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UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Lobbies Trump for More War Funds to Ukraine While Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Cameron to 'Kiss My Ass'

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UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Lobbies Trump for More War Funds to Ukraine While Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Cameron to 'Kiss My Ass'


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast from yesterday Tuesday 9th April 2024, with a transcript provided: UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Lobbies Trump for More War Funds to Ukraine While Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Cameron to 'Kiss My Ass’.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the arch-Trumpist congresswoman, once said Cameron could “kiss my ass”


UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Lobbies Trump for More War Funds to Ukraine While Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Cameron to 'Kiss My Ass'

- A Radical Dispatch

1) UK Globalists are forced to recognise Trump

Former UK Prime Minister and current Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron has visited Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. The purpose of this visit was stated as to lobby Trump to approve a new $60 billion aid package for the war in Ukraine.

The Times reports 9th April 2024:

The foreign secretary has met Donald Trump in Florida as part of a charm offensive designed to win backing among Republicans who are resisting extra military aid for Ukraine.

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton was at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s vast estate, to become the first government official to meet the former president since he left the White House in 2021.

Cameron argued that a $60 billion package of aid to Ukraine would boost the US job market, on the eve of a trip to meet administration officials in Washington.

Here’s what Cameron previously had to say about Trump.

The Times reports 9th April 2024:

As prime minister in 2016, Cameron described Trump, then a Republican candidate for the US presidency, as ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’. Later, in his memoirs, he accused Trump of being ‘protectionist, xenophobic, misogynistic’.”

Yet now, Lord Cameron has become the first high profile foreign dignitary to meet Trump since he was ousted after the November 2020 election was unduly influenced against him.

Despite such harsh previous personal criticism, Cameron’s visit to Mar-a-Lago indicates a fundamental shift in how the UK has come to view Trump. A defeat for Globalists. Clearly this visit is a pragmatic concession that Trump is back at the top of the food chain.

With this in mind, the extra war funding Cameron is demanding for Ukraine will probably not be viewed positively by Trump.

The Times reports 9th April 2024:

“…The US has already sent $74 billion in aid, about 30 per cent of the western total.“

The moral justification cited by Cameron for the extra funds is unlikely to resonate with Trump’s MAGA base. MAGA have become all too well acquainted with the way in which Globalists seek to manipulate them into a state of permanent war.

The Times reports 9th April 2024:

Cameron said “This will show that aggression doesn’t pay and that countries like Ukraine are free to choose their own future. The alternative would only encourage Putin in further attempts to redraw European borders by force, and would be heard clearly in Beijing, Tehran and North Korea.”

Aggression doesn’t pay,’ said by Cameron without any apparent sense of irony. This comes from the man who was the Prime Minister of the UK when we bombed Libya, and whose country before that joined the US in invading Iraq and Afghanistan, for reasons now known to be totally spurious.

2) When refusing to collaborate with Nazis is considered Nazism

It is perhaps this very lack of moral authority that has led Cameron instead to denigrate and insult those who no longer buy his moral claims, calling them Nazis instead of addressing their very real concerns with the Globalist war machine.

Here is an extract of some of what Cameron has said regarding Nazism and Russia.

Click to play:

UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron:

Two years ago, almost to the day, Vladimir Putin launched his illegal invasion of Ukraine with no justification, apart from the fact that he is a warmonger that wanted to build an empire. And two years later, here at the United Nations, this is the right place to make this point. It's here at the UN that we note that a country's borders should be inviolable, that a country's sovereignty matters, that a country's territory should not be taken by another country by force. That is the simple principle that Putin preached when he launched that illegal invasion.

It was an invasion, pure and simple. The only people behaving like Nazis are Putin and his cronies, who thought they could invade a country, take its territory, and ultimately the world would look away. Well, the world must not look away. We must continue to back Ukraine with everything we have. It is their right to defend their country, to insist on their borders and to restore their sovereignty.

And Britain, for one, will continue to support them for as long as it takes. It's heartening to see that the European Union has taken the same approach. And we very much hope that Congress will pass the funding bill that will bring America's resources alongside ours to help Ukraine in this fight.

Some of Cameron’s comments on the subject were even more direct than this.

The Times reports 23rd February 2024:

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton has told the UN that President Putin’s behaviour is comparable to the Nazis, in a forceful speech to mark the second anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The foreign secretary described the Russian president as a “neo-imperialist bully” as he drew a parallel between the conflict in Ukraine and the Nazi atrocities of the Second World War…

..President Biden is lobbying Republicans to approve a $60 billion package of aid amid an increasingly desperate situation on the front line…

..Last week Cameron compared hardline Republicans stalling on the aid package to appeasers of Nazi Germany — a criticism that prompted Marjorie Taylor Greene, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, to say the foreign secretary should ‘kiss my ass’.

But in his most explicit attack yet, Cameron directly compared Putin to Adolf Hitler at the UN security council.

..Britain fought alongside the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany in the Second World War, a conflict that claimed the lives of 27 million Soviet citizens and carries huge emotional resonance in Russia.

Before the war, Russian and British veterans would attend remembrance services together in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to commemorate those who perished in the Arctic Convoys, the lifeline that supplied the Soviet Union with tanks and planes during the Second World War and a symbol of the two countries’ shared battle with Nazi tyranny…”

It is no wonder that MAGA Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene responded by telling Cameron to ‘kiss my ass.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the arch-Trumpist congresswoman, once said Cameron could “kiss my ass”

Putin is like Adolf Hitler. Seriously? There is a slight problem with this angle, however. The truth - as we shall see in this Radical Dispatch - is precisely the opposite. It is the Ukraine government side, which Cameron is asking us to fund, that collaborates with actual Nazis.

Let’s recap, the Radical Dispatch reports 25th September 2023:

Nazi collaborator Zelensky of Ukraine has finally succeeding in tipping the corporatist press into disbelief. Just as the Ukrainian President finished his address last Friday in the House of Commons, Canadian lawmakers gave a standing ovation to 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, when Speaker Anthony Rota drew attention to him.

Rota introduced Hunka as a war hero who fought for the First Ukrainian Division. In reality, the First Ukrainian Division was also known as the Waffen-SS Galicia Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division, a voluntary unit that was under the command of the Nazis and committed known atrocities against innocent unarmed civilians.

Associated Press reports 25th September 2023:

The speaker of Canada’s House of Commons apologized Sunday for recognizing a man who fought for a Nazi military unit during World War II.

Just after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered an address in the House of Commons on Friday, Canadian lawmakers gave 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation when Speaker Anthony Rota drew attention to him. Rota introduced Hunka as a war hero who fought for the First Ukrainian Division

..The First Ukrainian Division was also known as the Waffen-SS Galicia Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division, a voluntary unit that was under the command of the Nazis…

..The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies issued a statement Sunday saying the division “was responsible for the mass murder of innocent civilians with a level of brutality and malice that is unimaginable…

..Members of Parliament from all parties rose to applaud Hunka.”

We Have Been Trying To Warn Everyone..

..As we did in our subsequent appearance on Tim Pool’s TimCast:

Click to play:

Some people say look your country's been invaded everyone should fight we don't care if they're Nazis, and my point is..look every country has racists and every country has nazis and every country has jihadist extremists, but if you organise them into a formal battalion, that's the equivalent. So, the analogy is false there with saying every country has racists. The equivalent analogy is the US armed forces having a formal KKK battalion with KKK flags, as part of their army. That's the analogy, right?

It's shocking. If the US did that, if the UK did that, people would be up in arms, but we're funding it in Ukraine…”

Then, with Tucker Carlson before he was removed from Fox News:

Click to play:

We've got to ask this question that you've got a country led by a man who even before the war, Axios, the Guardian, the Atlantic Council, all of them were reporting that Zelensky, even though he ran on an anti-corruption ticket, has through the Panama Papers and other such leaks, has stashed his millions offshore like most corrupt oligarchs have.

And so even before the war, his corruption was known. And then you fast forward to what he's done over this weekend with the banning of 11 opposition parties.

And I want to note at this stage that he banned these opposition parties, including, as you mentioned, Tucker, the second largest in his parliament, while the Nazi elements - and I use the word Nazi, not neo-Nazi, because these are actual Nazis that aren't ‘neo’ in any sense. They're the continuation of Nazis as we know them and study them in history and Bandera, the man that they revere, was actually a Nazi and they made him into a national hero and icon - the Nazis in Ukraine have not been banned by Zelensky.

And so this is a very interesting point that you've got a man that we're hailing as a democratic icon who's fighting for freedom and democracy in our way of life, banning all opposition parties, controlling through the state the media narrative, while refusing not only to ban Nazis, but having, after not banning them, incorporated them into his state as of as a battalion formerly serves in the Ukrainian National Guard.

Now, people say to that in response, ‘yeah, but Maajid, there are racists in every country’. No, the analogy here is: imagine, Tucker, in America, the KKK had a formal battalion in the US military. That's what we've got with swastikas and Nazi insignia inside the Ukrainian army.

And with Patrick Bet David’s Valuetainment:

For example, take Ukraine and the Azov Nazis, who aren't even neo-Nazis, they're actual Nazis. They come from the Bandera tradition, which is the surviving elements of Nazism and the collaborators in Ukraine from the era of Nazism.

Up until today, they are still there. Now, Azov, now every country has racists, but Azov is a battalion that was integrated into the Ukrainian army and formally became their National Guard. So the Ukrainian National Guard is the Azov Battalion.

Azov are Nazis. This is not in dispute. This is not an opinion. This is a matter of fact. I, for 10 years, ran the world's first and leading counter-extremism organisation. It was our job to brief prime ministers and presidents on who is an extremist. I have met in that pursuit George Bush, Tony Blair, David Cameron, more heads of state than I can imagine, one-on-one, talking like this. I am telling you: Azov are Nazis.

This is not in dispute. It's a fact. They have Nazi insignia, and yet we're sending weapons and funds to Nazis who are integrated into the Ukrainian army.

We have covered this issue regularly right here too, on Radical Media.

Radical Media reports 16th May 2022:

…unlike anywhere else we are directly arming and funding the Nazis in Ukraine. Azov is fully integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard. This is like America having a formal KKK battalion in its armed forces.”

The above Radical Dispatch extract from December 2023 should make it abundantly clear that the actual Nazi collaborators are in fact the very people Cameron is asking us to fund in Ukraine.

Quite embarrassing really.

3) Trump’s plan to end the Ukraine war in 24 hours

Trump, on the other hand, has stated clearly that he would bring an end to the war within 24 hours.

The Times reports 9th April 2024:

Trump instead insisted that he could bring an end to the war in Ukraine within 24 hours of being re-elected. His plan, according to reports over the weekend, is said to involve ceding large parts of the country to Russia in exchange for peace. He is reported to be planning to persuade Ukraine to hand over Crimea and the Donbas region, both of which Russia occupies.”

The area in pink on the map below would be ceded to Russia in Trump’s 24 hour plan.

If Trump is reelected and starts to work towards this plan, then the entire war would have been futile, an act of folly. Ukraine would get less than what they were being offered prior to former UK PM Boris Johnson’s torpedoing the peace deal between Zelenksy and Putin that had already been approved.

The folly of it all is just as we have been saying since our appearance over two years ago on episode 1780 with Joe Rogan.

Click to play:

The situation now in Ukraine, I believe it's a folly. Russia and Putin, of course, like all governments, they have their own agendas. But what really we should be looking at isn't throwing Russia further into the bosom of China, which is what we're doing at the moment, but rather engaging with Russia diplomatically.

You've got a Russia-China alliance against us. Surely, if we're going to be clever...we need to be able to use diplomacy with Putin and separate Russia from China. Because the bigger danger is China, not Russia. Russia isn't our friend, but the bigger danger is China.

The way we're behaving at the moment, whether it's with Ukraine or in Syria, is we're pushing that alliance closer. You've got Iran, Russia, China, and they've got cooperation. With Biden's screw-up in Afghanistan, and not the fact we withdrew, I've never been for the war, as we've discussed, but the way he withdrew, the Taliban now have more Black Hawk helicopters than the entire British Army because of Biden, right?

The Bagram Air Base, that was the American base in Afghanistan, the Daily Mail reported, and you can look it up if you want to, but I'll just tell you, the Daily Mail reported that Chinese military have now landed at Bagram

So you've got this axis developing Russia, China, Iran and Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban. If we're going to be clever, we've got to realize this rising bloc is not in our interest for them to stay united in that way. We should be attempting diplomacy with Russia and focusing on China as a rising concern. We should be attempting diplomacy with Russia and focusing on China as a rising concern.

4) Globalists want WWIII

But Globalists do not want a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine conflict, just as they do not want one in Gaza.

Why? Because Globalists are currently pushing very hard to provoke WWIII so that they may remain in power under the guise of the national emergencies that a world war would usher in everywhere. This is exactly what Globalists have been telling us they want.

Here’s another recap.

The Radical Dispatch reports 3rd February 2023:

Corporatist media platform Sky News has featured a Lieutenant Colonel reservist in the British Army's psychological warfare abuse unit the 77th Brigade, the Parliamentarian Tobias Ellwood MP who has just called for WW3 with Russia.

In Europe, we need to move to a war footing. We are involved in that. We've mobilized our procurement processes. We're gifting equipment. We need to face Russia directly and rather than leaving Ukraine to do all the work.”

Regular readers will recall that we at Radical Media exposed the 77th Brigade over a year ago on the Joe Rogan show.

But it gets better. Why do they use the word military grade, yeah? So this so far establishes that, because intent's not relevant for me at this point, right? All I'm describing to you is what happened. Why were people scared? Okay.

You know, you could be well-intentioned in doing this, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yes. Right? My point isn't about intentions or conspiracy.

This is just what happened. And people need to know that they were manipulated, whether for good or bad intention. That they were manipulated in a way that the people that did it are now expressing regret because they know that this is coming out.

So they're trying to get ahead of the curve and admit that they did it.

Now...here's here's another interesting one right so there's an mp in the parliament in the british parliament his name is Tobias Ellwood he's a conservative MP now on his uh own twitter page he announces i'll just read it for you no point googling this i'll just read it for you on his own he's got a twitter page he announces delighted to be promoted to lieutenant colonel as a reservist in the 77 brigade an honor to continue serving her majesty's armed forces the most professional in the world right what's the 77 brigade well you go to their website and they tell you what they are groups within 77 brigade and i'll just read a bit here for you this is on their own on their own website yeah digital operations group provide a specialist capability to deliver influence activity and products across a broad range of communications channels

WebOps team, the WebOps team collects information and understands audience sentiment in the virtual domain, right?

With the extent OSINT, that's open source intelligence, policy framework, they may engage with audiences in order to influence perceptions to support operational outcomes. Now, the question is here, you've got a British MPs involved in a military psyops unit called the 77th.

Now, I'm going to tell you something about Twitter because we mentioned Twitter, yeah? This is an article in the Middle East Eye.

I'll read a direct quote for you.

The date is...as it pulls up open here, 30th of September 2019, Middle East Day. The article's by Ian Cobain, and it's headlined, Twitter Executive for Middle East is British Army PsyOps Soldier. Part-time officer has worked on behavioral change projects in the region. Gordon Macmillan, who joined Twitter, the social media company's UK office, six years ago, has for several years also served with the 77th Brigade, a unit formed in 2015 to develop non-lethal ways of waging war. Now, I just read for you the 77th is engaged in information operations. Look at this.

And a Twitter executive is a member of the 77th. A PSYOP soldier.

And this is why I said to you, military-grade psychological operations, not just any psychological operations. This is why people have become so scared. They are victims of a PSYOP”.

Yes, this is British military psychological operations reservist officer Tobias Ellwood MP.

And here he is only this week calling for yet more war, this time in support of Netanyahu’s unhinged and bloodthirsty vengeance on all of Gaza.

And here is US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stating last week that Ukraine will join Nato.

Click to play:

US Secretary of state Blinken: “The determination of every country represented here at NATO remains rock solid. We will do everything that we can. Allies will do everything that they can to ensure that Ukraine has what it needs to continue to deal with Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine, an aggression that gets worse with every passing day. Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership and to create a clear pathway for Ukraine moving forward”.

Admitting Ukraine to Nato is insane. Since the Ukraine war is already hot, all Zelensky would need to do is invoke article 5 of the Nato treaty. All other Nato member states would then be obliged to join the war on behalf the invoking Nato member.

That would be the start of WWIII.

But of course, the Globalists already know this. As they have stated, and as we have shown, this is precisely what they want. All that remains is for us to show the public, who would join us in wishing to jettison Globalists and avoid WWIII at all costs. It just so happens, too, that both the UK and US are in an election year.

Keep watching.

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