Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz
BREAKING: Victim Families Testify Yesterday at UK House of Commons on Covid-era Policy of Involuntarily State Euthanasia Using Death-Row Drug Midazolam with Morphine

BREAKING: Victim Families Testify Yesterday at UK House of Commons on Covid-era Policy of Involuntarily State Euthanasia Using Death-Row Drug Midazolam with Morphine

Raw Untreated Audio File Provided Free - A Radical Dispatch


Victim Families Testify Yesterday at UK House of Commons on Covid-era Policy of Involuntarily State Euthanasia Using Death-Row Drug Midazolam with Morphine

- Raw Untreated Audio File Provided Free

A Radical Dispatch

1) Standing Room Only for Grieving Families in Committee Room 5 of UK House of Commons

At the top of this Newszine Radical Media presents the raw (untreated) audio file for the hearing on Midazolam victim family testimonies at Committee Room 5 in the UK House of Commons yesterday.

Shockingly, the families accuse the British state of implementing a policy of mass involuntary state euthanasia of the elderly using death row drug Midazolam with morphine, under the cover of “covid-deaths”. In other words: a culling.

The evening began with an address by its convenor Andrew Bridgen MP (Reclaim), then victim family representative Paul Dimmock spoke, after which multiple victim families addressed the hearing. This author - representing Radical Media - concluded the evening after being invited to say a few remarks on the importance of the story.

Due to Elon Musk’s ongoing social media war with Substack, video via tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click through on the image to view all video clips.

2) Background to Midazolam and Morphine State Death Protocols

The Liverpool “Care” Pathway (LCP) was an NHS end of life care death protocol that UK care facilities implemented to kill off elderly patients once they were deemed no longer worth saving. No, this statement is not even controversial anymore.

The LCP was banned after the fact.

This has precedent. In the Gosport War Memorial Hospital it is even the subject of a prolonged criminal investigation.

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Radical Media reports January 27th from Portsmouth News:

3) Protocol of Death: NG163

In 2020, old and banned end of life care death protocols were replaced by a new protocol labelled NG163.

This is it:

So what is NG163?

Readers may be surprised to know that it is in fact the same as the Liverpool “Care” Pathway, using the same drugs Midazolam and morphine, while the only thing that was banned was the name.

4) The Palliative Care Professor Who Warned Us

The fact that this new end of life care death protocol NG163 was in need of “review” was raised by one of the UK’s most senior palliative care professors, Sam Ahmadzai in the British Medical Journal at the time.

Here is that letter to editors from 2020:

Nothing was done.

And MPs who voted for this new protocol were not informed of any concerns. Instead, the policy was rolled out and implemented at speed during a time when health authorities were pushed to rush everything through in the name of the public health “emergency”.

5) The Dawning

What occurred after that point is the subject of multiple victim family testimonies provided above for all to hear.

In essence - and shockingly - the UK state seems to have sanitised the administration of mass-death of the elderly in care facilities in order to save money on their upkeep.

In a WARRIOR CREED special from 28th February 2023, Maajid Nawaz also spoke to medical researcher Stuart Wilkie. Mr Wilkie stated that doctors were given around one minute to place anyone they evaluated as being between 6-9 on the below clinical frailty scale onto the NG163 end of life care death pathway.

We know that this is hard to process.

But process it you must.

Just as Andrew Bridgen MP has now done. This is why he has raised questions to Parliament about these serious allegations.

The video that Andrew Bridgen MP posted above is by medical lecturer Dr John Campbell. It is titled: Euthanasia in the pandemic?

Dr Campbell has himself recently processed the very same concerns, questioning the now known and incredibly worrying UK excess death rate.

In fact, former Radical Show guest and early whistleblower Dr Sam White (who won his case against the General Medical Council after they censored him over his Covid dissent) has also processed it.

As has former global Head for Respiratory Illnesses at Pfizer, the whistleblowing Dr Mike Yeadon, when he spoke to us on The Radical Show podcast episode 22.

Among those early who were early to raise the alarm were British esotericist David Icke and Jacqui Deevoy of Ickonic media.

In the US, a similar policy was rolled out using the drug Remdesivir.

6) This Will Not Just Go Away

The above allegations are incredibly serious.

If proven in a court of law they would become perhaps the most shocking and most heinous Crime Against Humanity since WWII. This is why Andrew Bridgen MP has put questions before Parliament about this issue and why he heard victim-family testimony yesterday.

Radical Media will update you on this story as it develops.

All that remains is to inform you that the UK Health Secretary at the time, Matt Hancock, is now campaigning to legalise euthanasia. Canada, under Trudeau has already done so (see Section 4 from these Radical Reactions).

No, this is not a joke.

Yes, this is true.

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