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Israel Invades Rafah After Rejecting Ceasefire Deal That Hamas Accepted

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Israel Invades Rafah After Rejecting Ceasefire Deal That Hamas Accepted


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 30th April 2024, with a transcript provided - Israel Invades Rafah After Rejecting Ceasefire Deal That Hamas Accepted.

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Breaking: Israel Invades Rafah After Rejecting Ceasefire Deal That Hamas Accepted

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1) Israel rejects the ceasefire and invades Rafah

Israeli PM and war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu has rejected the ceasefire deal that Hamas accepted and has invaded Gaza’s last remaining safe zone, Rafah.

The UK is ‘imploring’ Israel to reopen the Rafah crossing into Gaza, a foreign minister told parliament. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, minister for the Middle East, noted that half the city’s population — about 600,000 — were children.”

Here is a map of the region in question.

Prior to invading Rafah, the Likudnik-Zionists that run Israel needed to ensure that their war crimes were not broadcast live to the world, so they raided and shut down the al-Jazeera offices in Jerusalem.

Sky News reports 5th May 2024:

Saima Mohsin of Sky News:

And following that edict from the Israeli cabinet to shut down all al-Jazeera operations in Israel, we understand that Israeli police have now raided the offices of al-Jazeera inside Israel. I'm just going to read you what's coming in to me now. It says the Israeli police have raided a Jerusalem hotel room used by al-Jazeera as its de facto office, following that government decision to shutter the Qatari-owned TV station, that’s according to an Israeli official and an al-Jazeera source speaking to a Reuters news agency there. It says that video is circulating online of Plain clothes officers dismantling camera equipment in the hotel room. The al-Jazeera source has said that the hotel room is in East Jerusalem, we’ll bring you more on that. As we know earlier, PM Benjamin Netanyahu during that cabinet meeting with his communications officer signed an order to close down al-Jazeera news network’s operations inside Israel, calling it a Hamas mouthpiece. Of course, that's been rejected by al-Jazeera, saying this is a dangerous and political decision from the Israeli cabinet. That edict from Israel also means that you can confiscate all materials by a news network when you decide to shut down its operations. We'll bring you more on that as and when we get it.

As a result of shutting down al-Jazeera, the only footage available of the IDF operation was released by Israeli troops themselves as they rode their tanks into Rafah.

Israeli tanks rolling into Rafah, Click to play:

Footage recorded from inside Egypt looking over into Rafah was also available.

Click to play:

Egyptian Correspondent: “A short time ago and from Palestinian city of Rafah, where our correspondent has reported an exchange of gunfire between Hamas and Israel, near the port of Rafah on the Palestinian side, and our correspondent pointed out that the occupation planes opened fire violently in the vicinity of the Rafah port on the Palestinian side, and he indicated that a number of Palestinian citizens were martyred and injured after the occupation’s air raid in the area of the land of Barahma, in the neighbourhood of Tall al-Sultan in the western part of the Palestinian city of Rafah. So this is the picture that we received and that we have been receiving a short time ago from the Palestinian city of Rafah of explosions near the Rafah border of the occupation air raid on this area, which is the area that had been declared safe though it seems that these images depict a scene contrary to what the occupation army declared.”

This is how Netanyahu acted to impose a black out on news coming from inside Gaza in order to control the flow of information before continuing his war crimes in Rafah with impunity.

2) Rising anti-Semitism will be weaponised to silence criticism of Israel

Prior to the attack, regional Israeli action to shut down critical media was met with a simultaneous plan to suppress anti-Israel voices in Western capitals by conflating criticism of the war with anti-Semitism.

The motion to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism has already passed the House of Representatives, though some lawmakers and commentators are outraged at the attempt.

The Hill reports 1st May 2024:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) labeled the House antisemitism legislation as a “ridiculous hate speech bill” ahead of the vote Wednesday. The House approved a bill that aims to crack down on antisemitism on college campuses amid ongoing pro-Palestinian protests taking place at U.S. universities across the country. Gaetz voiced his opposition to the bill ahead of the vote, saying some excerpts of the Bible would meet this bill’s definition of antisemitism.

US political commentator Candace Owens has also noticed this tactic:

This tactic of weaponising racism to suppress speech was discussed at some length in last week’s Radical Dispatch.

The Radical Dispatch reports 1st May 2024:


the race-baiting agenda is a strain that runs deeper than the particular personality being used on any given day to peddle it to the public. This begs the question: who handles these politicians while steering them towards identitarianism in such an uncouth manner.”

With critical media silenced in the region, and with a plan in place to suppress anti-Israel voices in Western capitals by declaring them anti-Semitic, the stage was set for Netanyahu to reject the ceasefire deal agreed to by Hamas and resume his aim of conquering all of Gaza by invading Rafah.

3) Why did Israel reject the ceasefire?

The Times reports 7th May 2024:

The Palestinian militant group had announced on Monday that they [Hamas] had accepted a ceasefire proposal drafted by the Egyptians, which would have been formulated alongside the US. The CIA chief William Burns was in Cairo for the talks, then headed to Doha to browbeat Hamas into accepting the terms, through the Qatari mediators there.

Israel had not sent a delegation to Cairo, and its officials have made it known that they were caught off guard by the latest proposal, which would include an initial month-long ceasefire with the release of 33 Israeli hostages held by Hamas. It would be followed by another stage in which ending the war would be discussed…

..It is unlikely that Israel was not aware of the discussions that led to the latest proposal — as one western diplomat familiar with the negotiations said, the US has been closely co-ordinating with its ally.

After a flurry of statements denouncing the proposal from Netanyahu’s hardline coalition members and anonymous officials, his office announced that while the proposal was not satisfactory, he would nonetheless send a team to Cairo to discuss it. The delegation’s main selling point will be that if Hamas does not compromise, the operation in Rafah will expand. It would be a bluff, perhaps the one that concludes the war.

Hamas had agreed to release hostages and ceasefire while continuing to negotiate a more permanent settlement. But Israel’s aim is not to reach an agreement with Hamas. Israel’s aim is to reoccupy the entirety of Gaza, allow for its Gulf Arab allies to regenerate the Strip while Israel maintains security control for itself. This is just like the situation in the West Bank.

The Hill reports 30th April 2024:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said Israel will invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah, regardless of whether a cease-fire and hostage release deal is met.

In other words, Israel has given up on the idea of a Palestinian State. And though this may bring an end to, and tactical victory for, Israel’s war, it is nonetheless a strategic defeat. The world now views Israel as a pariah state.

Click to play:

Such pariah status is best demonstrated by the rumoured ICC desire to issue arrest warrants against war criminal Netanyahu and his Israel war cabinet. This would be in addition to the separate and pending ICJ ruling on whether this ethnic cleansing legally amounts to genocide.

So disturbed is Netanyahu by this potential, that he put out a bumbling video to counter any such attempt by the ICC.

Click to play:


You have to hear this to believe this. The International Criminal Court in The Hague is contemplating issuing arrest warrants against senior Israeli government and military officials as war criminals. This would be an outrage of historic proportions. International bodies like the ICC arose in the wake of the Holocaust committed against the Jewish people. They were set up to prevent such horrors, to prevent future genocides. Yet now, the International Court is trying to put Israel in the dock. It's trying to put us in the dock as we defend ourselves against genocidal terrorists and regimes, Iran of course, that openly works to destroy the one and only Jewish state. Branding Israel’s leaders and soldiers as war criminals will poor jet fuel on the fires of anti-Semitism, those fires that are already raging on the campuses of America and across capitals around the world. It will also be the first time that a democratic country fighting for its life according to the rules of war, is itself accused of war crimes. The Israeli army, the IDF, is one of the most moral military’s in the world. It takes endless measures to prevent civilian casualties. Measures that no other army takes. It does so while fighting a terrorist enemy which uses its own civilians as human shields. You know the truth. Hamas places its weapons, its terrorists, in hospitals, schools, mosques, and throughout civilian areas. They do this in order to win immunity and to maximize civilian casualties. So while Hamas shows no care for the lives of Palestinians and steals humanitarian aid meant for civilians, Israel is facilitating a surge of humanitarian assistance to Gaza. And we do this to ensure that the Palestinian population's humanitarian needs are met. Rather than commend Israel for abiding by the rules of war while fighting an enemy that violates every rule of war, including holding 133 Israeli men, women, and children hostage. Who's the ICC targeting? The democracy called Israel. And in targeting Israel, the ICC would be targeting all democracies, because it would be undermining their inherent right to defend themselves against savage terrorism and wanton aggression. Clearly, this threat by the ICC is not an attempt to enforce the law. Israel is not even subject to the court's jurisdiction, and it has an independent legal system that rigorously investigates all violations of the law. Rather, this ICC attempt is an attempt to paralyse Israel's very ability to defend itself. The government and people of Israel reject outright this grave threat to our security, this grave threat to our very existence. And I want to assure you, no ICC action will impact Israel's ironclad determination to achieve the goals of our war with Hamas terrorists. We will destroy Hamas's military and governing capabilities in Gaza, we will release all our hostages, and we will ensure that Gaza never poses a threat to Israel again. Israel expects the leaders of the free world to stand firmly against the ICC's outrageous assault on Israel's inherent right of self-defence. We expect them to use all the means at their disposal to stop this dangerous move. Six months after the terrible Hamas massacre of October 7th, 80 years after the horrors of the Holocaust, the Jewish state calls on decent people everywhere to reject this outrage by the ICC, to stand with Israel as we fight the barbarians of Hamas & Iran and as we work to secure a more peaceful world.

Though as readers of the Radical Dispatch know, Netanyahu’s protestations against Hamas no longer land after his own complicity in helping them grow is no longer deniable.

The Radical Dispatch reports 15th October 2023:

4) Pending US and UK elections do not bode well for Israel

This year sees elections in both the US and UK. And public opinion in both countries is swinging sharply against Israel.


In the US, President Trump has been vocal recently about his own change of opinion.

The Times reports 30th April 2024:

Binyamin Netanyahu is responsible for failing to stop the Hamas terrorist raids on October 7, Donald Trump has suggested, adding that ‘thousands and thousands of people’ knew about the attacks before they happened. Trump, 77, who was once a strong ally of the Israeli prime minister, described in a wide-ranging interview with Time magazine how his relationship with Netanyahu had deteriorated, and refused to rule out withholding military aid to Israel.

‘October 7 should have never happened,’ the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said of the attacks that killed more than 1,200 people.

Everything was there to stop that. And a lot of people knew about it, you know, thousands and thousands of people knew about it, but Israel didn’t know about it, and I think he’s being blamed for that very strongly,’ he said.”

This is just as readers of the Radical Dispatch would have known since December last year and prior.

The Radical Dispatch reports 8th December 2023:


To make matters worse, Israeli media is now reporting that the CCTV video footage from 7th October at the Gaza border - which one would think could have laid to rest these serious allegations concerning Netanyahu’s behaviour - has gone missing. Yes, you read that correctly, the CCTV footage was Epsteined. Not suspicious at all.

The Jerusalem Post reports 3rd December 2023:

It became apparent that surveillance camera footage along the Gaza border, dating back to the day the war with Hamas broke out, had mysteriously vanished. Furthermore, critical recordings from that Black Shabbat had been removed from the central database. These developments have raised suspicions and fueled a sense that everyone is primarily looking out for their own interests with an eye on what comes next…

..These videos originated from various IDF surveillance cameras along the Gaza border, part of the military network known as “ZiTube.” The missing footage dated back to October 7 and seemed to have been deliberately removed to hinder in-depth investigation into events that transpired in Palestinian territory, border breaches, and the overall situation.

Add this all to the latest news that Israel is now formally investigating those who appear to have profited on the financial markets from 7th October, and Netanyahu’s role in ignoring advanced warnings of the attack now seems to be an irrefutable part of the story.

Reuters reports 4th December 2023:

JERUSALEM, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Israeli authorities are investigating claims by U.S. researchers that some investors may have known in advance of a Hamas plan to attack Israel on Oct. 7 and used that information to profit from Israeli securities.

And Trump’s warnings to Israel have been covered by the Radical Dispatch in detail.


Likewise, recent UK local elections have indicated severe damage to the prospects of the Labour Party in any upcoming general election. Sir Keir Starmer was recently asked about this on Sky News and acknowledged that the Middle East situation has probably factored into their less than optimal performance.

Click to play:

Sky News correspondent: “Costing you support there, how much do you think the Middle East position is factoring into this?”

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer: “Look, there are some places where that's a very strong factor, and I understand that and respect that. Where we have lost votes, we will earn them back.“

But just like the US Democrats, UK Labour has grown fat by assuming that it owns Muslim voters. Such is the expectation of certain Labour party activists that Muslims have nowhere else to go but them, that when they hear on the doorstep that Muslim voters have had the audacity to vote independently for pro-Palestine candidates, they descend into racist abuse. Recently, Labour activists were canvassing in the West Midlands. They had been told by residents that they’d already voted for the independent candidate Akhmed Yakoob, and not Labour, only for the door camera to then catch these Labour activists using the racial insult “f*cking p*kis” on their way out.

Click to play:

General disillusionment with the way in which the Globalist uniparty system is totally non-responsive to voters has led to incredibly low voter turnout in these recent local elections.

Meanwhile, Muslim voters have issued a list of 18 demands to the Labour party before they provide any further support.

The Times reports 6th May 2024:

A grassroots Muslim vote campaign supported by several controversial organisations has given 18 demands to Sir Keir Starmer to win back lost votes over Gaza.

Here are the demands, though many may not be met.

Labour being on the ropes in this way due to the Middle East situation has prompted the flailing Globalist PM Rishi Sunak to declare that there is still hope for his governing Conservative party - which is bracing itself for a landslide defeat in any upcoming general election. Not that they can win. Instead, PM Sunak is holding out hope for a Hung Parliament - which means that no single party gains a majority and coalitions are needed.

The Independent reports 7th may 2024:

In the probable scenario of a Hung Parliament, and whichever way it swings - whether the Conservatives plus the DUP and Reform, or Labour plus the SNP and Liberal Democrats, it will most likely end up in much needed electoral and constitutional reform for the UK, which wouldn’t be a bad thing as it would end the Globalist uniparty debacle. This is because all the smaller parties that are key to such coalitions on either side of the isle are demanding such constitutional reform.

Not getting enough votes for a majority government - forcing them into a coalition - is a nightmare that Labour hopes desperately to avoid. This may explain why the Labour party has just recently and surreptitiously removed the list of all of their MPs who are members of Labour Friends of Israel from their party website. They thereby hope to stop haemorrhaging votes.

But Declassified UK had managed to preserve that list, and we have reproduced it for you all here.

This way, even if corporatist media pays more attention to celebrity galas than it does to ongoing war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, these supposedly left-wing politicians will no longer be able to ignore the anti-war voices they have for so long taken for granted, in the upcoming UK general election.

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