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FDA Commissioner Calls For Greater "Regulation" to Tackle Online "Misinformation"

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FDA Commissioner Calls For Greater "Regulation" to Tackle Online "Misinformation"

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FDA Commissioner Calls For Greater "Regulation" to Tackle Online "Misinformation"

By Rav Arora

In a recent interview with CNBC, FDA commissioner Dr. Robert Califf argued rising online misinformation is a new culprit behind lower health outcomes in society.

It’s looking worse, not better, over the last several years,” Califf told CNBC in the context of a three to five year lower life expectancy in the U.S compared to other affluent nations.

Califf stated the rise in “misinformation” intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic “bothers him a lot” and more aggressive censorship measures are necessary.

"I think there is a real need for better regulation of how we deal with this complex information," Califf said. "I'm highly aware that in our society, people don't want government to have too much power, but I think specific authorities at FDA, FTC, other areas are gonna be needed."

To his credit, Califf stated, “I'm not arguing here that we should suppress free speech.” However, he asserted “we have to counter [misinformation] with truthful information and reach many, many more people."

But, is an institution like the FDA in any place to judge “misinformation” and decree the guidelines of “truthful information”?

In the same interview, Dr. Califf expressed “great hope” for a new class of experimental weight loss drugs which has been expanded under the FDA for use in younger populations. What the arbiter of truth Dr. Califf won’t tell you is these new drugs significantly reduces lean body mass as a means of weight loss (as opposed to merely fat which is the goal).

Moreover, reports show half of Ozempic users suffer from “severe gastrointestinal issues that require additional drugs.”`

Contemporary Paediatrics outlines the host of adverse events associated with the weight loss drug in teens:

Adverse reactions in adolescents taking semaglutide matched those of adults, with the most common reactions including headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Adolescents saw an increased incidence of gallbladder problems compared to adults, including gallstones, low blood pressure, rash, and itching.

Yet, the FDA has approved the novel weight loss drug semaglutide for children as young as 12 years old.

Why? Unfortunately, none of this surprising for an agency which has continually approved harmful and under-tested drugs for widespread public use.

Recently, the FDA approved a seventh bivalent booster shot exclusively for elderly people 65 and over.

None of this was backed by randomized controlled trials, extensive safety testing, or some newfound grave threat to older groups that previous rounds of vaccination cannot protect against. As pro-vaccine, triple-vaccinated epidemiologist Dr. Vinay Prasad bluntly put it on his Substack,

Evidence based medicine is misunderstood, but one thing it means is advocating for better evidence. 7 doses has been pulled directly from Peter Marks’ ass. It has no sound evidence base.

Recall, previously the FDA approved the new bivalent boosters based on nothing more than short-term mice data. They widely recommended all children receive the bivalent vaccine despite near-zero risk of serious outcomes and an anticipated “similar risk” of vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Perhaps the greatest self-indictment of the FDA during the coronavirus pandemic was when two top officials at the FDA’s office of vaccine products (Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause) resigned over political pressure from the White House to universally authorize the original booster shot to the public.

Clearly, the FDA is not merely an altruistic institution fully devoted to the scientific method with no political conflicts of interest. They are among the most corrupted American agencies which have been the greatest fuel of much of the perceived misinformation in online discourse — whether rational or conspiratorial.

Rather than calling for greater censorship efforts to regulate virtual health discussions, the FDA ought to better regulate itself and provide rational, evidence-based health recommendations to the public.

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