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A Global Blackmail Operation to Serve Mossad's Global War Machine in a Global Palace Coup

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A Global Blackmail Operation to Serve Mossad's Global War Machine in a Global Palace Coup



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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast from yesterday Tuesday 2nd April 2024, with a transcript provided: A Global Blackmail Operation to Serve Mossad's Global War Machine in a Global Palace Coup.

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Prince William knighting Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Sir Lucian Grainge, a co-defendant in the Sean “Puffy” Combes sex-trafficking and blackmail lawsuit, who is named 174 times.


A Global Blackmail Operation to Serve Mossad's Global War Machine in a Global Palace Coup

- A Radical Dispatch

1) The Diddler is raided

This week brought to light a number of investigations into trafficking involving people in public positions of power and influence. One constant in all cases is their connection to the British Crown.

The most notable case was the Homeland Security raid on rap mogul Sean “Puffy” Combes’ various properties. Sean Combes and multiple co-defendants stand accused of underage sex-trafficking, blackmail and various other sexual crimes in a case eerily similar to Epstein’s.

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Radical Media has indicated this would happen 25 days prior, at the start of March.

Radical Media has been able to correctly forecast events by relying on the analytical framework that our contemporary world is run by a parasite class who prey upon those over whom they are granted dominion. Readers are advised to revise our April 2023 Dispatch on the Dalai Lama apologising for asking an underage boy to suck his tongue.

And to take a fresh look at this Dispatch from January 2024 after some names mentioned in the Epstein files were unsealed.

The reality is that - as the Epstein case demonstrates - powerful positions and institutions in our society have been infiltrated by people who have been severely compromised through blackmail. As such, they proceed to run these positions and institutions not in the interests of their own nation, but at the behest of the blackmailing party. This is why Western policy has seemed for years to be working against its own people.

10th April 2023:

To cast light on who is doing the blackmailing and how deep the rot goes, follow the known cases. From Prince Andrew to these latest media revelations, they all point in one direction: the British Crown having been compromised by Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, Mossad. Read on.

2) Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music is a named co-defendant in the lawsuit

Sir Lucian Grainge is the CEO and Chairman of Universal Media Group. As such, he is Sean “Puffy” Combes’ boss. Here he is being knighted by Prince William.

Universal Music Chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge is mentioned 174 times as a co-defendant in the lawsuit against Sean “Puffy” Combes. Grainge is accused of facilitating and attending parties where underage girls were drugged and sex-trafficked. Here is a sample page naming Sir Lucian in the lawsuit.

And here is the full 73 page sex-trafficking/RICO lawsuit filed by Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones against Sean “Puffy” Combes and associates.

Sir Lucian is a knight of the realm, currently serving King Charles and his Privy Council. More on the Crown’s links to sex-trafficking pedophiles shortly.

3) Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) charged over historic sexual abuse

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, British member of Parliament and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) - a coalition partner to the Conservatives in government under Theresa May, has been charged alongside a woman in relation to historic sex abuse.

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Sir Jeffrey is also a knight and member of the king’s Privy Council, akin to a cabinet for the king. Again, more on this shortly.

4) Children’s TV channel Nickelodeon rocked by underage sex abuse conviction and multiple new allegations.

As well as the two significant and high profile cases above, this week has also witnessed multiple allegations made against the management of children’s TV station Nickelodeon.

Behind the cheery façade, however, life for some of the child actors at Nickelodeon held dark secrets — from harsh working conditions to, in the worst cases, sexual abuse.

The main alleged culprit at Nickelodeon seems to be Daniel Schneider, the producer accused of “presiding over a toxic empire”.

Nickelodeon President Geraldine Laybourne was on Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs. She also became the President of Disney-ABC in 1996.

The flight logs are searchable via Business Insider here.

(Oh, as an aside, which Steven Pinker is that named in the same flight entry?)

5) Why is the British Crown connected to so many allegations of pedophilia?

Readers will recall the Radical Dispatch report from January on some names unsealed by the judge in the Epstein case.

Among these names was ex-cabinet member and senior advisor to PM Tony Blair, Lord Peter Mandelson. As an ex-cabinet member Lord Mandelson also sits on the king’s Privy Council.

The relationship between Mandelson and Epstein is of particular significance, considering Mandelson currently serves as advisor to the UK’s PM-in-waiting Sir Keir Starmer. As Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir is also a member of the king’s Privy Council.

Lord Mandelson visited Epstein island, travelled to Paris with Epstein for his birthday after the latter had already been convicted for trafficking, and was due to stay at Epstein’s New York townhouse while Epstein was in jail. As has been thoroughly reported in this Radical Dispatch.

Despite knowing all of this, PM-in-waiting Sir Keir has refused to end Mandelson’s advisory role with him.

This is the same Keir Starmer who served as the head of the British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) when they chose not to prosecute deceased serial pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile was not just Britain’s Epstein. He had been knighted, also serving the Crown and Privy Council, he was a close confidant and advisor to the king, then Crown Prince Charles.

Sir Lucian Grainge, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Lord Mandelson and Sir Jimmy Savile, all are associated in one way or another to high profile global sex trafficking cases, with Labour Leader and PM-in-waiting Sir Keir Starmer being too close for comfort.

All of these men are also either peers or knights of the realm, and members of the king’s Privy Council.

Why does the British monarchy have such a problem with associations among known sex-traffickers?

6) Mossad, Kompromat and blackmail

There is no polite way to say this. Epstein’s entire global VIP pedophile ring, being exposed in real time, and connected to royalty as it is, has been one large Mossad blackmail operation in order to entrap royalty and those who serve them into pursuing the foreign policy aims of Israel.

The Daily Mail reports 4th January 2024:

The Jeffrey Epstein list of associates unsealed by a US judge has reignited suspicions the pedophile financier was an asset for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. Israel's former prime minister Ehud Barak was identified in the bombshell dossiers Wednesday night. He served as PM from 1991 to 2001 after serving in the IDF for 35 years, rising to Chief of the General Staff.

Imagine the security clearances needed to be able to privately meet the Prime Minister of Israel no less than 36 times. It is no longer in much doubt that Epstein’s entire operation was a Mossad honeytrap designed to capture compromising material on senior figures and leverage this Kompromat so as to pursue Israel’s foreign policy aims.

The Daily Mail reports 5th December 2019:

As to the purpose of this blackmail, the Radical Dispatch reports 11th January 2024:

This may be why, despite all common sense dictating otherwise, so many politicians in the UK and US seem powerless to stop our countries’ facilitation of Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

The Observer (Sunday Guardian) reports 30th March 2024:

The British government has received advice from its own lawyers stating that Israel has breached international humanitarian law in Gaza but has failed to make it public, according to a leaked recording obtained by the Observer…

..In a session of the foreign affairs select committee in January, Cameron was asked directly by Kearns whether “you have never had a piece of paper put in front of you by a Foreign Office lawyer that says that Israel is in breach of its international humanitarian commitments under international humanitarian law”.

Cameron stated that “I cannot recall every single bit of paper that has been put in front of me … I don’t want to answer that question.

In the case of Sean “Puffy” Combs, his calling for a race war if Trump wins typifies the sort of influence that can be gained over a public figure who has been compromised in such a way.

Click to play:

Sean “Puffy” Combes: “We’re not standing by no more and getting killed. We’re not scared of anybody standing up and standing by, we’re on the verge of a race war.. white men like trump need to be banished. That way of thinking is real dangerous.. when you look at it, we don’t have no choice, ya know what I’m saying, you can say what you want about Biden, I can’t say I love to pick either but hey, we gotta get him in office, and then we gotta hold him accountable.

Blackmail only works if the Kompromat is not yet public. It is the threat of making such Kompromat public that provides leverage to the blackmailer. If the information is already out there, the blackmailer has lost all power because there is no leverage. This is why the latest Wired investigation becomes so important.

Wired magazine reports 28th March 2024:

NEARLY 200 MOBILE devices of people who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “pedophile island” in the years prior to his death left an invisible trail of data pointing back to their own homes and offices. Maps of these visitations generated by a troubled international data broker with defense industry ties, discovered last week by WIRED, document the numerous trips of wealthy and influential individuals seemingly undeterred by Epstein’s status as a convicted sex offender.”

The Times of London reports 29th March 2024:

..another and potentially more comprehensive view of all who visited Epstein’s domain in the US Virgin Islands has been revealed in mobile phone location data collected and mapped by a data intelligence firm called Near Intelligence.

The data pinpointed the location of more than 200 phones belonging to people who visited Little St James, according to Wired magazine, which said it found the maps while searching through reports produced by one of the company’s intelligence platforms.

More than 10,000 co-ordinates formed trails to the island from 80 cities in the United States, the magazine reported. They indicated people making their way there from homes on the well-heeled island of Martha’s Vineyard, or from Nantucket, from gated communities in Michigan and Florida and from a pavement on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, across the road from Trump Tower. The trails also led to Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, and his enormous ranch in New Mexico. The intelligence firm could infer, from the data, 166 locations where visitors to the island probably lived or worked, it said.

The names of these 200 visitors to Epstein’s island must be publicised, not least so that they can no longer be blackmailed to serve foreign interests. Publicising these names destroys the blackmailer’s leverage.

In April 2023 Radical Media released a long form Radical Show interview with Whitney Webb, author of ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’. In light of recent revelations it is worth reviewing this interview.

Alas, this is one of those stories where there is little satisfaction in being vindicated.

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