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EU Swings to Populist Right: A Sign For What is Coming

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EU Swings to Populist Right: A Sign For What is Coming

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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 11th June 2024, with a transcript provided - EU Swings to Populist Right: A Sign For What is Coming.

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EU Swings to Populist Right: A Sign For What is Coming

- A Radical Dispatch

1) France swings to the populist right

France’s Populist Right National Rally coalition led by Marine Le Pen has stunned the nation by winning the country’s European Union elections, by a landslide. According to exit polls, Le Pen’s party secured 32% of the vote. This is more than double the share of President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance.

The blue represents Le Pen’s victory. The little orange and pink district, where Marine Le Pen did not win, represents Paris.

As if this result wasn’t surprising enough, French President Emmanuel Macron then decided that the best way to deal with this new challenge to his power was to dissolve Parliament and call new legislative elections.

Macron’s surprise move mirrors PM Rishi Sunak’s in the UK, and both elections will be held around the same week. This new French legislative election provides populist outsider Marine Le Pen and her coalition with a serious chance of forming the majority in the French Parliament, thus crowning Le Pen herself as Prime Minister.

Likewise, Sunak’s earlier surprise announcement in the UK, and subsequent ongoing self-sabotage of his track record on the campaign, provides Populist Right outsider Nigel Farage with a chance of eclipsing the Conservative party entirely, and becoming the de facto opposition in the UK.

Add to this, Trump’s return as Republican presidential candidate in the US, and a pattern has emerged. The US, Britain, France appear to be headed towards a great tectonic political realignment to the right.

2) Germany, Ireland and Belgium mark similar populist victories

This great tectonic political realignment does not stop with the US, UK and France. Germany too this week gave observers pause for thought as the populist right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party became the second largest party in Germany, securing 15.9% of the vote, surpassing the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Here are AfD members celebrating upon hearing news of their historic victory.

Click to play:

Likewise, Ireland made news with the election of anti-immigrant independent candidate Gavin Pepper to Dublin’s city council.

Here is Pepper upon hearing news of his victory.

Click to play:

Belgium too joined the Europe wide election shock with the resignation of its PM Alexander De Croo after his party, the Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open VLD), suffered a heavy defeat in the European elections. Open VLD received only 5.9% of the vote, which was a significant drop from its previous performance.

Here is Belgian PM De Croo’s emotional resignation.

Click to play:

De Croo’s defeat was attributed to a surge in support for right-wing and nationalist parties, including the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and Vlaams Belang. Belgium too now awaits the formation of a new government due to a Populist Right insurgency.

All over the West where there are elections, the Populist Right appears to be firmly in the ascendency.

3) Israeli war cabinet members resign and call for new elections

This trend is bucked only in Israel, where the centrist leader Benny Gantz - leader of Israel’s National Unity party - has resigned from globalist warhawk Netanyahu’s war cabinet and called for new elections. Gantz cited the failure of the government to agree on a plan for Gaza beyond the current war as the reason for his decision.

Click to play:

Sky News: “This is the centrist opposition leader Benny Gantz, who in the last few moments has resigned from Israel's war cabinet. He's speaking in Hebrew at the moment, but we can tell you that he is unhappy with the apparent lack of a plan for after the war with Gaza. He has been threatening to resign. He was going to release a statement yesterday, but the news that those four Israeli hostages had been rescued from Gaza meant his statement was delayed until today. But in the last few moments, he has resigned from the Israeli war cabinet. He says in Netanyahu’s government political considerations are impeding strategic decisions in the Gaza war. He also says that Benjamin Netanyahu is preventing real victory. ‘We are leaving emergency government’ he says, he also calls on Benjamin Netanyahu to set an agreed election date. And he's been calling on the defense minister, Yoav Galant, to be brave and do what is right and presumably follow his lead by resigning from the war cabinets.

Gantz was joined by four other members of the war cabinet who also resigned..

Gantz is now demanding new elections, aligning Israel with the UK, US, France, and Belgium, which are all awaiting a change of some or all of their governing structure this year.

4) Are they all preparing for war?

As stated, this year sees the US, UK, France and Belgium set to witness a move in governing structure to the Populist Right, while Germany’s recent EU elections have likewise empowered the Populist Right. In contrast, it is the centrist (not Populist Right) Benny Gantz demanding elections in Israel. But what he shares with his insurgent European Populist Right counterparts is that he too is a critic of ongoing war in his country.

With these recent election developments around the world being announced on 9th June 2024, and with the UK and France timing their new elections for around the same time, it seems relevant to ponder aloud whether these countries are changing the guard in preparation for a major black swan event.

The UK’s Sunak has already rumoured to have stated that he doesn’t want to be a war time Prime Minister, while announcing his party’s policy of reintroducing mandatory national service.

The BBC reports 25th May 2024:

Twelve months of mandatory national service would be reintroduced by the Conservatives if they win the general election. Eighteen-year-olds would be able to apply for one of 30,000 full-time military placements or volunteering one weekend a month carrying out a community service.

Previously, Radical Media has reported on Putin issuing warnings of this nature.

Radical Dispatch, extract 29th May 2024:

There is nothing like a world war to divide the opposition, and unite the public behind a wartime globalist government. And as if on cue GB News reports 23rd May 2024:

Russia will strike British targets if weapons from the UK are used by Ukraine to hit Russian territory, a Kremlin spokesperson has warned.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said that British targets "on Ukraine's territory and beyond its borders" could be hit if required.

It comes after Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine had a right to use weapons provided by London to hit Russian targets.

His comments enraged Vladimir Putin and were cited as one of the reasons why it has opted to hold exercises this month to simulate the launch of tactical nuclear missiles.”

The provocation here is of course former PM and now Foreign Secretary Cameron stating that British weapons can indeed be used by Ukraine to strike inside Russia. This would be an act of war.

The Guardian reports 6th May 2024:

Russia has threatened to strike British military facilities and ordered its military to hold battlefield nuclear weapons drills in a move the Kremlin described as a response to comments from the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on western troops fighting in Ukraine and from the British foreign secretary, David Cameron, on using British-supplied weapons against Russia.”

Joining Putin in his warnings, this week Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic issued his own dire warning of war.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic: “The train has left the station and no one can stop it. And it looks like that, and I believe that we are getting close to the last days of possible rethinking and reconsidering of everything that is happening in Ukraine. If those big powers don't do anything, in a short period of time, yes, I'm pretty much certain that we'll face a real disaster. If you bet on a fact that someone is bluffing, it means that you have no better cards. But you just believe that the other side has weaker cards. And you're not sure about it because you don't know, and you didn't see his or their cards. Everybody is speaking only about war. Nobody wants to reach the peace. Nobody speaks about peace. Peace is almost a forbidden word. Please notice this. Because they say we need to win in order to secure future peace. But nobody is speaking about peace. And then, okay, you negotiate it. But you have to have the other side on the table as well. It's, you know, it's very strange to me that no one is actually attempting to stop the war.

There is another theory, which I can understand, which I don't say that I do approve, but I understand that West thinks that they can win easily against Putin. They want to exhaust him in Ukraine, and then they will enter the space, and then Russia in today's territory, and shaped like it is today, won't exist anymore and Putin will be overthrown and everything else. Maybe that's possible.”

Correspondent: “Do you think that is possible? Is it possible to use Ukraine to weaken Russia?

Vucic: “Well, it weakened Russia anyway. But is it enough to destroy Russia and to overthrow Putin? I don't believe so. In today's Europe, they all act like big heroes, but they did not say to their people that they will pay a very big price. And speaking about it, you and all these leaders should do absolutely everything in order to stop any kind of warmongering behaviour and everything.

Why I am speaking that we are getting close to the precipice, to the abyss? Analyse the situation of NATO and the United States. They cannot afford, themselves, losing war in Ukraine, which means Russia cannot win. Because, first of all, their political legacy will not exist, or it will be so poor that they cannot allow themselves. Number two. Number two, position of Europe and the West, collective West, in geopolitical terms, will deteriorate so much that no one would be able to revive it and to renew it. And number three, it will open Pandora's box for more movements at least and hostilities against collective West in the future.

But take the other side. That's a nice story for one side. But take the other side. If Putin loses the war, Russia will not exist and won't be shaped like it is today. And when you have these two sides so much far from each other, with their wishes, with their expectations, then you see that everything is at stake. Everything. No one can afford to himself or to itself, to themselves, to lose.

When you have this situation, that's why I was saying to you, that's why I was saying publicly and not hiding it, that we are getting closer to a real disaster. Who is ready to lose 1 million, 2 million, 5 million, 10 and 15 million people? Ask yourself. I'm not ready to lose a single man and we won't participate in that. But it's a question for some other people.”

Correspondent: “How close are we now to a third world war, a confrontation?

Vucic: “I cannot say a third world war, but a big confrontation, how far we are. I believe that we are not far away from it. Not more than three, four months. And there is a danger to happen even before that.

Correspondent: “Where do you stand in this whole insanity? Where does Serbia stand in this big conflict?

Vucic: “We'll keep peace, stability and tranquility within the region and in our country.”

War and conscription is not a pretty sight. As Zelensky’s soldiers have highlighted in Ukraine, continuing this war requires mandatorily conscripting the country’s fighting age men, and sending them to the front lines against their wishes, to die.

Click to play:

5) World War III is not (yet) inevitable

World War III is not (yet) inevitable. The highly probable electoral rise of the Populist Right across the West - UK, US, France and Germany - carries with it a silver lining. Serbia’s President Vucic is correct that establishment globalist politicians are not calling for peace. However, insurgent Populist Right parties are demanding peace. Assuming they honour their campaign pledges, all of these Western Populist Right parties are anti-war.

As previously reported in Radical Media, Trump in the US and the UK’s Nigel Farage have both stood on an anti-war, isolationist position.

The Radical Dispatch, extract 29th May 2024:

Some of our politicians are waking up to the looming threat. Recently, Brexit impresario Nigel Farage has stated (in a decision since reversed - ed.) that he will not be standing in the forthcoming July UK elections, precisely because of his concern about our current regime seeking to provoke a world war.

Click to play:

…GB News Broadcaster: “Nigel I have to say, that there was a significant part of your note that you wrote this morning that got a lot of people that are big big fans of yours riled up a little bit, and that was the suggestion, the implication, that the Unites States of America election matters more to you than the United Kingdom General Election”

Farage: “No, the American election doesn’t matter more to me, it matters more to us, it matters more to the world. We are closer now than we’ve been at any point since the Cuban missile crisis to a serious global war”.

GB News Broadcaster: “Nigel, you're a man who's devoted your political career to the importance of domestic politics, domestic elections, and pushing away foreign interference. You're now saying what happens in a different country matters more to this country than our own politics.”

Farage: “World War III matters more to this country than who wins the next election, yes, absolutely. No question about it. And a weak America, we saw the Biden withdrawal, from Kabul. We saw the Taliban taking back over. That was followed by Putin invading Ukraine. The Chinese now rattling their sabres over Taiwan. We're in a very bad place. We need.. we have to recognise the leader of the Western world is America. Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump believes in peace through strength. That must be good for us.

The UK’s Farage and his Reform Party are joined in their concerns about stopping World War III, in France by Populist Right Marine Le Pen.

Click to play:

Leader of RN Party Marine Le Pen: “War is the worst thing that can happen to a people and a country. And I am struck by the lightness with which Emmanuel Macron says..

Correspondent: “The lightness?

Le Pen: “Yes, the lightness, yes. With a glass of whisky in hand, he says to a singer with whom one discusses at 3am in the morning, ‘I’m going to have to send the boys to Odessa’! Yes, I’m talking about lightness because it’s about life. So he wants to dig holes for a question of ego, of personal image.

El Pais reports 13th April 2023:

Likewise, they are both matched in Germany by the insurgent AfD, who have joined their Populist Left BSW counterparts too, in boycotting a forthcoming speech by Ukrainian warhawk Zelensky.

The Times reports 11th June 2024:

Germany’s hard-right Alternative for Germany and the populist left-wing BSW party boycotted a speech by President Zelensky in the Bundestag on Tuesday, with the AfD calling him a ‘war and beggar president’. ‘We refuse to listen to a speaker in a camouflage suit,’ AfD leaders Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel said in a statement. ‘Zelensky’s term of office has expired. He is now only in office as a war and beggar president. Ukraine does not need a war president now, it needs a peace president who is willing to negotiate so that the dying stops and the country has a future’.

These Populist Right parties are joined in Israel by centrist Benny Gantz, who criticises Netanyahu’s war in Gaza while also demanding new elections there.

These developments provide hope that there is an exit strategy from WWIII. This exit strategy would first and foremost see the ostensibly anti-war Trump winning in November for the USA. This victory would be followed by Farage becoming Prime Minister in the UK, Le Pen in France, and on to a negotiated solution to the World War.

6) How would Labour’s incoming Sir Keir Starmer be constrained from war until November’s US election?

The view that these Populist Right parties would act to pull back from the brink of WWIII assumes that Nigel Farage becomes PM in the UK. At the moment though, the Labour party’s victory under globalist warhawk Sir Keir Starmer appears certain.

So what would be required to happen in the July elections to facilitate the eventual rise of Farage to premiership in the UK? The answer lies in how his party Reform UK aims to squeeze both the Conservatives and Labour.

The squeeze is already on the Conservatives. Farage stands a good chance of surprising and out performing his rivals to the right in this General Election.

Essex Conservatives, the county in which Farage is standing, are already in open revolt against their own party.

Couple this with the fact that the polls may not be reflecting the true extent of Farage’s support among the public:

And this July may well see Farage’s Reform party gain more national votes than the Conservatives, thus ending that party’s prospects for good and catapulting Farage into the role of opposition.

A further political squeeze in Farage’s and Reform UK’s favour will come from Labour. The former Labour ‘red wall’ Brexit voters, who in 2019 lent their votes to Boris Johnson in order to ‘get Brexit done,’ remain as disillusioned as ever, and are highly likely to vote for Farage and Reform this time around.

Both of these Reform squeezes, the larger squeeze on the Tories coupled with the ‘red wall’ squeeze on Labour will serve to grant Reform more votes than pundits are expecting.

Farage’s Populist Left counterpart Galloway appears to concur with our view.

Considering that a critical mass of the UK’s left-wing voters are currently abandoning Labour, over Gaza:

Coupled with a hitherto unprecedented critical mass of British Muslims also in open revolt against Labour due to Gaza:

And this scenario of a weaker than planned Labour government, suddenly appears plausible.

The combination of both these squeezes - on Labour and the Conservatives - for Reform may result in a weaker than planned Labour government under Starmer. We could even end up with a hung parliament scenario, with Starmer forced to form a coalition with the SNP or Liberal Democrats in order to be able to form government.

This would result in a shorter than planned tenure as UK Prime Minister for Starmer, while Farage would be poised in opposition to take over after a Trump victory in the US. The process of deescalating the West from World War III may well then begin from there.

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