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The Shadow Knows

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The Shadow Knows
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The Shadow is a fictional character published in the United States of America by magazine publishers Street & Smith and writer Walter B. Gibson. Originally created to be a mysterious radio show narrator, and developed into a distinct literary character in 1931 by writer Walter B. Gibson, The Shadow has been adapted into other forms of media, including American comic books, comic strips, serials, video games, and at least five feature films. The radio drama included episodes voiced by Orson Welles.
Originally, at the end of each episode The Shadow reminded listeners: "As you sow evil, so shall you reap evil! Crime does not pay...The Shadow knows!"


The Shadow Knows

A Radical Dispatch

We here at Radical Media wish to thank all of our members, while reminding our adversaries “As you sow evil, so shall you reap evil! Crime does not pay...The Shadow knows!"

People are beginning to realise the nature of the deception.

For it is just as we have been saying.

And The Shadow knows:

But faint not, nor grieve. Let them know by your deeds and words that they have no power here.

And let them know that we have already won.

7th February 2023:

9th June 2023:

3rd July 2023:

Patience will grant the sweetest of victories to the righteous.

Meanwhile, we are happy to send you a little resistance song to enjoy, by The Wake Up.

Here is the song on Spotify and there it is below, on youtube:

And we write today mainly to thank you all for being.

Never let them forget what they tried to do to us.

Never retreat. Never surrender.

You have shown that you will stand with truth, justice and honour even where the cost of doing so is to lose everything you hold dear. You will be remembered as those who refused to surrender. You will be heralded as those who never retreated against the most powerful psychological war in all history launched against the very human soul. You will be noted in time as those who stood strong even as the world buckled under the weight of its own shame and guilt. Your names will resonate among those who helped to guide humanity though its darkest moments and at a time when deceivers were hailed as heroes and truth tellers were ridiculed as delusional zealots. You will have earned the right to tell your grandchildren about your adventure. You should be proud of the storms you have weathered and the resistance you have shown.

Hold in there. For time is vindicating.

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