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On Legally Indicting Dr Anthony Fauci

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On Legally Indicting Dr Anthony Fauci

The Radical Show Podcast 23


On Legally Indicting Dr Anthony Fauci

The Radical Show Podcast 23

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On 25th September 2022 we spoke to whistleblower and former US army combat veteran Dr Andrew Huff - who was a Vice-President at Peter Daszak's Eco-Health Alliance - and his wife Emily Huff about their efforts to indict Dr Anthony Fauci for funding dangerous 'gain of function' research on Coronaviruses in Wuhan, China. We also speak to Attorney-at-Law Tom Renz and entrepreneur Steve Kirsch about the legal strategy.

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There have been some developments in this story since we aired.

The Wall Street Journal reports 26th February 2023:

The New York Times reports 26th February 2023:

Though there are caveated perspectives worth keeping an eye on too:

As well as cautionary perspectives:

Note: some who advocate the above cautionary view rest on the assumption that contagion theory itself is fraudulently maintained by the globalist cabal in order to boost fear and compliance, as explored in The Radical Show episode 38 with Dr Mark Bailey (which will be released to full members in podcast format here via Radical Media in good order).

And then there are the scarily-based-in-reality prospects:

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