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Reform UK Leader Nigel Farage Insists Ukraine Must Make Peace with Russia & May Be Partitioned

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Reform UK Leader Nigel Farage Insists Ukraine Must Make Peace with Russia & May Be Partitioned


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 18th June 2024, with a transcript provided - BREAKING: Reform Leader Nigel Farage Insists Ukraine Makes Peace with Russia & May Be Partitioned.

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Photo of Winston Churchill talking to Russian Ambassador Gusev on display at the official Kensington Palace Gardens residence of the Russian ambassador to London, taken by Radical Media Wednesday 12th June 2024.


Reform UK Leader Nigel Farage Insists Ukraine Must Make Peace with Russia & May Be Partitioned

- A Radical Dispatch

1) Farage opposes WWIII

Reform UK Leader - fast becoming recognised as a political dark horse candidate for eventual Prime Minister - Nigel Farage has stated that Ukraine will have no option but to seek a deal with Russia to end the war.

It seem that tables have turned at Reform. Farage’s pronouncement on seeking peace stands in stark contrast to Reform UK’s previous leader Richard Tice, whose publicly stated position had been that he was a “staunch supporter of Ukraine from the moment it was invaded by Russia”.

GB News reports 23rd January 2024:

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Farage went even further, conceding that for peace to be achieved Ukraine may indeed have to agree to being partitioned in any subsequent negotiations.

The Mail reports 18th June 2024:

Ukraine will eventually have to seek a peace deal with Russia, Nigel Farage insisted yesterday, creating a clear divide between his party and the Tories over the conflict.

The Reform UK leader said negotiations with the Kremlin – which could lead to the partitioning of Ukraine – were inevitable as he laid out the party's policies on defence.

2) Biden regime seeks to join UK regime in directly arming Ukrainian Nazis against Russia

Meanwhile, the globalist deep state seems intent on continuing to provoke WWIII. Soon after former UK PM Boris Johnson praised the Nazi Azov brigades in the British parliament as “heroes” and called for the direct supply of Western weapons to them, the US regime followed suit.

Here is former UK PM Boris Johnson besmirching British democracy with his remarks.

Radical Media reports 29th May 2024 extract:

Here is former UK PM Boris Johnson hosting Azov Nazis in the British parliament while declaring them heroes. Like Cameron above, he also pushes for Ukraine to be allowed to use British weapons to strike at Russia.

In other words, he wishes for the UK to go to war with Russia.

Click to play:

Former UK PM Boris Johnson: “My message to you is very simple. Thank you to the heroes from the Azov Brigade honoured us with their presence tonight. Give the Ukrainians what they need. Give them the weapons, give them the authorisation to use those weapons outside their own borders. It is now absolutely ludicrous that Ukrainians should be forbidden from doing what Putin is doing himself, attacking Ukrainian forces. Why on earth shouldn’t Ukrainians be able to attack Russian forces mustering on their borders. Give them those weapons, give them the the ATACMS give them the budget, give them the air defences that they need. It's the single best investment that we can make in the defence of the whole Euro-Atlantic area, is supporting Ukrainian heroes. We rely wholly on heroes such as the people who are here tonight with us from the Azov Brigade.”

Here is that same PM Johnson raising the Azov Nazi flag in the British parliament.

Since this intervention by Johnson, the globalist US regime under Biden has lifted its own ban on directly supplying US weapons to the Nazi Azov battalion. Until this month, the ban had been in place due to the US government’s own recognition that the Azov Brigades are a Nazi movement. Such a ban was an admission by the US government that - up until June 2024 - the US had been tacitly supporting a Nazi movement in Ukraine, in the name of preserving freedom and democracy.

To deal with this paradox, and in pursuit of the globalist agenda to escalate war with Russia, the US has now apparently ‘changed its mind’. The United States of America is now legally allowed to directly supply Azov Nazis with US weapons in Ukraine.

The Times reports 11th June 2024:

The United States has lifted a ban on supplying weapons to the elite Ukrainian brigade whose members led the defence of Mariupol but has been dogged by its historical links to right-wing extremists.

…it had been banned from receiving US arms since 2017 owing to decade-old accusations of neo-Nazi links. Azov’s symbol bears a strong resemblance to the Wolfsangel or “wolf trap” sign worn by several German units in the Second World War, and members have made antisemitic and pro-Nazi statements.

But the facts have not changed. Azov remain Nazis.

3) How we avoid WWIII

Despite this coordinated UK/US escalation, there remains hope in avoiding WWIII. Both of these escalatory gestures are outgoing. In the UK, Johnson is a former PM, and in the US Biden’s regime will soon lose to Trump, who is on the record as wanting to end the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours, and stating his belief that he can do so.

The Wall Street Journal reports 11th May 2023:

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Like Farage, Trump’s plan too involves partitioning Ukraine to end the war.

MSNBC reports 9th April 2024:

Trump would plan to push Ukraine to hand over control of Crimea and the Donbas region to Russia in any future settlement, in effect codifying the gains Putin has made in his illegal invasion. In return, Putin would have to stop the war for good.“

With Farage now accepting a negotiated settlement for a partitioned Ukraine, his likely ascendence after the upcoming General Election in July 2024 to becoming the voice of the opposition in the UK - and his known alliance with Trump - the prospects of Britain descending into a conflict with Russia have also been somewhat diminished, though not yet eliminated.

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Farage: “No, the American election doesn’t matter more to me, it matters more to us, it matters more to the world. We are closer now than we’ve been at any point since the Cuban missile crisis to a serious global war”.

Regulars at Radical Media will recall that partitioning Ukraine is exactly what we forecasted two years ago would be the only rational solution to this conflict.

Radical Media reports 2nd March 2022:

And as last week’s Radical Dispatch made clear, across Europe Populist Right candidates have joined their Populist Left counterparts in rejecting war.

Radical Media reports 12th June 2024:

This trend was confirmed by Germany’s rising AfD party boycotting Zelensky.

The Times reports 11th June 2024:

“Germany’s hard-right Alternative for Germany and the populist left-wing BSW party boycotted a speech by President Zelensky in the Bundestag on Tuesday, with the AfD calling him a ‘war and beggar president.’

‘We refuse to listen to a speaker in a camouflage suit,’ AfD leaders Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel said in a statement.

‘Zelensky’s term of office has expired. He is now only in office as a war and beggar president. Ukraine does not need a war president now, it needs a peace president who is willing to negotiate so that the dying stops and the country has a future’.”

And the German public booing aging musician Rod Stewart as he sheepishly attempted to pay homage to an image of Zelensky mid-concert, while on stage.

The Times reports 16th June 2024:

Rod Stewart was booed by spectators at a farewell concert in the east German city of Leipzig when he posed with a Ukrainian flag and shouted “f*** Putin”.

The British singer’s chilly reception appears to have been an expression of mounting disquiet in Germany’s east over western support for Kyiv and the confrontation with Russia, with even mainstream political leaders pressing for a peace deal.

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In France, the Populist Right’s Marine Le Pen too has proven hostile to war.

Radical Media reports 12th June 2024

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4) Saudi Arabia too supports peace

Crucially, Russia’s and China’s BRICS nations counter alliance to NATO is proving effective in persuading third party nations to oppose further escalation to WWIII. American petrodollar hegemony tying world trade to the US dollar is reportedly no longer. This allows Saudi Arabia to sell oil directly, in multiple currencies.

This news was coupled with reports of the Russian exchange suspending all trade in USD and Euros.

Two initiatives that, combined, probably gave cause for Saudi Arabia to make deescalatory interventions too. This was at the NATO peace summit in Switzerland, which has to date excluded the Russians.

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And after the recent resignation of Israel’s centrist candidate Benny Gantz from Netanyahu’s war cabinet, citing Israel’s brutal war in Gaza as the reason, and as reported by the Radical Dispatch 12th June 2024:

The Saudis have publicly reiterated the support of the international chorus to reach a negotiated settlement for peace in the Middle East, in the form of a Palestinian state.

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Netanyahu responded to all this by dissolving his dysfunctional war cabinet and deciding to run Israel’s war on his own, like a fiefdom.

But globalist warhawks’ days are numbered. All over Europe, in the UK and the US, rising sentiment is one of opposing all war and holding globalists to account. It has been a long time in the making but the pieces are finally coming together.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Click to play:

LBC Broadcaster Ben Kentish: “Fire away.”

Caller Oliver: “Ha ha ha ha ha! It’s a joke, it’s a joke, it’s a joke. It’s very entertaining. Listen, he's going to get away with it, and he's going to win. Watch November, yeah? This is just a play. He's not going to go to prison. I know that's what you want, but it's not going to happen. Trump's going to win. You see all my black people, my Hispanic, what he did in the Bronx? That was amazing. That was a success. And I know that it's very cringy for you. He's going to win. Trump is a terminator. He's a cyborg. You can't stop him. You can do whatever you want.”

LBC broadcaster: “But Joe Biden stopped him last time around, didn't he?

Caller Oliver: “Ha ha ha! He’s a dead man walking, mate.“

LBC broadcaster: “But he did, Oliver. I mean, he lost to Joe Biden.”

Caller Oliver: “No. So you can't stop him. This is a new Trump. This is a new one.”

LBC Broadcaster: “A new what?

Caller Oliver: “Just watch.”

LBC Broadcaster: “What am I watching?

Caller Oliver: “You're going to cry. Listen, you can't stop this man.”

LBC Broadcaster: “What do you like about him?

Caller Oliver: “He’s invincible.”

LBC Broadcaster: “He's invincible so much that he lost the last election he ran in”.

Caller oliver: “Invincible.”

LBC Broadcaster: “He's so invincible he lost to Joe Biden?”

Caller Oliver: “He's still there. Joe Biden is going to go to a nursing home. Ha ha!

LBC Broadcaster: “Oliver, I’ll leave it there. Thank you for your call.

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