Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
Radical Media Needs You

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Radical Media Needs You

Become a Sponsor of our Content


Radical Media Needs You

Become a Sponsor of our Content

Thank you for already being signed up to Radical Media. Now we need your help to see it through.

You will all remember this:

Since then, our refusal to bow, uncompromising editorial stance, ongoing deplatforming and online shadow bans, make it harder for Radical Media to gain sponsorships. We have been unsuccessful in renewing sponsorship for our long-form investigative production The Radical Show, which has come to an end for Season 1.

We now only have you to rely on.

We are asking each one you to become paying members of Radical Media.

Below are our membership options:

Option 1:

Support the Radical Dispatch - Become Monthly Members

We need just 500 more of you.

From topics such as Covid psy-ops, WEF 15-minute cities and CBDCs, through scrutinising the Ukraine war narrative and revealing Midazolam’s link to excess death rates, the Radical Dispatch has been at the forefront of inconvenient yet crucial investigations. We have been able to provide this all to the public for free due to your monthly paid subscriptions.

Paying monthly members gain access to Maajid Nawaz’s audio diary ‘Watching the Show’, WARRIOR CREED and Radical Show podcasts, plus early notice on special announcements and events.

Help us meet our target of 500 new members by becoming a monthly paying member here:

Option 2:

Support the Radical Media Studio - Become Yearly Members

We need just 400 of you to join as yearly paying members to in order to support our ongoing studio costs. Without meeting this target we will be unable to maintain our studio, and so cannot produce future shows. Yearly paying members gain all previous benefits plus:

  • Your name permanently listed on the Radical studio wall as a ‘Studio Sponsor’

Help us keep our studio by becoming a yearly paying member here:

Option 3:

Support The Radical Show Season 2 - Become Founding Members

We need only 300 of you to become founding members of Radical Media to support season 2 of The Radical Show.

Without this target The Radical Show simply cannot go on.

Founding members gain access to all previously listed benefits plus:

  • A London studio visit upon application to meet Maajid Nawaz and the Radical team

  • Maajid Nawaz audio shout-out of your name to the full Radical Media members list

  • Complimentary early access option to future live events

Help us keep The Radical Show alive by becoming a founding paying member here:

Our mission is to bring you Radical Media for Radical truths that modern corporatist media seek to silence. We cannot do this without your support.

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