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BREAKING: Spain, Ireland and Norway Recognise Palestinian State as International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu

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BREAKING: Spain, Ireland and Norway Recognise Palestinian State as International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 21st May 2024, with a transcript provided - International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu as Iranian President & Foreign Minister Are Killed.

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BREAKING: Spain, Ireland and Norway Recognise Palestinian State as International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu

- A Radical Dispatch

1) European powers recognise a Palestinian State

Events are moving fast. Iran’s President and Foreign Minister were killed in a downed helicopter while the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague sought arrest warrants for Israeli PM Netanyahu and defence minister Gallant.

Today Ireland, Norway and Spain have taken the historic decision to unilaterally recognise Palestine as a state.

Sky News reports 22nd May 2024:

Click to play clip:

27th October 2023:

This historic decision has major ramifications for Israel’s position in the world. Perhaps such historic diplomatic ripostes provide the best response to events that struck Iran.

The Times of London reports 20th May 2024:

Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian president, has been killed along with his foreign minister after a helicopter crash on Sunday. State media confirmed that there were no survivors in the accident, which took place as the president was returning from a visit to neighbouring Azerbaijan..

..In Russia, the President of Iran E Raisi and the minister of foreign affairs of Iran H Amir-Abdollahian were known as true, reliable friends of our country..

..Yair Lapid, Israel’s head of the opposition, has told Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, in Tel Aviv that Iran is set to enter ‘a period of instability’..

..Ebrahim Raisi was seen as a protégé of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and a possible successor to the cleric who wields ultimate power in the Islamic Republic..

..Raisi, who was sanctioned by the US for his role in executing political prisoners in 1988, was widely reviled by the regime’s critics. He helped oversee a crackdown on mass protests in 2022 that erupted after a young woman died in police custody, after she was arrested for not wearing a proper hijab..

..The death of the Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi means elections, which were due to take place next year, will now be called within 50 days.

Considering Israel previously struck the Iranian consulate in Syria, it is not far fetched to ponder aloud whether the Iranian helicopter was brought down in an assassination.

Prominent Russian state-aligned philosopher and geo-political commentator Alexander Dugin has made just such a connection:

Considering that Iran had just announced plans to pursue a single Brics currency, it does appear that we are in the very jaws of a ‘Thucydides Trap’ moment in world history.

Iran is actively participating in the activities organized under of Russia's chairmanship in BRICS, and the countries are working to create a single currency for the association, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali said at a press conference during ‘Russia — Islamic World: KazanForum’..

..The diplomat pointed out that the United States uses the dollar to create restrictions, and therefore the use of national currencies in mutual settlements is on the agenda...More than 60% of bilateral trade is in rubles and rials," he said and added that relations between Russia and Iran are now at the ‘Golden stage’.

2) ICC seeks to arrest Netanyahu

The combination of seeking ICC arrest warrants against Netanyahu and political recognition for Palestine in Europe has the potential of leaving Israel incredibly isolated on the world stage.

Historically whenever a great power on the world stage - here American Israeli hegemony - is in decline and sits on the cusp of being eclipsed by a new emerging power, the Thucydides Trap framing holds that war is the expected outcome. This helps to explain why Western powers regularly appear to be provoking World War III.

Click to play clip:

Former US State Department’s Victoria Nuland: “we have to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia. So I think there's also a question of whether we, the United States, and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we've not been willing to do. I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia, that those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from, or where they are, where troops are being supplied from. I think it's time for that because Russia has obviously escalated this war, including, as you said at the beginning, attacking Russia's second city, Kharkiv, which is not on the front lines and trying to decimate it without ever having to put a boot on the ground. So, I think it is time to give the Ukrainians more help hitting these bases inside Russia.

Correspondent: “One of the reasons that the administration has hesitated is because they believe it will escalate things even further with Russia, pull the U.S. further in, why not, so why do you think that's a good idea?”

Nuland: “Because it’s Russia that has escalated this war. Russia has learned how to pull its forces back out of the range where we have allowed Ukraine to use our weapons and get our support. So they are getting a direct advantage in this war from our hesitation, and they have escalated massively. As you know, they have flattened a third of Kharkiv without ever having to get on the ground there. So it is time to stop that and help Ukraine push them back.

Former State Department warhawk Victoria Nuland’s unambiguous call for a direct US hot war to be initiated against Russia, is unhinged. A framework for understanding the motives behind such mentally unstable provocation for total world war has been provided by Radical Media.

The Radical Dispatch reports May 2024:

Think of this like a game of chess. The better player is able to wear down their opponent until there is no point in them fighting any longer. A bad player will act recklessly and trigger WWIII, because in chess terms triggering WWIII can only ever bring about a stalemate, not a checkmate. The only reason one would want to play for stalemate is if the alternative means to lose completely. This helps to explain why Iran was showing restraint while Netanyahu was provoking war while not making it inevitable, by bombing the Iranian consulate in Syria.”

With this framework in mind, all the international community needs to do in order to counter increasingly aggressive and cumulatively escalating Israeli provocations towards a total world war, is to hold the line. Political, legal and diplomatic means should suffice to eventually isolate and force Israel to terms. It is in this light that the decision to seek ICC arrest warrants should be read.

Click to play:

ICC Prosecutor Kareem Khan: “Today I am filing applications for warrants of arrest before pre-trial chamber one of the International Criminal Court in the situation in the state of Palestine. I can also confirm today that I have reasonable grounds to believe, on the basis of evidence collected and examined by my office, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant bear criminal responsibility for the following international crimes committed on the territory of the state of Palestine from at least the 8th of October 2023. The crimes include: starvation of civilians as a method of warfare, wilfully causing great suffering, serious injury to body or health or cruel treatment, wilful killing or murder, and intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population, as well as crimes against humanity of extermination and or murder, persecution and allegations of crimes of committing other inhumane acts.

On the basis of evidence collected and examined and analysed by my office, I have reasonable grounds to believe that three senior leaders of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammad Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh, bear criminal responsibility. These three Hamas leaders are criminally responsible for the killing of Israeli civilians in attacks perpetrated by Hamas and other armed groups on the 7th of October, 2023”.

Of course, for Netanyahu the fact that the ICC seeks to enforce our international rules based order is anti-Semitic, and ICC chief prosecutor Kareem Khan ‘takes his place among the great anti-Semites in modern times.’

Netanyahu: “The outrageous decision by the ICC prosecutor Kareem Khan to seek arrest warrants against the democratically elected leaders of Israel is a moral outrage of historic proportions. It will cast an everlasting mark of shame on the international court. Israel is waging a just war against Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organisation that perpetrated the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Hamas massacred 1 200 Jews, raped Jewish women, burned Jewish babies, took hundreds hostage.

Now, in the face of these horrors, Mr. Khan creates a twisted and false moral equivalence between the leaders of Israel and the henchmen of Hamas. This is like creating a moral equivalence after September 11th between President Bush and Osama bin Laden, or during World War II between FDR and Hitler.

What a travesty of justice. What a disgrace. The prosecutor’s absurd charges against me and Israel's defence minister are merely an attempt to deny Israel the basic right of self-defence. And I assure you of one thing: this attempt will utterly fail.

Eighty years ago the Jewish people were totally defenceless against our enemies. Those days are over. Now the Jewish people have a state and we have an army to defend our state. Not withstanding the blood libels Mr. Khan has levelled. Israel will continue to wage this war in full compliance with international law. We will continue to take unprecedented measures to get innocent civilians out of harms way and to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches those in need in Gaza. Mr Khan also sets a dangerous precedent that undermines every democracy’s right to defend iteslf against terror organisations and oppressors. The ICC has no jurisdiction over Israel and Khan's actions will not stop us from waging our just war against Hamas. But Mr. Khan's abuse of this authority will turn the ICC into nothing more than a farce.

He's doing something else. He is callously pouring gasoline on the fires of anti-Semitism that are raging across the world. Through this incendiary decision, Mr. Khan takes his place among the great anti-Semites in modern times. He now stands alongside those infamous German judges who donned their robes and upheld laws that denied the Jewish people their most basic rights and enable the Nazis to perpetrate the worst crime in history. Two weeks ago, on Holocaust Memorial Day, I pledged this: no amount of pressure and no decision in any international forum will prevent Israel from defending itself against those who seek our destruction. To all the enemies of Israel, including their collaborators in the Hague, I renew that pledge today. Israel will wage our war against Hamas until that war is won, because never again is now.

For all his faux outrage demanding that the world support his maniacal ethnic cleansing of Gaza in a zero-sum game against Hamas, readers will recall that it was in fact Netanyahu himself who for many years propped up Hamas, and that after Israel itself helped to co-found the group.

Click to play:

Correspondent: “Do you believe Netanyahu deliberately propped up Hamas in Gaza all these years, funnelling cash from Qatar to Hamas as a way of undermining and dividing the Palestinians and cynically preventing a two-state solution from emerging?

Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert: “Yes. You are repeating what I've been saying for a long time, long before the October 7th. From day one, Netanyahu downgraded the Palestinian Authority and almost inevitably upgraded the Hamas. The fact is that Netanyahu, as I say time and again, many, many, many years before October 7th, he released more than a thousand Hamas murderers. On top of them Yahyah Sinwar who turned out to become, afterwards, the leader of Hamas and the commander of the terrorist operation which was committed on the 7th of October.

So there is no doubt about the priorities that Netanyahu had for all these years. I say that Netanyahu never dreamed that one day, Yahyah Sinwar, instead of cooperating with him as he probably planned or hoped will do what he did on the 7th of October, that's too much. But I certainly hold him responsible for the fact that the Palestinian Authority was downgraded, that there were intentionally on purpose, no serious negotiations, not a genuine effort by the Israeli government to embark on meaningful negotiations for a two-state solution. It's absolutely what I have been saying all these years.

The fact that Israel helped to found Hamas and that Netanyahu propped them up to undermine the Palestinian Authority, is no longer in much doubt. Readers will recall that Radical Media provided the receipts for this all, back in October 2023.

The Radical Dispatch reports 15th October 2023:

We remain among the few globally who have the professional standing to be able to state this fact with consistent moral clarity.

3) Will Britain and other Western countries enforce ICC arrest warrants?

Warnings of the situation war criminal Netanyahu and his apologists have found themselves in had been issued repeatedly, such as the below by criminal human rights lawyer and partner at London firm Bindman’s, Tayab Ali.

Further, Sky News reports 20th May 2024:

Sky News Correspondent: “Wind back to the morning of October 7th when the world was waking up and we were starting to see some of those images from Southern Israel, about what had been, what Hamas had done. But you will remember Jane, warnings from the Americans, you will remember warnings from the British government as well, to the Israelis, you know, be very very careful about how you proceed. And I think it will resonate, or perhaps should have resonated more in the case of those warnings coming from the Americans, not just because they are very close allies of the Israelis, but also they have direct experience of this in terms of September 11th.

Despite such clear warnings, Netanyahu proceeded to ethnically cleanse Gaza, thus turning Israel into a pariah state, such that the message about Israeli war crimes appears finally to be getting through to some of Parliament’s more serious MPs.

Armed Forces Minister Leo Doherty: “Well Mr Speaker, the UK and Israel have a long-standing defence relationship, as we discussed earlier this morning. Israel is a partner in the region, and an agreement for UK-Israel defence cooperation was signed in December 2020.

Andrew Bridgen MP: “I thank the Minister for that answer. But Mr Speaker, the problem of unconditional UK military support for Israel is that, while quite rightly there's a majority of this House and a majority of the British public who support our intervention to help protect Israel from missile attacks from third countries, when it comes to Israel's intervention and aggression in Gaza, it's a different story. How will Her Majesty’s government’s policy aim to sort out this conundrum?

Doherty: “Well, Mr Speaker, nothing is unconditional. But as I've already made the point this morning, is that we are supporting our ally overcome a devastating terrorist attack. And we do that because that's the honourable thing to do. Simultaneously, we make the point to our ally, that the protection of civilian lives must be at the top of the operational agenda. And furthermore Mr Speaker, we use our military capability to ensure that as much humanitarian aid can flow into Gaza as quickly as possible.”

Considering British disquiet around Israeli war crimes is beginning to show, the question of whether the UK would arrest Netanyahu - if the ICC does issue arrest warrants - should be explored. Britain is a signatory to the ICC, and the ICC relies on member states to implement its warrants.

BBC reports 20th May 2024:

Neither Israel nor Qatar are members of the ICC, but the Palestinian territories were admitted as a member state in 2015. In the event of warrants being issued, the ICC would rely on member countries to carry out an arrest.

No Western-style democracy has had an ICC arrest warrant issued for its leader before. Should Mr Netanyahu become the first, it will deeply alarm Israel and its allies, as well as testing the powers of limitations of the ICC.”

Former British foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan (Con) has explicitly stated that the UK would indeed have an obligation to arrest the Israeli Prime Minister, if such warrants were issued by the ICC.

LBC reports 21st May 2024:

The former Tory foreign office minister insisted that Britain cannot dodge such a ruling if judges approve it. Britain is a signatory of the International Criminal Court, which has sought arrest warrants for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders. It would mean authorities would be under a duty to arrest him if he set foot on British soil. But Communities Secretary Michael Gove and Rishi Sunak have dismissed the calls.

Norway’s current foreign minister has made a similar pronouncement.

Mint Press News reports 21st May 2024:

4) Globalist leaders Biden and Sunak reject ICC request for warrants

Despite the above legal obligation to act, globalist leaders Biden and Sunak have dismissed the potential of any such a development.

But their hypocrisy is plain for all to see. Compare how they reacted when the ICC issued an arrest warrant against Putin to their refusal to accept a similar decision against Netanyahu.

The Independent reports 8th February 2023:

And yet…

The London Evening Standard reports 21st May 2024:

And Biden is no better.

The BBC reports 18th March 2023:

And yet…

The Guardian reports 21st May 2024

British historian William Dalrymple sums up the absurdity nicely.

And - perhaps without knowing it - the UK’s Brexit impresario Nigel Farage has hit the nail on the head as to the reason why.

As with Iran due to the killing of its president, the UK and US will witness key elections in 2024 that are likely to turn the globalist world order on its head.

And for all their faults, one of the UK’s next contenders for government (one of the possible hung parliament outcomes) the Labour party has stated that they will indeed enforce any ICC arrest warrants.

As we have repeatedly stated here at Radical Media, whichever way you cut it, war criminal Netanyahu’s days are numbered.

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