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WARRIOR CREED with Radical Media Covid-Science Columnist Rav Arora


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Maajid Nawaz
A lifestyle livestream featuring co-hosts Usman Raja and Maajid Nawaz


WARRIOR CREED with Radical Media Covid-Science Columnist Rav Arora

At the top of this newszine Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast. On Tuesday 7th February 2023 WARRIOR CREED co-hosts Maajid Nawaz and Usman Raja live-streamed with Radical Media’s Covid-science columnist Rav Arora.

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Much of what Radical Media has been forecasting and reporting around the ‘Covid mandates’ era over the course of the last year has started to enter the discourse of the corporate media environment. Even broadcasters who provided platforms to those who advocated discriminating against those who refused the Covid jab now appear desperate to get ahead of the coming storm.

Independent member of the British Parliament, Andrew Bridgen MP takes the view that a storm is indeed coming, faster than many may even realise.

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