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URGENT: REJECT & RESIST - Bank of England Declares Central Bank Digital 'Coupons' (CBDC) Consultation

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URGENT: REJECT & RESIST - Bank of England Declares Central Bank Digital 'Coupons' (CBDC) Consultation

Plus the Radical Show Podcast Episode 28

The Radical Podcast Episode 28 - On Bitcoin, the Abolition of Cash, Central Banking Digital ‘Coupons’ and the Great Reset

At the top of this newszine Resistance Radio presents the podcast version of The Radical Show episode 28 - On Bitcoin, the Abolition of Cash, Central Banking Digital Coupons and the Great Reset with Pierre Corbin, Director and Producer of the film 'The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin' about Bitcoin, the abolition of cash, decentralised crypto currencies and central banking digital ‘coupons’ (CBDCs).

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URGENT: REJECT & RESIST - Bank of England Declares Central Bank Digital 'Coupons' (CBDC) Consultation

And Other Radical Reactions


1) Bank of England Declares Central Bank Digital 'Coupons' (CBDC) Consultation

The Bank of England has declared a public consultation on their plan to introduce CBDCs and has informed the public of the creation of a ‘CBDC Taskforce’ to roll out such coupons.

The way we use money is changing. This Consultation Paper sets out our assessment of the case for a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) – a so-called ‘digital pound’. It has been overseen by the joint Bank-HM Treasury CBDC Taskforce that was announced in April 2021.

At this stage, we judge it likely that the digital pound will be needed in the future. It is too early to decide whether to introduce the digital pound, but we are convinced preparatory work is justified.

This public consultation closes 7th June 2023.

Note: Due to Elon Musk’s ongoing social media war with Substack, tweets can no longer be embedded into Substack. Readers must click through on the image to view all video clips.

All readers are urged to respond to the Bank of England consultation here by copying and pasting the following words:

"I don't agree with CBDC in any circumstances"

The danger inherent to the elimination of cash and its replacement with CBDCs is clear and present. For those not yet acquainted, the Radical Dispatch has provided a detailed breakdown of the dangers here in section 3:

The attached episode 28 of the Radical Show Podcast also goes into some depth.

The below snippets of interviews and public speeches that we have given over the last few years provide a useful summary.

Note: these video clips and all others on Substack are prevented from being embedded and will not autoplay. You’ll have to click through to watch them, thanks to Elon Musk feeling insecure and threatened by independent media on Substack.

Regular readers of Radical Media will not be surprised at any of this, since we have been covering it from the start.

The below are for further reading on CBDCs. This Radical Reaction newszine continues beneath that in Section 2.

i) March 2022:

ii) July 2022:

iii) November 2022:

iv) October 2022:

v) February 2023:

2) World Health Organisation (WHO) Seeking Power to Impose Global Lockdown on All Countries At Once

The World Health Organisation is currently ratifying some amendments. These amendments will allow the WHO to impose a global lockdown on the entire world at once. These amendments do not require our vote, as we are already signatories to the WHO.

The Telegraph reports:

Lockdown measures could be imposed on the UK by the World Health Organisation (WHO) during a future pandemic under sweeping new powers

We have been trying to warn you.

This move must be resisted at any cost. Even the man who funded lockdown in the UK - now the UK Prime Minister - no longer believes in them.

“Rishi Sunak has said the government gave too much power to scientists during Covid lockdowns - and was not honest about the potential downsides.”

3) UK Government Takes Legal Action to Hide PM Johnson’s Covid WhatsApp Messages From Its Own Covid Inquiry

In an astonishing and unprecedented move the UK Government has taken legal action to hide Boris Johnson’s Covid Whatsapp messages from its own Covid inquiry. This is considered to be the first time the UK government has decided to censor material from its own public inquiry.

The UK government is to launch an unprecedented legal challenge over the Covid inquiry's demand for WhatsApp messages and documents. The government missed a 16:00 deadline to share Boris Johnson's messages and notebooks from during the pandemic. It is thought to be the first time a government has taken legal action against its own public inquiry.

We Are Coming.

4) The Jeffrey Epstein Client List Will Become Known

We are ruled over by a class of pathetic parasites who are easily controlled through Kompromat & blackmail by a global cabal of psychopaths who facilitate their depravity in exchange for control. Every one of them will be exposed.

It appears that every idol is destined to fall.

For further information:

5) Hollywood Actor Jamie Foxx Reportedly Paralysed & Blinded by Covid Vaccine

MSM reports from ‘OK! Magazine’:

Note: caution, this story only has one source to date.

Here is a video clip of the reporting source A.J.Benza describing the situation:

If verified, this story has all the potential to break through to the mainstream. Radical Media will report more once available.

Meanwhile, trust in the Covid narrative is fast collapsing.

The Wall Street Journal Reports:

6) Secretive UK Government ‘Disinformation’ Unit Revealed as Stifling Covid Critical Voices on Social Media

A Freedom of Information request has revealed what we all knew. The UK government, and other so-called democratic governments around the world, have sought to silence, marginalise and persecute Covid-critical voices. Their target would obviously have been most of the stories reported above in this Radical Reaction.

The Times of London reports:

A government unit has been accused of working with social media companies to stifle discussion of Covid lockdown policies.

The Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU) leads the government’s response to “disinformation threats” online and collects personal data to help to explain online disinformation narratives. But a report says that it was used to curb critics of lockdown and the mass vaccination of children…The Rapid Response Unit in the Cabinet Office actively looked for content online it considered to be misinformation. It passed monitoring reports to the CDU and has admitted it made requests for social media posts to be taken down..

Of course, a UK government spokesman for the Disinformation Unit has - unironically - denied such claims as “objectively false”.

So too, will social media companies, because of course, they always tell you the truth.

Never forget what they tried to do to us all.

Because they are still doing it (try it out for yourself).

And they appear to have been doing it for an awfully long time.

Two 9/11 hijackers have been revealed to have been CIA recruits.

The Grayzone reports:

Glenn Beck reports:

The current CIA head William Burns was revealed to have met Jeffrey Epstein three times after his conviction, and while he was Secretary of State.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The CIA has been implicated in the killing of former US president JFK.

The Times of London reports:

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