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Midazolam Deaths Debated in UK Parliament as Twitter Fact-Checkers Backdown

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Midazolam Deaths Debated in UK Parliament as Twitter Fact-Checkers Backdown


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 23rd April 2024, with a transcript provided - Midazolam Deaths Debated in UK Parliament as Twitter Fact-Checkers Backdown.

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Midazolam Deaths Debated in UK Parliament as Twitter Fact-Checkers Backdown

- A Radical Dispatch

This week, British MP Andrew Bridgen raised questions about the end of life care death protocol Midazolam in the UK parliament during a debate about confirmed global excess death rates linked to Covid jabs.

Click to play clip:

Andrew Bridgen MP: “..Once admitted, ill patients were either ventilated in intensive care, or they were they were not fit for that level of care they were given end-of-life medication including Midazolam and morphine. The body responsible this protocol NG163 which was published on the 3rd of April 2020 is called the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE). Giving Midazolam and morphine to people dying of cancer is reasonable, but there is a side effect. The side effect is that these drugs have a respiratory depressant effect. It's hard to imagine, Madam Deputy Speaker, a more stupid thing to do than to give a respiratory suppressant to someone who's struggling to breathe already with symptoms of COVID-19, but that is exactly what we did.

So can the Minister explain why Midazolam was then removed from the same updated guideline, NG191, which is the antecedent of NG163, on the 30th of November 2023?

As it was removed, is it now considered, and admitted, that it was a mistake to ignore the warnings of so many experts and including that specific drug Midazolam in NG163 when it was introduced? And it's been confirmed in letters from ministers to families who lost loved ones down to this protocol that Ministers are now saying that doctors and nurses should have treated the individual patient with their own knowledge rather than strictly following NICE guideline NG163.

And if legal cases are b(r)ought for unlawful killing, can the minister tell us who is going to be taking the blame? Will it be NICE? Will it be NHS England? Or will it be the individual doctors and nurses who will be held to account? Interestingly..NICE has now removed these alternative protocols, including NG163, from their website. Although every other historic protocol are still there for historical reference. Could the Minister tell us why NICE have removed this protocol from their website? Are they ashamed of the harm that they caused? They certainly should be.

Crowds of victim-family survivors and campaigners for justice had gathered in Parliament’s public gallery to hear Bridgen put these questions to government. So great was the public relief at the matter finally seeing the light of day during government time that, upon loud public cheers for Bridgen, the Speaker threatened to eject the families from the viewing gallery.

Click to play:

Andrew Bridgen MP: “And given the evidence Madam Deputy Speaker, I call on the government once again to immediately suspend the use of all mRNA treatments in both humans and animals pending the outcome of that inquiry...” (loud prolonged cheers from gallery).

Speaker: “No, no, nowe would have to clear the gallery if clapping continues... I will order it if necessary. No.

Aside from the significance of raising this serious matter on the record during a debate on government time in Parliament, the video of Bridgen’s intervention was doing the rounds online. This prospect must have disturbed some people, and the video was quickly “fact-checked” by Twitter’s Community Notes with a link taking the reader to a 2022 Full Fact entry as follows:

“…claims that midazolam as well as morphine were prescribed in greater quantities, and used to deliberately kill elderly patients.

The increase in midazolam prescriptions in April 2020 was covered by the Daily Mail and the Sun in July 2020, though both newspapers said they could not verify claims that the drug was being used to speed up deaths.

As evidence the video says there was a spike in deaths among elderly people coinciding with the increased prescribing of midazolam. 

The video goes on to claim: ‘It is grievously logical to deduce that the sudden spike in deaths, which was used to justify the UK government’s COVID policies, was largely the result of lethal midazolam and Morphine [another drug used in palliative care to treat pain] injections.’

The number of deaths did increase in April 2020, at the point at which midazolam prescriptions increased (though the video is wrong to claim both happened in March 2020). 

But a correlation between midazolam prescriptions and death figures is not proof one caused the other, and this ignores the main reason deaths were increasing in April 2020: Covid-19 itself. In April 2020, there were 29,377 deaths in England (and 33,854 in the UK) where that person’s death certificate would go on to list Covid-19 as one of the causes.

Unfortunately for the fact-checkers at Full Fact, they were then subjected to some fact checking of their own. Because a great deal of evidence has emerged on this matter, even since 2022.

Very quickly thereafter, Twitter’s Community Notes backed down and removed the baseless fact check on Bridgen’s tweet.

For posterity, here is the now removed “fact-check”:

The above “fact check” was removed after we posted the below abstract from Dr Wilson Sy’s peer-reviewed statistical analysis summarising the statistical correlation between UK excess death and Midazolam injections.

Click link to access the original publication of Dr Wilson Sy’s paper and our accompanying analysis:

The fact check itself links to this parliamentary video from April 2020 of then Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirming to Dr Luke Evans MP that they have the requisite syringe drivers and Midazolam supplies ready to go.

Click to play:

Dr Luke Evans MP, April 2020: “With that, I mean, a ‘good death’ needs three things. It needs equipment, it needs medication and it meeds the staff to administer it. So in terms of equipment, a few quick questions. Do you have enough syringe drivers in the NHS to deliver medications to keep people comfortable when they're passing away?

Matt Hancock MP: “Yes, we do. There was a challenge raised about this about eight days ago, and we resolved that actually it wasn't as big a challenge as as was made public, and we've resolved that. So yes, right now we do”.

Dr Luke Evans MP: “And the second one is with that, that's the syringe drivers deliver medication, particularly things like Midazolam and morphine. Do you have any precautions put in place to make sure we have enough of those medications to be delivered?

Matt Hancock MP: “Yes, we've got a big project to make sure that those sorts of medications, as well as the ITU medications that I spoke about earlier, that the supply chains, the global supply chains for all those medicines are clear. They are, in fact, those medicines are made in a relatively small number of factories around the world. So it is a delicate supply chain and we are in contact with the whole supply chain.”

Dr Luke Evans MP: “And in line with that, morphine is currently prescribed per patient. The reason to do that is to stop it being abused. So I have to prescribe it for Mr. Hancock. However, in this situation, if you're going into a healthcare home, you may not want to waste precious things like morphine. Have you considered relaxing the laws around morphine prescribing for doctors and healthcare professionals so that there isn't waste?

Matt Hancock MP: “That’s something that we keep under review. I’ve looked at that particular point to reduce wastage of key medicines, and it’s something that he supply chain, the supply team sorry, in the department and the clinical team talk about all the time. I don't know if that's JVT's part of the clinical team and he may want to say more.

To access the Parliamentary source transcript for above video dated April 2020 click here:

As a side note, this is the same Dr Luke Evans MP who has recently become embroiled in a WhatsApp-dick-pics-for-phone-numbers blackmail scandal, after Radical Media had already warned about our politics being controlled by such blackmail.

The Times reports 5th April 2024:

Since the online “fact-check” alleged that there was no evidence supporting our core concern of involuntary state euthanasia with Midazolam using Covid as cover, here is a two-minute video summary of Dr Wilson Sy’s conclusions in his statistical analysis.

Click to play:

To listen to Radical Media’s free, two-hour long podcast interview with Dr Wilson Sy click here:

Below is a three-minute video summary of other researchers and doctors reacting to our evidence around the use of Midazolam in the UK during 2020:

Maajid Nawaz to medical researcher Stuart Wilkie: “Very disturbing concerns were raised about the systemic use by the state of Midazolam in its end of life protocols”.

Medical researcher Stuart Wilkie: “Yes, well I'd studied an audit on the amount of Midazolam that was used, and I'd also found a study that gave them very much higher death rate whilst patients were on Midazolam, and particularly with morphine. I found a very alarming study that showed that 83% of elderly people that were dying - purportedly of COVID were - actually receiving morphine and Midazolam in the last 24 hours of their life. So five-sixths..of elderly patients were dying on morphine and Midazolam.”

Maajid Nawaz to Dr Mike Yeadon: “As somebody whose PhD focused on morphine, as somebody who was the head of respiratory illnesses for Pfizer globally, having looked at Stuart Wilkie's evidence on Midazolam, that your personal conclusion is that the state deliberately put people on Midazolam and morphine for the purposes of terminating their lives”

Dr Mike Yeadon: “Yes. Yes, there’s no question. Neither of those drugs would ever be appropriate in an open airway breathing patient. You would not repress their respiration which Midazolam and morphine would do. The doses that we used were between 3 and 5 times the recommended initial starting doses. Those are doses that you would expect would lead to a fading away of people. I personally am convinced that the excess deaths in care homes is explained by this procedure.

Dr Sam White: “And that's when, if you look at some of the data from Midazolam, you have this huge increase in procurement by the health service for the end-of-life drug Midazolam.”

Maajid Nawaz to Dr Sam White: “In your experience, was the amount of Midazolam acquired by the government, was it out of the ordinary? Was it completely extraordinary?”

Dr Sam White: “Yeah, absolutely. It was. And of course it wasn’t needed given the actual survival rate was incredibly high. We’re talking 99.7% of people survive. And that’s a figure that exists without any treatment, and by ‘any treatment’ I don’t just mean Ivermectin or HCQ, the national guidelines that GPs had were not to give vitamin D for the treatment or prevention of COVID.”

Dr Wilson Sy: “There are about eight regions in England with data on excess deaths in individual regions. And there's also data on doses in each of those regions. And they are all very highly correlated. Well, some of them is actually higher than 91%, 97-96%. The reason why I say ‘it appears to be a systemic policy’ is that normally, if it were a natural contagion process, it doesn't have that sort of uniformity and regularity. So the fact that over such a large geographical area, they simultaneously had this spike and the dose response relationships are all very similar. Seems to me, not an accident of nature. I mean, it looks like something coordinated.

Our full written analysis of Dr Wilson Sy’s evidence was first reported in the Radical Dispatch 14th February 2022.

Below is an evidence summary from that article:

Here is a chart used by Dr. Sy plotting the correlation between Midazolam injections and UK excess death. The green line depicts Midazolam monthly injections, and the red line depicts monthly excess deaths.

To consider these results alarming is an understatement.

The worrying thing is that - as depicted below - this unusual correlation between Midazolam and UK excess death - and crucially without corresponding Covid cases - only appeared during the state-declared “pandemic”. The isolated red dot in the top right corner represents the period in question. What was the “Covid pandemic” used to conceal?

This new Australian paper is both bold and incredibly frank in its implied conclusions, potentially upending everything people think they understand about what exactly happened during the Covid “pandemic” that never was.

Dr. Sy summarises his findings in the following words:

The extraordinary spike in UK excess deaths in April 2020 was not due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, because there were relatively few infections and there was no ‘high consequence infectious disease’ as officially declared in March 2020.”

The statement that there was “no high consequence infectious disease as officially declared in March 2020” leaves the question as to what killed all those people glaringly open.

Dr. Sy answers this query immediately, and candidly, in the very next paragraph:

The UK COVID-19 pandemic was iatrogenic (ie: deaths caused by the medical intervention itself - Ed.), created with widespread and persistent use of Midazolam injections in all regions of England, particularly in care homes, under a systemic policy of euthanasia. The nature of the euthanasia needs further investigation. Statistically, Midazolam injections were highly correlated with UK excess deaths throughout the pandemic, overwhelming COVID-19 disease or vaccination as other possible explanations for excess mortality.

Dr. Sy does not exclude other possible causes for UK excess death, such as vaccination, though he presents Midazolam as the highly correlating, statistically significant factor.

Midazolam was the common proximal cause of excess deaths in the pandemic, but there were likely many other primary causes including comorbidities, infections and vaccination. The data available are not sufficient to measure the precise impact of vaccination on excess deaths. Vaccination was unlikely to have saved many, if any, lives because the unreliable early data grossly exaggerated COVID deaths, inflating the extent of the SARS-CoV-2 threat which was subsequently assumed and projected in computer models which created illusory benefits.”

Finally, Dr. Sy seems aware that his findings totally disrupt most of what the world thinks it knows about the Covid “pandemic” that never was.

Most global investigations of COVID-19 epidemiology, only based on the relative impacts of COVID disease and vaccination, are probably inaccurate, because their assumptions are generally false due to the significant presence of confounding factors in some countries, such as the UK.”

Again, here is a screen-grab from the paper’s conclusion for those who are still digesting the severity of what Dr. Sy’s words imply.

What we are reading here is clearly damning. The implications of Dr. Wilson Sy’s research is that every 2020 death that was marked as Covid was instead a non-Covid death caused by a deliberate state policy of overdosing our elderly and vulnerable with death-row drug Midazolam, so that they would be no longer be a financial burden on the system, the NHS and pension funds.

Is it any wonder then, considering the above, that former Heath Secretary Matt Hancock is now campaigning for euthanasia?

Radical Media reports 12th December 2022:

The Times reports 12th December 2022:

The implication here is horrific.

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