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French Riots: Police Authorise Surveillance Drones to Control "Vermin" & "Savages"

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French Riots: Police Authorise Surveillance Drones to Control "Vermin" & "Savages"

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The Radical Show Podcast Episode 29 - On What Is Wrong With Big Tech & How To Fix It

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French Riots: Police Authorise Surveillance Drones to Control "Vermin" & "Savages"

A Radical Dispatch


1) Drones In France

Imagine A.I. surveillance drones connected to all your data across the country. Everything that has been tested to control populations in occupied war zones is coming to you.

The Globalist state deliberately incites and facilitates tensions between groups so that we end up demanding our own chains.

2) How Did This Happen?

First came the Yellow Vests. Then came the anti-Covid protests. After that, the pension reform strikes. Now the youth from the banlieue are out in force.

But there is - and will continue to be - an attempt online to portray countrywide disturbances in France as being only about unruly Muslims and immigration. Many either oblivious or obviously malicious users - and they should be called out regardless - have started reposting overt far-right accounts.

It is no longer uncommon to see ‘respectable’ elements reposting (former National Front and former British National Party) now leader of Britain First, the convicted Paul Golding.

Paul Golding was even too hardline for the BNP.

The Evening Standard reports:

But these protests in France are as much about ‘Muslim extremists and immigrant savages’ as the Truckers strike in Canada was by ‘racists’ or the events of Jan 6 were about an extremist ‘far-right’ coup, as Tucker Carlson appears to have been cancelled from Fox News for revealing.

People must realise: don’t look left or right, just look up.

Public emotions are being manipulated. This is all by design. It is done to play on the natural instinct of fearing unknown elements. It makes people demand action.

Resist this attempt to divide and rule. France is not burning because Muslims are attempting to set up a caliphate. France is burning because its people hate their authoritarian elitist globalist French state.

3) French Police Demand More Power

Anti-globalists must not fall into the trap of allowing their anger to descend into lawlessness. Globalists seek to use that anger to pivot and impose 15-minute WEF ‘smart’ cities to lock people into their local neighbourhoods under the guise of ‘restoring order.’

For this, rioters are used as patsies. If this succeeds, it would be check-mate.

If by now people can’t see the state’s traps and facilitation of chaos, globalists will use them like a pawn. Riots leading to divided communities and a perpetual focus on culture wars facilitate a demand by people for order.

Problem, reaction, solution: the aim is to install digital technocracy.

Remember, US tiki-torchers, the so-called Jan 6 ‘rioters’ and the JFK assassination all involved intelligence-groomed patsies, false-flag agitators and federal agents exploiting community tension-lines to further their technocratic agenda. Left and right, America or France, it’s the same script.

Just as the Canadian truckers were not “Nazis”, these French minorities are not “savages”. Do not be dumb.

This is not to say that globalists do not encourage mass immigration for:

i) cheap labour

ii) to dislocate communities and

iii) to clear lands through war to exploit resources.

They do.

But they also encourage riots.

Any “migrants” themselves are not in on this plan. And these rioting French youth are mostly French-born.

In this light, the below arrogant and backward statement demanding more authoritarian power by France’s largest police union resembles the kind of speech Senator Palpatine would make before his ‘palace coup’ in the Star Wars prequels that established the Galactic Empire.


"Now that's enough... Facing these savage hordes, asking for calm is no longer enough, it must be imposed! Restoring the republican order and putting the apprehended beyond the capacity to harm should be the only political signals to give. In the face of such exactions, the police family must stand together. Our colleagues, like the majority of citizens, can no longer bear the tyranny of these violent minorities. The time is not for union action, but for combat against these "pests". Surrendering, capitulating, and pleasing them by laying down arms are not the solutions in light of the gravity of the situation. All means must be put in place to restore the rule of law as quickly as possible. Once restored, we already know that we will relive this mess that we have been enduring for decades. For these reasons, Alliance Police Nationale and UNSA Police will take their responsibilities and warn the government from now on that at the end, we will be in action and without concrete measures for the legal protection of the Police, an appropriate penal response, significant means provided, the police will judge the extent of the consideration given. Today the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow we will be in resistance and the government will have to become aware of it."

Organs of the state referring to their own citizens as “savages” and “vermin” or “unclean” and “contagious”. These are the very same emotions that the Covid mandates were designed to provoke against the unvaccinated.

Have we forgotten so soon how these very same same French police imposed order during the Covid mandates?

Euronews reports:

And the recent protests that emerged, reportedly, over pension reforms?

Foreign Policy reports:

Do these police deserve even more power?

The UK is no different:

4) Problem, Reaction, Solution

If the state can cause enough fear and panic in its population, the public will demand harsher state powers to control the perceived source of its problem. People end up demanding their own chains. This inches us incrementally further and further towards more and more technocratic tyranny.

The Hegelian dialectic is well in play.

Remember, in the UK the disruption caused by ‘Just Stop Oil’ is no different.

Note: due to Elon Musk’s ongoing social media war with Substack, video via tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click through on the image to view all video clips.

Meanwhile, any protestors who seek genuine patriotic reform are silenced and oppressed.

Note: due to Elon Musk’s ongoing social media war with Substack, video via tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click through on the image to view all video clips.

5) Waking Up with Radical Media

At least some people are starting to get it.

The CIA-originating Muslim supremacist movements (Islamists) that this author’s departure from, and criticism of, got him so roundly cancelled by many Muslims, are but pawns for globalism. They manipulate Muslims, just like pretenders to populism - who use popular sentiment to call for more authoritarianism - manipulate non-Muslims: to perpetually call for more power and surveillance.

Bin-Laden was a known CIA asset. It is now established via leaks that certain 911 hijackers were CIA assets. It is now clear via leaks that ISIS was facilitated by Western intelligence operatives.

6) Was it something we said?

People still doubt the globalist roadmap we identified over a year ago, and our forecasts based on said roadmap. Events keep proving people wrong. Then, they doubt us again the next time any issue arises, only to be proven wrong again.. ..and on.

و ما علينا إلا البلاغ المبين

“It is not our duty but to convey the clear message“

(al-Qur’an, al-Yaseen: 36:17)

Why do you think we’re all being so stigmatised, shadow-banned and cancelled like this?

We are all being played. We literally spelled it out for you inch by inch on Rogan’s Show episode 1780. It has all transpired, down to the letter, after they tried to ban the episode for 3 weeks.

Wake up!

It is worth remembering that what Globalists want is not always what Globalists get.

They are playing a very dangerous game.

وَمَكَرُوا وَمَكَرَ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

“They schemed [against Jesus] and Allah too schemed. And Allah is the best of schemers” (al-Qur’an, Aal-’Imran 3:54)

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