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Technocrat Dominic Cummings Proposes New Political Party to Thwart Return of Nigel Farage

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Technocrat Dominic Cummings Proposes New Political Party to Thwart Return of Nigel Farage


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At the top of this post, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED breaking analysis from yesterday Tuesday 30th April 2024, with a transcript provided - Technocrat Dominic Cummings Proposes New Political Party to Thwart Return of Nigel Farage.

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Technocrat Dominic Cummings Proposes New Political Party to Thwart Return of Nigel Farage

- A Radical Dispatch

1) The Cumming plan

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings has proposed the founding of a new political party to replace the Conservatives so that the he may once again thwart the rise of Nigel Farage.

The Times of London reports 9th May 2024:

Dominic Cummings has unveiled plans for a new political party which he claims will replace the Conservatives. Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser said the Start-Up Party would attract supporters amid dire polling for the Conservatives before the next general election…

..’If Nigel Farage un-retires, the Tories could easily be driven down to double-digit seats and then discussions of a Start-Up Party and replacing them will go from a very fringe idea to being a very mainstream idea,’ he said…

..In a series of blogs he revealed that he was sounding out donors and activists with the aim of launching his new party.”

This move by Dominic Cummings is nakedly transparent. It would be a repeat attempt of what Cummings tried to do by founding Vote Leave with Michael Gove in order to compete with, and undermine Nigel Farage’s own Leave campaign for Brexit.

Such a move would indicate that Cummings has once again decided to ‘become the opposition’, after recognising that he cannot beat the opposition.

2) Cummings’ reason

Cummings believes that a total collapse of the Conservatives is now quite possible.

The Times of London reports 9th May 2024:

A seat-by-seat analysis of polling, published in The Sunday Times in March, suggests that the Tories could be on track for their worst election result, winning fewer than 100 seats. Labour would win 468, giving Starmer’s party a 286-seat majority.

As such, Cummings has made his reasons for this proposal abundantly clear on his own, rather rambling and too self-involved political blog.

Dominic Cummings Substack, 29th March 2024:

Possibility of total Tory implosion. The only future for the Tories was to let Vote Leave transform them into a new party 2020-24. The Party would now be unrecognisable: CCHQ closed and the party re-opened in the midlands with the rancid old guard ‘retired’, the economy would be extremely different and millions of swing voters would have vanished from the 40% tax rate (pushed up to 100k), MP pay and nurses pay would be linked to the growth/fall of average wages (‘if the voters get a pay cut the MPs get a pay cut’), term limits for MPs, the government would be years into a national project to rebuild the NHS, it would be far more ‘on the right’ on violent crime/borders etc than the median Tory MP, we’d have left the ECHR amid widespread applause that shattered Labour and stopped the ludicrous farce of a major country paralysed in handling a few dinghies, the trans madness and other manifestations of the Left’s Gadarene-psychosis would have been crushed, the broken Northcote-Trevelyan model of a closed-caste civil service recruiting only from within (and optimising for *preserve bureaucratic power/budgets* over *productive adaptation*) would have been pried open to recruit the best people in the world, we’d be very popular with ex-Labour voters, we’d be about to crush Starmer and the SW1 debate would be about a startup party replacing Labour. Instead they broke their deal with us and tried to operate as if it’s ~1999 and 2016 never happened. The collapse in quality of MPs, their delusions about politics and communication, their total obsession with the deranged ‘news’ and punditry of the disintegrating old media instead of how power works — all this guaranteed their own disintegration. Sunak thought about reviving the deal but decided to double-down on trusting the Establishment and the ‘strategy’ of the most Insider-pundit in SW1 to focus on week-to-week party management — a ‘strategy’ that doomed him to fail with the public then an inevitable collapse of authority with the MPs/Whitehall. 2025-9 the old Tory Party will probably be replaced. Who by?

That last question “..replaced. who by?” has been answered by Cummings himself, again on his own rambling blog.

Will the Tories improve after the election and grasp why they failed so badly, why the 80 seat majority Vote Leave won was wasted? No. They will talk rubbish about the last 15 years, as they did after 1997.

Already I’m getting messages from MPs and donors ‘How do we rebuild the Party after the inevitable, can we have a quiet chat?’ NO NO NO. No more excruciating Tory dinners. No more ‘X is obviously not up to it but … maybe … we could build a team around them, oh god pass the red…’ NO. Plough the old Tory Party into the earth with salt. I prefer the calls that start, ‘Come on, it’s time for the startup party let’s go’. This is the time to start building the replacement so that from 2200 on election night in October-December 2024 the old Party is buried and a new set of people with new ideas start talking to the country and can take over in 2028 and give voters the sort of government they want and deserve.

Since his experience of playing Rasputin to PM Boris Johnson during the Covid era, Cummings has clearly realised that the British public has decided that the system is irredeemable and must be completely overhauled, so he seeks to beat the public to it.

3) Cummings’ motive

Dominic Cummings is a dystopian, technocratic autocrat who admires and takes advice from the likes of arch-Globalist Bill Gates.

Click to play:

“…People like Bill Gates and that kind of network were saying, so essentially what happened is, there's a network of people, Bill Gates type people, who were saying, ‘completely rethink the whole paradigm of how you do this’. Build everything in, build in parallel. Here’s the science thing, here’s the manufacturing, here is the distribution, here is the supply, here is the logistics, here's the data. The normal thing is you kind of do those sequentially. What Bill Gates and people like that were saying to me and to others in number 10 was, you need to think of this much more like some of the classic programs of the past, the Manhattan Project in World War II, the Apollo program, build it all in parallel. Now in normal government accounting terms this is completely crazy, because if nothing works out you’ve spent literally billions building all of these things up and the end result is nothing, you get zero for it, it's all waste. But what Bill Gates and people were saying and what Patrick Vallance and Patrick's team were saying was: the actual expected return on this is so high that even if it does turn out to be all wasted billions, it's still a good gamble.

Despite all his insightful criticism of the broken machinery of government, Cummings consistently fails to recognise that it is the very presence of technocrats such as Bill Gates - hijacking the name of “science” - who are indeed part of the problem.

This blind spot for his own intellectual weaknesses has precluded Cummings from taking any personal responsibility for the abysmal failures of the Covid era government that was effectively under his control.

Instead, Cummings prefers to point the finger (and rightly so) at Johnson, his wife Carrie, Matt Hancock - everyone but himself. But in the end, it was Johnson who resisted Cummings desire to use Covid to usher in more and more restrictions in the name of science and data.

We made Cummings’ preference for corporate technocracy clear for readers two years ago in Radical Media.

The Radical Dispatch reports 19th January 2022, extract:

Among the PM’s main adversaries is his once former confidant and de facto chief of staff, Dominic Cummings. But one only need look Cummings’ rhetoric and views to notice some oddities. I met and worked with Cummings a few times when he was a Special Advisor to Michael Gove at the Department for Education between the years 2007-2014 (note: he has long been close to Michael Gove).

Cummings’ long standing critique of the machinery of government has been articulate, accurate and piercing. But what he wishes to replace it with veers towards the megalomaniacal. For all his rhetoric around the need for science, reason, technology and efficiency, Cummings’ solutions stray far from such noble concerns. Look back to Cummings’ Parliamentary testimony and recall that his criticism of Johnson was not that covid restrictions were scientifically unnecessary - which is now beyond reasonable doubt on all counts. Rather, his view was that the UK have should have locked down earlier in March and he "bitterly" regrets "not hitting the panic button earlier". Cummings also said that the PM rejected the recommendation last September that there should be a second lockdown in England. He believes that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak did a "fantastic job" with the furlough scheme (which, as above, is mainly responsible for out of control inflation).

More telling is who Cummings proposes as ‘intellects’. Recall that Andrew Sabisky had to resign in February 2020 following complaints about his previously expressed views on race, intelligence and eugenics. Will O'Shea, a data specialist appointed through Cummings' scheme, was dismissed in July 2020 after calling for police to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters with live ammunition. Lately, Cummings has been encouraging the US Republican Party to nominate an alternative to Trump as their candidate for the 2024 US presidential election. The reason given is what I find interesting, Trump was unable to “control” government. On his Substack, Cummings has cited Curtis Yarvin amongst others, as "people I have found interesting" in US politics.

But who is Curtis Yarvin? Curtis Yarvin, on his own Substack page called Gray Mirror, argues that American democracy is a failed experiment which should be replaced by monarchy or corporate governance. He is known for developing the anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic ideas behind the Dark Enlightenment.

In other words, Cummings seems to be attacking the PM because he wishes to usher in an ‘efficient’ (read: authoritarian) technocracy, not because he opposes the madness surrounding covid mandates and the unquantifiable damage they have inflicted on our country and people…

..Is there any wonder then that MSM has backed Cummings despite him doing exactly what MSM accuses the PM of doing: violating the rules while the rest of us suffered. As the editor of TheArticle.Com Daniel Johnson argues:

Cummings is a man who concealed the fact that he had broken the Covid rules and lied to cover his tracks…Nobody believed his ludicrous claim that he drove to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight — but he has stuck to it…In his Rose Garden press conference, he insisted that he and his wife had fled from London to the North-East because, stricken with illness, they needed childcare for their son. Later he said the real reason was anxiety about his security”

Suddenly, none of that matters to the MSM. According to Cummings, as confessed to in his BBC interview with Laura Kuenssberg

'We only got him (Johnson) in there because we had to solve a certain problem, not because he was the right person to be running the country.'

Because Cummings has made admitted that he never believed in Johnson anyway. What he does believe in - on the issues that count - has since been made clear, and it is more of the same: technocratic corporatism.

Cummings’ failure with Johnson was repeated as he backed Rishi Sunak’s rise to power too, just as he now seeks to disassociate himself from Sunak’s terrible tenure as Prime Minister while suggesting that only a new party can save Westminster.

The Independent reports 13th February 2020:

Rishi Sunak has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer after the dramatic resignation of Sajid Javid. The ex-chief secretary was promoted from the number two job at the Treasury after his former boss quit in the bloody outcome of a power struggle with Number 10 aide Dominic Cummings.

And more recently the Times of London reveals:

The Times reports 30th December 2023:

…in utmost secrecy, Dominic Cummings, the former campaign director of Vote Leave and architect of Boris Johnson’s election victory in 2019, travelled to North Yorkshire to see Sunak. It was an audience hidden even from several members of the PM’s inner circle.

This shady relationship with PM Rishi Sunak was eventually confirmed in Cummings’ own rambling blog:

Dominic Cummings Substack Q&A, 28th April 2023:

And yet, there is no loyalty amongst thieves as Cummings now labels even Sunak a failure.

The Times of London reports 9th May 2024:

Cummings also argued that Sunak had failed to pursue the type of agenda that voters wanted when they gave the Tories a landslide majority in 2019. He said that despite having ‘the highest IQ in parliament and the toughest work ethic’, Sunak had ‘no message, no political strategy worth spit and no grip on power’.

This is despite the fact that it was Dominic Cummings himself who helped Sunak’s rise to power. Having given up on his once diminutive lackey, Cummings now seeks to manage an overhaul on behalf of the establishment, before the public overhauls the establishment themselves.

The pattern here is clear. Cummings considers himself smarter than those he helped come to power, who failed all around him, despite his own best efforts at saving all of mankind. If only they’d listened to him.

4) Cummings is complicit in Covid crimes against humanity

As Radical Media has reported, under the regime in which Cummings served as de-facto Chief of Staff, hundreds of thousands of our elderly appear to have been involuntarily euthanised using Midazolam and morphine under the cover of Covid, which appears to have been a glorified flu strain.

Cummings himself seems cryptically aware that something awful happened to the elderly during Covid.

Cummings: “very keen we keep the system/approach that killed >100K unnecessarily so next time there’s a deadly crisis we kill even more

The last time we heard this figure of over a hundred thousand deaths caused by the state is in the whistleblower testimony of Pfizer’s former global Head for Respiratory Illnesses, Dr Mike Yeadon.

Click to play:

It is perhaps this knowledge of something awful that got Cummings so riled up against his former boss PM Boris Johnson, and Covid-era Health Secretary the disgraced Matt Hancock, during his parliamentary testimony and could explain Cummings’ desperation to keep Farage away from taking the reigns of power and staying ahead of the lurking huge scandal, in which he is clearly complicit.

Click to play:

Cummings: “…his view at that point was a weird mix of, partly ‘it's all nonsense and lockdowns don't work anyway’ and partly ‘well this is terrible but the people who are dying are essentially all over 80 and we can't kill the economy just because of people dying over 80’”. 

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg: “It's a very serious claim to make. What evidence do you have of that?

Cummings: “Well, lots of people heard the Prime Minister say that. The Prime Minister texted that to me and other people. When the inquiry happens and everyone has to give evidence under oath, like other things that I've said to you today, this is not just me saying this, many, many people will say under oath to the public inquiry, if and when that ever happens, that what I've said today and what I said to all the MPs is true.”

Kuenssberg: “Do you think Boris Johnson was therefore putting politics ahead of people's lives?

Cummings: “Certainly he did. He put his own political interests ahead of people's lives, for sure.”

Kuenssberg: “That's a very serious accusation to make.”

Cummings: “Yes, but lots of people were in the room and saw the same as what I saw. That's why I've argued so strongly for why I think that MPs should take matters into their own hands and insist on an inquiry into all of this now.”

It is no wonder then that the government’s Covid inquiry has been postponed indefinitely, and until after the General Election.

The BBC reports 10th January 2024:

“The Covid inquiry will not start hearing evidence about the development of vaccines and other drugs this summer, as originally planned.

Witness hearings will be postponed until a later date, likely to be after the next general election.

This could be why Cummings, who let’s not forget is himself complicit in the Covid-era crimes against humanity, appears so keen to scapegoat Matt Hancock for it all.

Click to play:

Cummings: “I said repeatedly to the prime minister that he should be fired. So did the cabinet secretary. So did many other senior people. There are numerous examples. I mean, in the summer, he said that everyone who needed treatment got the treatment that they required. He knew that that was a lie because he'd been briefed by the chief scientific advisor and the chief medical officer himself about the first peak. And we were told explicitly people did not get the treatment that they deserved. Many people were left to die in horrific circumstances.

And indeed Cummings appears to confess that this was Boris Johnson’s plan all along.

Click to play:

Cummings: “..that you should not sack him, you should keep him there because he’s the person you fire when the inquiry comes along. I thought, my counter argument to that was: if you leave him there, we're going to have another set of disasters in the autumn. And that's the critical thing. Forget the inquiry. The inquiry, God knows when that'll bloody happen. We've got to get rid of this guy now because every single week, things are going disastrously wrong.

5) Cummings fears Farage forcing a Covid inquiry

And this brings us squarely back to why Cummings wants to start up a new political party: to keep Nigel Farage out in the cold, again. Because Farage finally admits openly to the fact that the public was lied to during Covid, and is himself demanding a formal and wide ranging public inquiry into Covid vaccine lies.

Click to play:

Farage: “It’s dead right. There’s a lot we need to know. Don’t forget Patrick, we were told, take the vaccine, the so-called vaccine, right, and you won’t catch Covid, take the vaccine you won’t pass Covid on. Both of those things were totally completely untrue. We were told the vaccine was safe in every way, frankly it had not been through anything like the normal testing of any kind of vaccine in terms of trials. And now we learn that the so-called vaccine, do you know there are pensioners, elderly people on their seventh jab, that is not how the vaccine you and I grew up with, where you have a vaccine once, and you’re inoculated for life, so I do think, there needs to be a massive investigation, not just into harms that were caused by the vaccine - and all vaccines cause side effects, we know that but - there do seem to be an alarming number of people, young men in particular who’ve developed Myocarditis and other heart conditions. I’m not getting conspiratorial about this but let’s have it out in the open. I want to know as well why we were lied to. I want to know why they were trying to vaccinate kids of primary school age when Covid posed almost no threat to them whatsoever. And you know, Boris Johnson and his government put in place an absolutely draconian system not just of lockdowns, but of half a billion pounds of tax payers money spent on newspaper wrap arounds, on adverts. Remember ‘can you look into his eyes?’, ‘if you don’t take the vaccine you’ll kill your grandparents.’ It all turned out to be completely untrue. This needs a proper, full public inquiry, Bridgen is 100% right.”

And so it seems that many in the Tory party themselves have now resigned to the fact that there is no way to stop the rise of Farage, except by joining him.

Click to play:

And it is precisely this outcome that Cummings wishes to desperately avoid so that the curtain isn’t lifted on exactly what he and his colleagues got up to during that awfully dark time for the world, when a flu virus was rebranded as Covid in order to deprive us all of our liberty while over a hundred thousand elderly Britons were systematically involuntarily euthanised by the British state. But we are coming.

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