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BREAKING: Greek Rhodes Fire "Caused By Human Hands" Not Climate Change - Just Like 87% Wildfires in US & Elsewhere Have Human Cause

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BREAKING: Greek Rhodes Fire "Caused By Human Hands" Not Climate Change - Just Like 87% Wildfires in US & Elsewhere Have Human Cause

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BREAKING: Greek Rhodes Fire "Caused By Human Hands" Not Climate Change - 87% Wildfires in US & Elsewhere Have Human Cause

- A Radical Dispatch

1) Is it Climate Change?

People are rightly disturbed by the fire images coming from Rhodes in Greece. The fire has caused over 30000 people to be evacuated, which is the largest evacuation ever seen in Greece according to authorities.

Never to miss an opportunity to alarm, Corporatist media headlines - regularly ignoring allegations of state sanctioned democide under of “Covid deaths” - have unsurprisingly leapt on this story.

This is to be expected. This story bears all the hallmarks of fitting the globalist ‘climate change’ narrative that is required in order to subject humankind to total social credit control under the emerging, attempted technocracy. Carbon credits and WEF inspired ‘15-minute cities’ all form part of this plan to domesticate and farm humans under the guise of ‘saving the planet’.

Major outlets and the usual suspects online saw these fires as yet another way to shoehorn in their agenda.

Reuters reports 24th July 2023:

RTE reports 23rd July 2023:

The Irish Times reports 23rd July 2023:

All this is backed up by the official UK Meteorological Office that relies on those incredibly successful computer modelling - you know, the sort that Professor Ferguson of Imperial College used to model Covid.

The UK Meteorological Office reports 23rd February 2022:

They combined the most up-to-date satellite observations of wildfires, vegetation cover and meteorological conditions with multiple climate models, enabling the scientists to make projections for future fires with much more confidence than previously.”

2) Wildfires in Greece

Unfortunately for globalist technocrats and their shoddy modelling, authorities in Greece have confirmed that these fires in Rhodes were caused by “human hands”, just like all the previous ones we saw in the press over the last few years.

The Daily Star reports 23rd July 2023:

In Greek press:

The fire in Rhodes was started by human hands, according to the representative of the Fire Department, Giannis Artopioos.’ ‘there are 3 fire fronts in Rhodes now, and that it seems that all of this has been caused by humans.”

And this isn’t the first time in Greece that humans have been the cause.

Remember those fires last summer? Well…

Eight men and one woman were arrested by fire investigators for starting arson with intent or through negligence, and therefore contributing to the wildfires that have gripped Greece.”

This very same pattern of human caused fires may be observed with literally all the major wildfires that your corporatist press has paid so much attention to in recent years. Read on.

3) Wildfires in Canada:

Who remembers those scary fires in Canada recently? They also came in the context of a long line of arson attacks.

Edmonton Journal reports 4th May 2023:

On April 30, 2022, Cold Lake RCMP responded to the Cherry Grove hamlet after reports of multiple vehicle and structure fires, including two residential homes in the area of Maple Street and Pine Drive, which were later determined to be arson, said a Thursday news release.

Then in August 2022, the FCU and government partners determined that several wildfires were intentionally set in the Hilda Lake, Cold Lake Provincial Park, Ardmore, and Cherry Grove areas.

Later that year, in September, Cold Lake RCMP responded to a fire at the Cherry Grove Rodeo Grounds where a wooden platform appeared to be deliberately set on fire.

Then, on April 28 of this year RCMP responded to reports that the Canada Post office in Cherry Grove as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were on fire. The post office was heavily damaged and the church was completely destroyed.

On April 30, police arrested and charged John Cook with 10 counts of arson. He was remanded into custody and is set to appear in court on May 10 in Cold Lake.

Alberta’s Premiere Danielle Smith has said that the UCP government will be bringing in external arson investigators because she is concerned that around 175 wildfires in the province were arson related.

Alberta Report 14th July 2023:

In June, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said the UCP government will be bringing in arson investigators from outside the province to trace the cause of the wildfires.

In an interview with Real Talk Ryan Jespersen, Smith said she is concerned about arson when it comes to about 175 wildfires in Alberta with no known cause.”

4) Wildfires in Australia:

Do not be fooled. Those fires in Australia are no different. Authorities have cautioned or charged almost 200 people in New South Wales alone.

USA Today reports:

A teenage volunteer firefighter is among two dozen people accused of lighting some of the historic fires that have raged across Australia since September.

This fire season, police have taken legal action – ranging from cautions to charges –against almost 200 people in New South Wales alone. That includes 24 people charged with deliberately lighting bushfires, 53 accused of failing to comply with the fire ban and 47 accused of discarding a lit cigarette or match.”

5) Wildfires in California:

And just like these previous examples, those scary fires that you witnessed in California a couple of years back that your social media and virtue signalling luvvies were blaming on ‘climate change’ were caused by.. you guessed it, arson.

AP reports 24th September 2021:

Published 8:45 PM BST, September 24, 2021

REDDING, Calif. (AP) — Thousands of people were under evacuation orders Friday and many others were on notice to be ready to flee as a destructive wildfire raged in a drought-stricken forest in California’s far north.

A woman suspected of starting the Fawn Fire was under arrest, authorities said.

6) 84-87% of all Wildfires in the US Caused by Humans

Ignore these corporatist rags and online alarmists. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of wildfires - a whopping 87% - are caused by human hands.

The US National Interagency Fire Center reports data, updated in 2020:

source NWCG Data Standards for Wildfire Cause and NWCG Guide to Wildland Fire and Origin Cause Determination, PMS 412, April 2016

Science Magazine reports 8th December 2020:

Fire has always been a part of California's natural history. But several centuries of human settlement have created new conditions that promote its spread. Studies have shown human ignition is to blame for 84% of all wildfires in the United States, and 97% of all those that threaten homes.”

This fact has been noticed by users online too.

Source: 2000-2017 data based on Wildland Fire Management Information (WFMI) and U.S. Forest Service Research Data Archive

As usual, and armed with nothing but alarmism and deception around real world events, corporatist media and their globalist mouthpieces will seize any story they can in order to advance their predetermined direction of travel, while ignoring stories that hinder their plans.

By now, there should be no doubt in your minds that we are all being nudged and manipulated by institutions and actors who do not seek truth. Rather, they seek confirmation in news events for their ideological biases in order to exert more and more incremental control over our lives.

‘Climate Change’ is the next ‘Covid Crisis’ is the next ‘War on Terror’ is the next ‘War on Drugs’. These agendas are all weaponised by the same parties, to the same ends. Each manufactured crisis is used to manipulate minds, with the net result always being the demand to cede more state and corporatist control. And the merger of state and corporate power is otherwise known as fascism. Be in no doubt, this is an anti-human agenda.

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