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Tucker Carlson Booted From Fox News As UK Vaccine Injury Champion Andrew Bridgen MP Expelled From Conservative Party

Plus the WARRIOR CREED Podcast Featuring Andrew Bridgen MP and Medical Researcher Stuart Wilkie

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Tucker Carlson Booted From Fox News As UK Vaccine Injury Champion Andrew Bridgen MP Expelled From Conservative Party

A Radical Reaction - Plus the WARRIOR CREED Podcast Featuring Andrew Bridgen MP and Medical Researcher Stuart Wilkie

At the top of this Newszine, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast with Andrew Bridgen MP for full members of Radical Media.

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1) The Comprehensive Silencing of an Elected Representative Doing His Job

On Tuesday 28th February 2023 Maajid Nawaz spoke to Andrew Bridgen MP (Independent) and medical researcher Stuart Wilkie for a special episode about incredibly serious allegations made by victims’ families that the British state under Health Secretary Matt Hancock authorised a policy of involuntary mass-euthanasia of the elderly in care homes and hospitals using death row drug Midazolam and morphine, under the cover of 'with Covid' deaths.

Note: As has become usual when addressing such serious topics, we experienced some signal interference when pursuing this conversation with Andrew Bridgen MP. We urge you to push through it regardless.

Since that conversation Andrew Bridgen MP has been permanently expelled from the Conservative party.

Mr Bridgen’s expulsion comes after his previous suspension related to his unrelenting stance championing victims of the UK state’s Covid policies both in terms of vaccine deaths and Midazolam deaths.

In addition to the WARRIOR CREED podcast presented by Resistance Radio above, Midazolam victims’ family testimonies are attached separately here as a free audio file for everyone along with in-depth background to the UK Midazolam deaths scandal for those unfamiliar with the issue. It makes for horrific reading.

2) Tucker Carlson Booted From Fox News

This comes after Mr Carlson revealing previously censored security camera footage on air showing that the so-called “Jan 6 insurrection” was a false-flag set-up.

Note: due to Elon Musk’s ongoing war with Substack, tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click through to view video all clips.

And after his relentlessly pursuing the censored Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

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And the weekend after giving a speech at the Heritage Foundation that leaked text messages show angered Rupert Murdoch personally.

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Here is Mr Carlson’s video statement on his departure from Fox News.

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Observers will not have failed to notice the timing of such moves.

Radical Media has been in touch with Mr Carlson, who confirms that he is feeling “weirdly great”.

3) Robert Kennedy Jr Running Against Biden for Democratic Presidential Nomination

Robert Kennedy Jr has declared his nomination for the Democratic ticket against the ailing, octogenarian President Biden.

Yet due to his Covid critical stance, of course this has been met with more of the same censorship by corporatist media as we saw above.

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4) The “Arcturus Covid Strain” is Hayfever

Here we go again.

Don’t believe a word of it.

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5) Maajid Nawaz Appears on Valuetainment’s PBD Podcast with Patrick Bet-David

On Thursday April 27th Maajid Nawaz appeared on Valuetainment’s PBD podcast in Miami, Florida. It has been received well.

Watch the full episode here:

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