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PM Panics as Newly Elected George Galloway Beats Three Main Parties Combined Over Gaza Issue in Rochdale UK

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PM Panics as Newly Elected George Galloway Beats Three Main Parties Combined Over Gaza Issue in Rochdale UK

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PM Panics as Newly Elected George Galloway Beats Three Main Parties Combined Over Gaza Issue in Rochdale UK

- A Radical Dispatch

1) Galloway Receives Democratic Mandate On Gaza

Left wing anti-establishment candidate George Galloway has won his Rochdale by-election in a landslide, topping the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Reform party votes all combined.

The relatively unknown second place independent candidate only stood for election the night before, otherwise Galloway may well have received even more votes.

Galloway’s campaign was predicated on the single issue of ceasefire in Gaza. He openly promised voters that Palestine would be the first issue he would raise in Parliament, and his landslide victory sends a clear message to Starmer’s Labour Party about where their voters stand on Palestine. Galloway’s mandate on this issue is difficult to doubt. And Starmer’s Labour is now firmly defeated on this issue.

2) Unelected PM Sunak Warns That Democracy is Extremist

In a huge panic, that very evening Globalist UK PM Rishi Sunak decided to avail the opportunity of Galloway’s win to give an 11 minute speech from the Downing Street podium, warning of the dangers of “extremists undermining our institutions.” Sunak specifically referenced Galloway and the now weekly pro-Palestine protests.

Click to play:

Just as President Biden tried to do with MAGA voters, Sunak here sought to cast his opposition as ‘extremists’ who must be prevented from speaking their minds and barred from democratic campaigning. Ironically, this was presented as necessary in the name of protecting free speech and democracy.

The Times reports 3rd March 2024:

Ministers are to broaden the government’s definition of extremism as part of a crackdown on people & groups ‘undermining’ Britain’s institutions and values. Rishi Sunak has asked Michael Gove, the levelling up secretary, to update the government’s definition of extremism, which was first set out more than a decade ago. It defines extremism as ‘vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values’ and is seen by the government as no longer being fit for purpose.

A new definition, which is still being finalised, is expected to cover those whose actions more broadly ‘undermine’ the country’s institutions or values.

Nice try, but it won’t work. Active duty US airman Aaron Bushnell who burned himself alive to protest the “Gaza genocide was not an Islamist.

On the evening of his speech, Sunak found unlikely expected support from supposedly left-wing media pundit Paul Mason, who openly advocated deploying the National Security Act 2023 against Galloway.

But this is the same Paul Mason who has already been discredited and exposed as being a security services asset among the left, posing as a journalist while aiding the state’s attempts to smear, suppress and censor speech it does not like in the name of “challenging disinformation.”

Grayzone reports 13th June 2022:

In leaked emails, celebrity journalist Paul Mason plots extensively with Andy Pryce of the UK Foreign Office Counter Disinformation and Media Development unit.”

Paul Mason’s advocacy can therefore be reliably discarded.

Galloway responded to the panicked speech by PM Sunak in a now viral Sky News interview with Sam Coates.

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It is true that PM Sunak has never won an election as UK Prime Minister, nor as Conservative party leader. Sunak took over in a coup against the shortest ever serving UK PM, Lizz Truss, after the latter was ousted in just 44 days because Globalists did not like her economic policies. International bankers thus caused a run on the pound, until she was gone.

Former Goldman Sachs banker Rishi Sunak was International Finance’s selection to replace Truss. This is how Rishi Sunak came to be Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister with no mandate, while warning the nation that we must ‘protect democracy’ from Galloway - who has a mandate, having just won an election and receiving more votes on Gaza than all of the four other notable parties combined.

3) Galloway Supported Covid Tyranny

As great as he is on Gaza, now that George Galloway is an MP we must scrutinise his past, present or future policies. Anything less would a dereliction of duty for Radical Media. And it is here that our jubilation over Galloway’s clear victory for Gaza is tempered.

By previously calling for “Chinese style military lockdowns” during the Covid mandate era, Galloway seriously erred.

At the peak of global Covid hysteria, Galloway took to Twitter to block dozens of Covid sceptics who had previously supported and defended him, while calling them “flat-earthers”.

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George Galloway: “I would have started and called for this right at the beginning of this year, so nine months or more ago, for a full Chinese-style lockdown and popular mobilisation and this militarised public health response that I spoke of earlier. That's what I fought for. That's what we agitated for. But we didn't get it. And so I think the points you've just made in mitigation of what Boris Johnson is now doing are all absolutely valid. It's highly debatable.

Unfortunately, such ill-conceived remarks were not a one off. Here he is bemoaning ‘Covid deaths’ as if they were actually caused by Covid.

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George Galloway: “Once feared 1,000 deaths a day from the coronavirus, we now have 1,500 a day. If we're not lucky, by the end of this month the death toll may be 2,000 people every single day. We've already lost from the coronavirus in one year more than the total civilian deaths of British people in the entire Second World War which lasted, of course, six years.

The Blitz, the V1, the V2, they all cost us fewer people than the coronavirus has cost us. We're now well over 100,000 dead people. Do you remember people used to ring up here and ask, well, do you know anybody that's died from the coronavirus?

People on Twitter, every half-wit and tinfoil hat, lunatic in the country was asking, is this coronavirus a hoax? Does it really exist? Do you remember that?

Well, they're not saying it quite so often now as everybody knows somebody who's died or nearly died or ended up in the emergency room in hospital with the coronavirus.

And here he is accusing those who campaigned to lift the UK’s second national lockdown as having “blood on their hands”.

Click to play:

The R rate is still amongst the worst in the world. The deaths are continuing at roughly 600 per day on average. We're top of the world death league. But if you can't work from home, you should go to work. Where? Unless you stay alert. Stay alert now. Why don't you? Pay attention. Unless you stay alert, unless you control this virus,

You'll be right in the thick of a second wave, just like the people were between 1918 and 1922 when the Spanish flu rampaged throughout the world, killing perhaps 50 million people across the planet.

And guess what? Guess what? The second wave of Spanish flu was much, much, much worse than the first. So it's a death sentence that Boris Johnson has just pronounced on thousands of workers. And all those who agitated for this, whether they think themselves on the left or believe themselves to be on the right,

Whether they are libertarians or whether they are utter reactionaries, all of you who have agitated for this will have the blood of thousands of people on your hands.”

Of course, and as many of us were screaming at the time, and over which we were cancelled, the truth was the exact opposite.

Click to play:

Inconveniently for Galloway, even non-government academics were making this point at the time.

The Daily Mail reports 8th November 2020:

Since Galloway’s advocacy for the British state’s medical fascism in the name of ‘saving lives’, it has become widely known that deaths that were recorded as ‘died with Covid’ were in fact anything but.

In fact, the excess death - which we are still experiencing despite Covid waning - was caused by our own panicked reactions, such as Galloways displayed here. In the medical world, this is known as iatrogenic - caused by the medical intervention itself.

Covid is a disease with an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of 0.096%, which is similar to the flu. In other words, Covid was rebranded flu and it certainly didn’t kill the number of people that Galloway was in a panic about.

As Radical Media has established, while Covid has all but vanished, the now persistent excess death rate of around 10-20% in multiple countries around the world can only reasonably be ascribed to the i) Covid ‘vaccines’ and ii) death row drug Midazolam injections, used by medical professionals to hasten death in our unsuspecting elderly.

Radical Media reports 14th February 2024:

This chart by that paper’s author, Dr Wilson Sy, shows a high degree of statistically significant correlation between Midazolam injections and UK excess death, while accounting for no correlation between UK Covid cases and excess death.

Our free podcast interview with the author of this research Dr Wilson Sy can be found here:

Radical Media reports 22nd February 2024:

Suffice to say there was another man-made genocide, of far greater severity than the one in Gaza, right here in our country, conducted by our state in the mere name of Covid. Having inadvertently cheer led for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in care homes of our elderly, which as peer-reviewed research now shows were caused by covid shots and Midazolam injections, Galloway would be best advised to acknowledge his serious error and commit to never again aspiring to erase our liberty.

Others have also picked up on Galloway’s recent support for state-led medical fascism.

Off Guardian reports 4th March 2024:

while Galloway may well be popular in his new constituency, that doesn’t change the fact the system could have denied him his seat if it wanted to. 

Please note also that almost half of the votes cast in Rochdale – 43.7% – were postal votes. Postal votes have been known to be potentially corrupt for years and were prominently demonstrated to be so by both the 2019 General Election in the UK and the 2020 US Presidential Election.

We also have the fact that the Labour Party’s candidate was barred from running after his party suspended him following a “leaked” audio where he called the October 7th attack a false flag. The Green Party candidate was also suspended, this time for “anti-Palestinian remarks”.

Thereby removing both the other leftwing candidates from the running (including the likely favourite) and “discrediting” both parties on the Israel/Palestine issue.

If the establishment wanted an outspoken  left-wing candidate with a solid pro-Palestine position – well, fate helped them achieve it. Enter George Galloway.

Galloway wins, and the doors are opened wide for a new “moral panic”.  Suddenly Rishi Sunak is making an “emergency address” to the nation warning about “Islamic extremists” and “the far-right”  (because, you know, everyone we don’t like is ‘far-right’ now, even when they’re quite ‘far left’).

Lame excuses for advocating tyranny during the Covid era are unacceptable. There is never an excuse to erase our liberty. No matter what the new current concocted emergency is.

Everything now known about Covid mandates was known then. Some of us are living witnesses to this because we were cancelled, precisely for saying it.

The Guardian reports 31st January 2021:

At the bare minimum, acknowledgement of his error is a must. And we use the word ‘error’ here is an understatement. For by your own words recounted above Mr Galloway, surely you have “the blood of thousands of people on your hands.

4) Galloway’s Rochdale Win Raises Potential For Postal Ballot Fraud

Nigel Farage’s reaction to Galloway’s win has been notable. The fact that since the 2019 General Election postal ballots in Rochdale increased by a whopping 27% for this election, is significant.

The Express reports 1st march 2024:

Nigel Farage has said there needs to be a review into the way postal votes were collected in the Rochdale by-election after it emerged that almost half of all votes cast came through that method.

Rochdale Borough Council have confirmed that 13,460 postal votes were cast in the Rochdale by-election, 43.2 percent of the votes cast and more than 12,335 received by winner George Galloway.

The number of postal votes was up by 27 percent from the General Election in 2019 when 10,573 were cast.”

As Off Guardian reports May 29th 2020:

In 2002, a Labour councillor was convicted of voter fraud after acquiring 200 blank postal ballots, filling them in and adding them to the uncounted votes. In 2005, when on-demand postal voting was first spreading around Britain, many councils expressed concerns that the system was vulnerable to fraud. These fears were repeated in 2010, when there was a surge in those using the system”.

The Guardian reports 28th March 2005:

In 2014 the electoral commission warned that ‘ghost voters’ could be created using mail-in ballots.

The BBC reports 11th March 2014:

In the run-up to local government elections in England in May, there are fresh calls for on-demand postal voting to be scrapped.

The government argues that voting by post encourages people to take part in elections, but critics say the system is vulnerable to fraud and is leading to organised ballot rigging that has skewed election results in some towns and cities.

Also in 2014 Richard Mawrey QC, a UK deputy High Court judge in charge of hearing electoral fraud cases, warned that on-demand postal ballots were open to “systematic and widespread” voter fraud.

The BBC reports 11th March 2014:

Postal voting is open to fraud on an "industrial scale" and is "unviable" in its current form, a top judge has said. Richard Mawrey QC, who tries cases of electoral fraud, told the BBC that people should not be able to apply for postal votes as a matter of course.”

Mawrey repeated those concerns again in 2015, after former Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman was convicted of election fraud using postal votes.

The Telegraph reports 24th April 2015:

Postal voting fraud has become “easy” because of “extremely lax rules”, the electoral commissioner has said amid concerns that the practice is widespread..

Steve Baker MP has also raised the alarm, writing for Politics Home, 20th December 2019:

My constituents would be shocked if they knew the extent of corrupt election practices and voter fraud, if we fail to understand the magnitude of this, then we are a politically bankrupt nation, writes Steve Baker MP.

Indeed, as the MAGA base (and some among the rest of us who were cancelled over this very issue) know well, the US seems to have experienced a similar issue.

So why does all this matter? After already shown to have been used by the state to facilitate their Covid tyranny, Mr Galloway ought to wisen up to where he went wrong, lest he is inadvertently used again. This time, it would be to allow the state to usher in more draconian measures using ‘extremism’ as an excuse, perhaps leveraged off his own statements and actions in within or outside of Parliament. Or indeed by his own insistence that his election result in Rochdale raises no issues around the number of postal ballots cast. Galloway would be wise to accept that once corruption seeps into a system - albeit maybe to his aid in this case, it will just as easily and quite certainly be used against him when needed.

With all this said, Radical Media congratulates Boy George Galloway for his recent Rochdale win, and his return to Parliament.

And we welcome him back again as a guest on our WARRIOR CREED podcast to discuss any of the above matters raised.

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