shift towards a more peaceful resolution to the conflict should be welcomed.

During the very same week as the Candace Owens and Alex Jones interventions, widely popular national figure and media pundit Tucker Carlson also chose this week to criticise US foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel.

Click to play:

Tucker Carlson: “Military aid to Israel and the implied security guarantees, some explicit but many implied security guarantees of the United States to Israel probably haven't helped Israel that much long term. It's a rich country with a highly capable population like every other country. It's probably best if it makes its decisions based on what it can do by itself. And I don't see any advantage to the United States. I mean, I don't, I think it's important for each country to make its own decisions. Again, I don't think you can overstate the lack of wisdom, weakness, short-term thinking of American foreign policy leadership.

These are the architects of the Iraq War, of the just the totally pointless destruction of Libya, totally pointless destruction of Syria, and the 20-year occupation of Afghanistan that resulted in a return to the status quo. So like, their track record of the Vietnam War, their track record of the Korean War even going back 80 years is uninterrupted failures. I just don't have any confidence in those leaders to... When was the last time they improved another country?

This is how, already being deeply unpopular among America’s progressive left, Netanyahu appears this week to have also lost America’s populist right.

This should serve as a weather vane. It may well be that the new bi-partisan consensus in America will for the first time in Israel’s young history, be anti not pro-Israel.

3) Israel loses President Trump

As Radical Media has previously reported, during his first term in office Tump made his disappointment at Netanyahu publicly known.

This week, and as the Republican party candidate again, Trump issued a stern warning to Israel while demanding peace in Gaza. This action by Trump places the spotlight well and firmly on Netanyahu.

Click to play:

Trump: “And we got to get to peace. You can't have this going on. And I will say Israel has to be very careful because you're losing a lot of the world. You're losing a lot of support. But you have to finish up. You have to get the job done. And you have to get on to peace. You have to get on to a normal life for Israel and for everybody else..”

Politico reports 24th March 2024:

Former President Donald Trump said Israel has to “finish up” the war in Gaza in a Monday interview with an Israeli news outlet, adding that the country “has to be very careful” because it is “losing a lot of support”

..The presumptive Republican nominee’s comments come as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled an Israel delegation that was set to visit Washington after the U.S. allowed a resolution calling for a cease-fire to pass the U.N. Security Council.”

Trump’s warning came as young Jordanians began storming the Israeli embassy in Amman. It looks like there’s only so much ethnic cleansing next door that a population will tolerate before they take matters into their own hands.

Click to play:

4) Globalists must provoke WWIII to survive

Trump, the UN, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, and trouble in Western allied Arab nations, none of this is good news for Netanyahu’s increasingly isolated Israel.

Deeply unpopular at home as he was before the war, facing criminal charges and jail time, Netanyahu’s only option is to prolong this war in the hopes that he can provoke World War III, and force western nations to ally with him again ‘for the greater good’.

It is in this context that recent attacks in Moscow must be viewed.

The fact that these attacks were claimed by ISIS only furthers the suspicion that Globalists played their hand via various intelligence agencies.

ISIS is a Western intel proxy. Any who concern themselves with counter-terrorism know this. By now there is little doubt about this uncomfortable fact.

Off Guardian reports 6th January 2017:

“On Wednesday, Wikileaks released new evidence of US President-elect Donald Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama was the founder of ISISa leaked audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with members of the Syrian opposition at the Dutch Mission of the UN on September 22…the White House allowed the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group to rise. Obama’s administration hoped that growing the power of IS in Syria would force Assad to search for a diplomatic solution on US terms, forcing him to cede power. In its turn, in order to achieve these two goals, Washington intentionally armed members of the terrorist group and even attacked a Syrian government military convoy, trying to stop a strategic attack on the IS, killing 80 Syrian soldiers.”

Here is the original Wikileaks post:

And here is the original leaked audio:

And if there were any doubt that our very own intelligence services facilitate, coordinate and steer these terrorists, here is a video of a Ukrainian fighter wearing an ISIS patch.

Click to play:

Additionally, we have US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, the Ukraine warhawk Victoria Nuland telling us a mere two weeks ago that Putin is about to face “a nasty surprise”.

Click to play:

Undersecretary Nuland: “Ukraine will be able to fight back in the east, but it will also be able to accelerate the asymmetric warfare that has been most effective on the battlefield. And as I said in Kyiv three weeks ago, this supplemental funding will ensure Putin Faces Some Nasty Surprises on the Battlefield..

This is just as Likud party member Amir Weitman had already promised live on Russian TV channel RT.

Click to play:

Amir Weitmann: “Russia is supporting the enemies of Israel. Russia is supporting Nazi people who want to commit genocide on us, and just Russia will pay the price. Russia.. also now let me listen to me very carefully, we are going to finish with these nazis. We're going to win this war. It's going to take the time it's going to take, but we're going to win this war. Afterwards, we're not forgetting what you are doing. We're not forgetting. We will come. We will make sure that Ukraine wins. We will make sure that you pay the price for what you have done. You as Russia, and you as all the enemies of Israel, and you as all the people who are now making everything they can to support genocide of the Jews in Israel. We are not forgetting..in such a way as the Kremlin and its regime understands that they pay a very, very heavy price in blood courtesy of their policies in Ukraine and in the Middle East. This is important that they understand that, in the same way that they understand that their soldiers are being killed by a Western weapon, right? The message is very clear. Then, if you want, Israel has to be part of the Western coalition and the price that Russia pays has to include a price, if you want, coming from Israel.

Is it any surprise then that Putin himself has alluded to the attack being coordinated from Ukraine.

Click to play:

An isolated Netanyahu whose only hope for political survival is to provoke WWIII is an unpredictable and dangerous beast to contend with.

In light of the evidence presented, the attacks in Moscow may well only be the beginning of a number of false flags designed by Globalists to destabilise Western societies in order to provoke domestic and foreign war.

As we asked in last week’s Radical Dispatch, are they threatening us?

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