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Who Was Behind the Race-Baiting of Humza Yousaf's 13-Month Short Tenure as Scotland's First Minister?

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Who Was Behind the Race-Baiting of Humza Yousaf's 13-Month Short Tenure as Scotland's First Minister?


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Who Was Behind the Race-Baiting of Humza Yousaf's 13-Month Short Tenure as Scotland's First Minister?

- A Radical Dispatch

1) How Humza Yousaf was pincered in Scotland

In a move that will likely herald elections for Scotland soon, Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf has resigned.

Click to play:

Former First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf:

Therefore after spending the weekend reflecting on what is best for my party, for the government and for the country I lead, I've concluded that repairing our relationship across the political divide can only be done with someone else at the helm. I have therefore informed the SNP's National Secretary of my intention to stand down as party leader and ask that she commences a leadership contest for my replacement as soon as possible.

The background to this resignation is the collapse of the SNP’s power sharing coalition with the Green party, partly because the SNP caved and finally suspended the availability of the puberty blockers that Scotland’s NHS had decided to make available for children under 18 on prescription (WTF?!) .

The BBC reports 25th April 2024:

The first minister has ended the SNP's power-sharing deal with the Scottish Green Party. The move follows the government's decision to scrap climate targets and a pause on the prescription of puberty blockers for under-18s.

Scottish Labour saw in this an immediate opportunity, and used the breakdown of the SNP’s power sharing coalition to table a motion of no confidence at Holyrood, Scotland’s parliament.

The BBC reports 30th April 2024:

The Scottish government is set to face a vote of no confidence at Holyrood which could see all ministers compelled to resign if it passes. The Labour motion was tabled after First Minister Humza Yousaf scrapped the Bute House power-sharing agreement with the Greens last week.”

This move came after Yousaf’s popularity was already plummeting due to his SNP introducing an infamous and comical hate thought crime law that resulted in a complete and almost total political backfire.

The Telegraph reports 14th April 2024:

The Scottish Conservatives also then saw an opportunity, leaving Yousaf facing two motions of no confidence within the space of twenty-four hours.

The Guardian reports Friday 26th April 2024:

Humza Yousaf is fighting for his political life as he faces two no confidence motions submitted against him and his government in the space of 24 hours. Yousaf insisted he would not resign as first minister and vowed to fight on, amid intense speculation about his leadership after he axed the SNP’s governing agreement with the Scottish Greens on Thursday morning, provoking a furious backlash that resulted in his former partners pledging to vote with the Tories against him.”

The combination of these two motions of no confidence left Yousaf with no choice but to jump before he was pushed. But at least Humza Yousaf holds the dubious honour of becoming the first former First Minister of Scotland not to face serious criminal charges by police upon his resignation. A low bar indeed.

2) How identitarian race-baiting in Scotland backfired spectacularly

The grave concerns around Scotland’s absurd hate crime law, motivated to criminalise speech against protected minorities, were articulated by Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross.

The BBC reports 21st March 2024:

Click to play:

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross:

Let’s remember Humza Yousaf introduced this unworkable and dangerous law when he was Justice Secretary. Now he's bringing it into force as First Minister with little training and not enough support for the officers who will have to enforce it. Let's have a quote from a professor of law at Glasgow University, First Minister, just quoted. Alistair Bonington said this: ‘like many of the SNP's attempts at lawmaking, this act will be set aside when it is properly examined in a serious court’. This looks like another SNP law that will have to be discarded just like the Named Persons and the Offensive Behaviour Football Act. We’ve said from the outset this law is a disaster in the making. It criminalises free speech. It risks a fundamental right. It's overreached by the SNP into people's homes. It could result in the public being criminalised for no good reason. It is set to be a shambles...”

“..Let's hear Mr Ross

It is set to be a shambles from day one in just 11 days' time. So will Hamza Yousaf finally accept that he has created another bad SNP law that will quickly descend into chaos?”

First Minister:”

Humza Yousaf: “What's dangerous, Presiding Officer, isn't the law. What's dangerous is hate crime in our society. You see, Plenary Officer, we did debate this Act when it was, of course, a bill going through this Parliament, extensively. Many years ago, robust debate. Actually, I thought debate, sometimes and often, the best traditions of this Parliament. There was compromises. There was amendments that were accepted by the Government. We came out of that process with a good piece of legislation that fundamentally protected people's freedom of expression, freedom of speech, but also safeguarded people's right not to have hatred stirred up against them.”

Racism, sexism, anti-Muslim bigotry, anti-semitism, and anti-trans bigotry are obviously all wrong and bad.

Okay. But should such alleged ‘hate’ speech be deemed a criminal offence? Who defines what on earth that even means? This is a great deal of power to hand over to a state run by people who - literally - tried to coerce the world into taking multiple harmful injections under the guise of a global pandemic.

It should have been obvious where this entire agenda was headed by the animus with which Humza Yousaf heralded the need for such draconian thought crime laws.

The below is how Mr Yousaf decided to show his gratefulness to the majority-white Scottish voters who put him, a brown Scottish-Pakistani Muslim, into their highest office.

Click to play:

Humza Yousaf:

Why are we surprised? When the most senior positions in Scotland are filled almost exclusively by those who are white. Take my portfolio alone. The Lord President, white. The Lord Justice Clark, white. Every High Court Judge, white. The Lord Advocate, white. The Solicitor General, white. The Chief Constable, white. Every Deputy Chief Constable, white. Every Assistant Chief Constable, white. The Head of the Law Society, white. The Head of the Faculty of Advocates, white. Every Prison Governor, white. And not just justice, the Chief Medical Officer, white. The Chief Nursing Officer, white. The Chief Veterinary Officer, white. The Chief Social Work Advisor, white. Almost every trade union in this country, headed by people who are white. In the Scottish government every director general is white. Every chair of every public body is white. That is not good enough.”

Sure. But Scotland is 96% white. It would be incredibly strange not to see white people predominantly leading institutions in a country that is 96% white. Especially a country that had, after all, quite graciously elected him as their First Minister. Honestly, where did Mr Yousaf think he was, Karachi?

Nevertheless the SNP’s thought crime law passed and became effective on April Fool’s Day.

The Daily Mail reports 16th March 2024:

But the joke ended up being on the SNP. On 1st April 2024 Scottish people started mass-reporting Humza Yousaf’s aforementioned “hate speech” against white people to the police, which completely overwhelmed the new online thought crime snitching system that he had set up in earnest.

The Daily Mail reports 3rd April 2024:

Humza Yousaf has received more complaints under Scotland's new hate crime bill than JK Rowling, it was claimed today. Since the controversial legislation was rolled out on Monday almost 4,000 complaints are said to have been made to Police Scotland, with the force reportedly dealing with 60 complaints on average per hour.”


Overwhelmed with nosy-neighbour style snitching and bullshit, Scotland’s police ended up declaring that only 3.8% of thought crime reports were authentic.

The Guardian reports 10th April 2024:

Police Scotland has said only a small number of the thousands of reports lodged so far under Scotland’s controversial hate crime act were authentic.

The force released data showing 3.8% of the 7,152 complaints it received in the first week the hate crime act was in force were judged to be legitimate. Two hundred and forty complaints were logged as hate crimes and 30 as non-hate incidents.

The figures follow a bitter dispute over the justification for the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act. It seeks to criminalise hatred towards minority and vulnerable groups, but has been dogged by mis-statements from ministers and misrepresentation by some of its critics.”

That the system was so abused in its first week highlights how it could be so easily abused on any given day, by anyone seeking to settle scores, for anything.

One of the most glaring and obvious pitfalls of the SNP’s thought crime law was that it allowed for a ‘hate crime’ to be reported by an unrelated anonymous third party observer.

Right. Totally not open to abuse then.

Scotland’s police website explains:

Couple the above with the fact that such laws - and not just in Scotland - allow for police to log and collect data on individuals accused of non-criminal hate incidents and the matter really does become one of major concern for those who value liberty over further empowering and already drunkard deep-state establishment.

Such was the concern over the potential for abuse here that even the ordinarily ‘sympathetic-to-thought-crime-laws’ Guardian newspaper felt compelled to address the issue.

The Guardian reports 31st March 2024:

Such laws will always be a double-edged sword.

Statists achieve little other than accruing more and more power for the already bloated state. UK terrorism law is a case in point. Just as we have been warning at Radical Media, arbitrary counter-terror powers, originally used against Muslims, are now being used against everyone.

The Times reports 29th April 2024

Ernest Moret was visiting the London Book Fair..when counterterrorism officers stopped him at St Pancras station..and asked whether he had been on anti-government demonstrations in France. The Met used wide-reaching Schedule 7 powers which allow them to stop anyone at the border to check whether they are terrorists, with no need for grounds for suspicion.

Yes. Anyone can be detained under terrorism laws at any and all UK airports, shipping ports or any international train station, without any grounds for suspicion. Remaining silent when held under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act (2000) is a criminal offence. Goodbye liberty.

From Scotland’s Police website:

Despite the obvious danger post-Covid, our political jesters continue to demand that we cede more and more power over to our entitled state.

3) Who is behind the race-baiting?

The weaponisation of bigotry - just as extremism was weaponised - to expand state power and further curtail our liberty, has not and will not stop with the resignation of Humza Yousaf in Scotland.

Just yesterday the BBC ran another the story about train drivers being overwhelmingly white, in a largely diverse United Kingdom that remains 81% white overall. As is visible below, readers on twitter decided to add a ‘Community Note’ providing some context to the BBC headline.

The BBC reports 30th April 2024

The average train driver is 46 years old, male and white, according to new data compiled by an industry body.

The National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR) figures show that only one in ten drivers are non-white, with even fewer being women.

But the question remains, who is behind this hard push to criminalise people for wrongthink? A clue has been provided in the reporting on the Scottish law.

The BBC reports 5th April 2024:

And there we have it. Scotland’s Council of Jewish Communities allied with Muslim voices - perhaps like Humza Yousaf’s - to lobby for such laws.

The danger here becomes clear when considering - by way of example - Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, and the chilling effect on speech that such ‘hate crime’ allegations result in. Mutual community fears of racial hatred and bigotry are easy to stir up for political purpose, and the press is all to willing to oblige the clickbait.

The Daily Mail reports 27th April 2024

But this story was false. The police made no such request to cover up this memorial.

London’s Metropolitan Police responded:

This is because “fuelling community concerns” in order to ‘divide and conquer’ is precisely the aim of our Globalist establishment seeking to usher in their global ‘15-minute city’ technocracy.

This weaponisation of racism and anti-semitism was provided a glaring example this week due to the conduct of one Gideon Falter, founder of the UK-based Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter had previously reported Tommy Robinson to police as ‘causing a public nuisance’ for attending in support of one of his pro-Israel protests. Presumably Falter was embarrassed that Robinson was on his side. Robinson was swiftly arrested and duly charged.

Matters started to unravel when Mr Falter was himself barred by police from walking straight through the middle of a pro-Palestine protest in an obvious act of disruption. Unlike Gideon Falter’s own previous action against Tommy Robinson, Falter was not arrested, nor charged by police. He was simply prevented from causing an episode. Upon being thwarted in this way, Falter immediately took to the media circuit proclaiming this to be an act of anti-semitism, apparently one that proved London was indeed a ‘no-go zone’ for Jews.

Unfortunately for Gideon Falter, Robinson’s case was thrown out of court on this very same day.

The obvious hypocrisy on display left Falter’s attempt at weaponising anti-semitism to disrupt a pro-Palestine protest in disarray. Even Jewish authors at the Guardian duly waded in.

The Guardian reports 26th April 2024:

Both sides are beset by those who think their words and deeds bring peace closer. Instead they instil fear and make a better future harder to attain.

The week began with an instructive example, when Gideon Falter, head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, released a video clip of himself being steered away from one of London’s weekly Gaza demonstrations by a police officer on the grounds that: “You are quite openly Jewish, this is a pro-Palestinian march.” Falter argued that he had flushed out proof that the Metropolitan police regard the marches as an unsafe environment for visibly Jewish people, even though the Met allows them to go ahead week after week.

Was Britain’s Jewish community grateful for this contribution from Falter? Some were, but others were troubled by his insistence that he had merely been out and about on a Saturday, minding his own business, when he happened to stumble across the Gaza demo, rather than admitting that he had deliberately set out to make a (perhaps legitimate) point. That lack of honesty was damaging because it played directly into the hands of antisemites who say Jews cannot be trusted to tell the truth about antisemitism. Falter would say he was only trying to help, but there were plenty – including those who work full-time to protect Jewish life in Britain – for whom the whole episode was a headache they didn’t need.”

Perhaps the cat is finally out of the bag.

4) The problem remains bigger than one man or one party

Seeing the opportunity left after Humza Yousaf’s resignation, Scottish Labour have called for an election.

The BBC reports 29th April 2024:

Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar:

Regardless of our political differences, I want to thank Hamza Yousaf for his public service. I think Scots in particular will remember the dignified way in which he carried himself when he was worried about his loved ones trapped in Gaza. For us, the Scottish Labour Party, this has never been about one person. It's about a dysfunctional party, a chaotic government and 17 years of SNP failure.

And people across the country, when they're crying out for leadership, particularly in the middle of an economic crisis and an NHS crisis, need credible leadership and a functioning government. They're not getting that from the SNP.

And I think it would be completely unacceptable, untenable actually, for the SNP to just impose another unelected leader on this country. That's why we believe we should have an election and the people of the country to decide who leads our government.

The BBC reports 29th April 2024:

Scottish Labour knows that they would profit greatly were such an election to be granted, which it eventually and inevitably will.

The Times reports 29th April 2024:

Yousaf quit just four days after tearing up a power-sharing agreement with the Greens, admitting that he had underestimated the fury it would provoke…

Polling by YouGov found that Labour was now a point ahead of the SNP in Scotland, on 34 per cent. An analysis by Sir John Curtice, the polling expert and a professor of politics at Strathclyde University, said this would equate to Labour winning 28 seats in Scotland. The SNP would return 18 MPs, the Tories six and the Liberal Democrats eight, he said.

Such a victory for Labour would not see and end to the weaponisation of race in order to further bloat the state and deprive people of more of their liberty.

In fact, and incredibly curiously, Hamza Yousaf’s anti-white speech itself seems to have been lifted entirely from Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar’s own speech striking exactly the same anti-white tone.

Click to play:

Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar:

Every Chief Executive of every council and every government department, white. Every director of a department in Scotland, white. Every principal of a college or university in Scotland, white. Every head teacher in Scotland, white. Every chair of a public sector body in Scotland, white. Every High Court judge in Scotland, white. Every prison governor in Scotland, white. Every editor of a news organisation in Scotland, white. Why?

Further demonstrating that the race-baiting agenda is a strain that runs deeper than the particular personality being used on any given day to peddle it to the public. This begs the question: who handles these politicians while steering them towards identitarianism in such an uncouth manner.

Scotland’s Council of Jewish Communities and their Muslim allies would be advised that the perils of said agenda are now revealed, and the public’s patience is wearing thin. The danger now is that any further push in this direction simply backfires.

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