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Palestinian Christians Cancel Christmas in Jesus' Birthplace of Bethlehem

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Palestinian Christians Cancel Christmas in Jesus' Birthplace of Bethlehem



At the top of this Newszine, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast from yesterday Tuesday 26th December 2023, with a transcript provided - Palestinian Christians Cancel Christmas in Jesus' Birthplace of Bethlehem.

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Palestinian Christians Cancel Christmas in Jesus' Birthplace of Bethlehem

A Radical Dispatch

1) Christmas in Bethlehem is Cancelled

For what is reported to be the first time in history Palestinian Christians cancelled Christmas in Jesus’ birthplace of Bethlehem, in solidarity with their fellow Palestinians in Gaza.

The Times of London reports 25th December 2023:

“..few in Bethlehem had any desire to celebrate. ‘We are in mourning,’ Rana Bishara, 52, a Palestinian Christian artist from ­Galilee, said. She had travelled all day to reach Bethlehem and display her ­artwork, a bronze cast Baby Jesus inside an incubator, in memory of the premature babies who died in Gaza after power to their unit was lost.

The lead up to this decision by Bethlehem’s significant Palestinian Christian population can be detected in the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) brutal siege of a church in Gaza. Half Palestinian British MP Layla Moran had been trying to alert Parliament to this unfolding tragedy weeks prior.

Radical Media reports 6th December 2023:

2) Israeli Snipers Besiege a Church

Layla Moran’s subsequent meeting with the Palestinian representative to London Husam Zomlat revealed that some of those besieged inside this Gazan church were indeed related to the British MP.

Just before this meeting, a related tragedy that would attract the attention of many around the world began to unfold. For reasons that are yet to be fathomed, Israeli snipers shot and killed a woman leaving the church to use the toilet, and her daughter who went to help her was also reportedly killed.

Click through to play video:

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Layla Moran MP also released a chilling voice message sent to her by her cousin’s daughter, whose mother was trapped inside the church.

Click through to play audio:

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Look Layla, I will put you in the picture of what's happening. I was able to talk to Mom just right now. One of the numbers in her room was ok and I was able to talk to her. She said we are locked in, we cannot go out. And she has nothing to eat for tonight even, only a can of corn. And she told me no bread, nothing. I didn't ask about the water, I forgot. But she said, we take care if we want to go to the bathroom because all snipers around. And they still at the gate of the church, the tanks. But I am worried about the food. This is the only thing. That's why I said I will send you a message to show them how if people didn't die from their missiles, they will die from hunger.”

British historian William Dalrymple has captured the outrage felt by so many around the world.

3) Looming Famine in Gaza

Against this backdrop, the World Health Organisation reported that Gaza is in danger of succumbing to a famine.

As we here at Radical Media are skeptical of the World Health Organisation (WHO) due to their criminal complicity in the global Covid deceit, we provide corroborating evidence for this famine concern.

Here is footage of hungry Gazan children gathering flour from the dirt and rubble.

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4) A Desperate Christmas Message From Palestinian Christians

The above tragic circumstances are the context in which Palestinian Christians cancelled Christmas in Bethlehem for 2023. This is believed to be the first time in history they have decided to take such action.

Click through to play Sky News report:

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Palestinian Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac has been particularly scathing in his Christmas sermon delivered from Bethlehem and addressed to the world, including to Western Christians. Here is a five minute extract from Reverend Dr Munther Isaac’s Christmas sermon:

Palestinian Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac:

Christ under the rubble.

We are angry. We are broken. This should have been a time of joy. Instead, we are mourning. We are fearful. More than 20,000 killed. Thousands are still under the rubble. Close to 9,000 children killed in the most brutal ways…Gaza, as we know it, no longer exists.

This is an annihilation. This is a genocide.

..We are tormented by the silence of the world. Leaders of the so-called free, lined up one after the other to give the green light for this genocide against a captive population. They gave the cover. Not only did they make sure to pay the bill in advance, they veiled the truth and context, providing the political cover. This world..this war has confirmed to us that the world does not see us as equal. Maybe it's the colour of our skins. Maybe it is because we are on the wrong side of a political equation. Even our kinship in Christ did not shield us.

So they say, if it takes killing 100 Palestinians to get a single Hamas militant, then so be it. We are not humans in their eyes. But in God's eyes, no one can tell us that. The hypocrisy and racism of the Western world is transparent and appalling.

They always take the word of Palestinians with suspicion and qualification. No, we're not treated equally. Yet on the other side, despite a clear track record of misinformation, lies, their words are almost always deemed infallible.

To our European friends, I never ever want to hear you lecture us on human rights or international law again. And I mean this.

We are not white, I guess. It does not apply to us according to your own logic. In this war, the many Christians in the Western world made sure the empire has the theology needed. It is their self defence, we were told.

And I continue to ask, how is the killing of 9,000 children self-defence?

How is the displacement of 1.9 million Palestinians self-defence?

In the shadow of the empire, they turned the coloniser into the victim and the colonised into the aggressor.

..We are outraged by the complicity of the Church. Let it be clear, friends. Silence is complicity and empty calls for peace without a ceasefire and end to occupation and the shallow words of empathy without direct action all under the banner of complicity.

So here is my message: Gaza today has become the moral compass of the world..if we as Christians are not outraged by the genocide, by the weaponisation of the Bible to justify it, there is something wrong with our Christian witness and we are compromising the credibility of our Gospel message.

If you fail to call this a genocide, it is on you. It is a sin and a darkness you willingly embrace.”

5) Netanyahu is Rapidly Losing Hearts and Minds Even As We Fund His Killing

In stark contrast to the desperate and human appeal made above by the Palestinian Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac, Netanyahu’s Christmas message addressed the world in gravely manichean and hubristic language, pitching this as a struggle for Western civilisation itself against barbarians at the gate.

Click through to play video:

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To our Christian friends around the world, Merry Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a time of goodwill to all men and peace on earth. Well, we don't have peace on earth, not on our part anyway, and we certainly don't see goodwill to all men. We're facing monsters. Monsters who murdered children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children, who raped and beheaded women, who burned babies alive, who took babies hostages.

This is a battle not only of Israel against these barbarians, it's a battle of civilisation against barbarism. And I know in this that we have your support.

I want to thank you for your support. I want to thank you for your prayers. And I want to assure you that as we stand together, we will also prevail. We shall win this war and secure our common values and our common future. Thank you.”

In this spirit, and despite the global outrage sparked by Israeli snipers attacking a church, an Israeli minister has revealed that Israel’s true intentions are to carry on fighting regardless. In fact, even if Hamas were to meet the ostensible Israeli demand of releasing all hostages taken on 7th October, Israel has confessed that this would not end their onslaught. So what exactly are they fighting for?

As Radical Media has already revealed, Netanyahu’s war aims to reoccupy all of Gaza and then the West Bank in order to thwart any chance of a Palestinian state emerging. Netanyahu aims to subjugate all Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

Radical Media reports 20th December 2023:

This is not an objective that the rest of the world had signed up to, and yet we - especially the US - continue to fund Netanyahu’s war.

Even as our globalist run governments unconditionally back expanding their globalist empire, Netanyahu is rapidly losing the world’s hearts and minds just as he has already lost the Israeli public itself.

The Times of London reports 23rd December 2023:

In nearly every poll and survey conducted since the war began, an overwhelming majority of the Israeli public has responded that they see Netanyahu as responsible and believe that he should resign, either immediately or as soon as the war ends. A clear majority of Israelis also want early elections.

If they were held today, most polls predict Netanyahu’s Likud party would lose nearly half of the vote it received only a year ago and that Benny Gantz, the former defence minister who joined a small war cabinet that was formed days after the war began, would win comfortably and become Israel’s next prime minister.”

That the overwhelming majority of Israelis hold Netanyahu himself responsible for this war is a matter reflected by Radical Media’s coverage since the start of this conflict. What do Israelis know that the rest of the world does not know, due to a skewed and controlled media perspective? Might it be that - as is reported by Israeli press themselves - Israelis know full well how Netanyahu facilitated Hamas all along in order to prevent the rise of a Palestinian state?

Radical Media reports 15th October 2023:

Much of the world is clearly aware of these turns in Israeli public opinion. To Netanyahu’s disappointment no doubt, any support for a hastily mustered US-led Navy coalition for Israel against the Iran-backed Ansar Allah (Houthis) in Yemen has rapidly fallen away.

Even EU nations have snubbed US President Biden’s attempt at coalescing the world in support of Netanyahu’s megalomaniacal war as France, Spain and Italy withdrew from the US command structure for the desired Navy coalition.

The Express reports 23rd December 2023:

And finally, media narratives are fast collapsing under the sheer burden of having to prop up Israeli transgressions. Even the infamously pro-Israeli commentator Piers Morgan has had to condemn Israel for war crimes while demanding an end to the conflict.

Click through to play video:

Throughout the long and deadly history of Israel's wars with Palestine, it's usually fallen to Israel's friends to tell them when it's time to stop. That time may be fast approaching again, even as Israel insists it needs more time to eradicate Hamas. It can only have itself to blame.

This weekend, the IDF admitted to killing three of its own hostages in Gaza. The men were waving a white flag of surrender. They'd used scraps of food to scrawl SOS, desperately pleading for help. Regardless of whether they were Israeli or Palestinian, there is no justification under international law for killing them to clear breach of the rules of engagement.

What does that tragedy tell us about the way Israeli soldiers are treating Palestinian civilians? How seriously should we now take Israel's insistence it's doing everything it can to keep innocent people alive?

In a separate incident, two innocent women were reportedly shot dead by sniper fire at a Catholic church in Gaza. One of them was leaving the church shelter to go to the toilet. Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, the Archbishop of Westminster, one of Britain's most senior spiritual leaders, was scathing..

Well, the Pope went even further. He said that what Israel's doing in Gaza now constitutes terrorism..The British government is shifting its position to Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron in a joint statement with his German counterpart, saying he backs a sustainable ceasefire and said that too many civilians have been killed.

Ben Wallace, the influential former Defence Secretary, said if Benjamin Netanyahu thinks a killing rage will rectify matters, then he's very wrong. His methods will not solve the problem. In fact, I believe his tactics will fuel the conflict for another 50 years. His actions are radicalising Muslim youth across the globe. I think he's right.

All this after President Biden accused Israel of indiscriminate bombing. The starkest warning yet that America's backing is not unconditional…After two months of war, endless atrocities and the full might of Israel's army unleashed on this tiny strip of land, the very people they're supposed to be eradicating are still firmly in power.

..While most civilised countries and decent people back Israel's fundamental right to exist, and indeed its duty to defend itself, the war is now starting to look more like retribution than strategy.

That suspicion is fuelled by hardliners in Netanyahu's government and by Israeli commentators making appalling remarks like this.

‘I support the war crimes’, he laughs, as the other presenters laugh as well.

Well, the rest of the world does not support war crimes and if Israel does have a plan and proof of it is working, it needs to start showing the evidence of that plan very soon.

Using his own style of highly insensitive adversarial questioning, perhaps we should all now imply that Piers Morgan supports Hamas.

Clearly what seems to have moved corporate media voices such as Morgan’s is not so much the human suffering, as it is recognisable suffering.

Regardless, any shift towards peace is long overdue and should be welcomed.

In retreat as they have been since the failure of their Covid tyranny and beyond, globalists are up against a wall. But a cornered animal is at its most dangerous.

For a while now Radical Media has been warning of a false flag operation designed to provide globalists with the much needed pretext to once again expand the power of the state and inch towards their desired technocratic tyranny.

Click through to watch Maajid Nawaz’s January 2022 interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.

As with Covid mandates, the purpose that such a false-flag would serve is to exploit any designed “emergency” in order to finally deal with the increasingly awake opposition to globalism found in their own citizenry. As global opposition to Globalism heats up, corporatist media has begun to openly “predict” an unprecedented major “Black Swan” event.

Broadcaster Catherine Herridge recently confirmed our long-standing concern here at Radical Media by conveying such a threat to the world on behalf of globalists via CBS’ Face the Nation.

Click through to play video:

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Well, mine's a little dark. I just feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of a black swan event. This is a national security event with high impact that's very hard to predict. There are a number of concerns that I have that factor into that, not only this sort of enduring heightened threat level that we're facing, the wars in Israel, also Ukraine, and we're so divided in this country in ways that we haven't seen before. And I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, China and Iran. And that's what concerns me most.

As we say, a cornered animal is at its most dangerous. Readers should brace themselves for what globalists may resort to doing in 2024 in order to maintain their feeble grip on power.

Perhaps the resilience shown by Palestinian children - against all odds and facing overwhelming power - can serve to inspire.

Click through to play video:

Note: due to Elon Musk’s ongoing social media war with Substack, video via tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click on the image to view all video clips.

Palestinian child: Here is my message to Netanyahu, and our enemies too: God is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs over you. We will teach you manners. Just like you are now making us cold and destroying our homes, we will show you. We will not surrender. We either achieve victory or die. We will not believe this is the end. We will continue with the next generation and generations after. Britain and Italy stand with them. The forces of the world stand with them. We have God almighty standing with us, the King, the Holy One, the Merciful, the All-Strong. We are with God.

Question: When you left your home, do you know anything about it? Do you know if it is still there or If it was destroyed?

Palestinian child: Yes, I know that it was bombed, and I am certain that it was destroyed because I left all my toys there. And I will return, and I will build a tent over the rubble and stones and sand. I will build..I will build..I will build the biggest tent and stand in front of the Jews and like this and raise the Palestinian flag.”

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