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Historic First: President Trump is Indicted, Not Hilary Clinton, Not Hunter Biden, Not Anthony Fauci & Certainly Not Anyone on Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

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Historic First: President Trump is Indicted, Not Hilary Clinton, Not Hunter Biden, Not Anthony Fauci & Certainly Not Anyone on Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

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On 9th October 2022 we spoke to Canadian Researcher - Jessica Rose, PHD, MSc., BSc. And to James Freeman - Former British Member of the European Parliament & Former Head of UK Trade & Business Inflation Statistics at the Office for National Statistics, about the potential safety issues being reported on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

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Historic First: President Trump is Indicted

Not Hilary Clinton, Not Hunter Biden, Not Anthony Fauci & Certainly Not Anyone on Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

1) Trump Indicted

In a truly unprecedented move, President Trump has become the first US President in history to face criminal charges. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has pursued a case that was rejected by two previous District Attorneys. It is fraught with risk. Resting largely on an untested legal premise, the case assumes that Trump’s pay off to Stormy Daniels was a campaign finance violation. To make this case, the New York District Attorney will be relying on the testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who claims that Trump directed him to make this payment. The trouble here is that Cohen is also a convicted felon. Actual specific charges will remain sealed until Trump surrenders himself to the state of New York.

More significantly, and if Trump eventually returns to office, Alvin Bragg’s decision has just removed any excuse ahead of future indictments for Crimes Against Humanity over the state handling of Covid mandates, and other international crimes. Of concern here is - once back in power - whether Trump’s vision for justice will be restorative or retributive. A great deal could go wrong here. The stakes are very high for American democracy.

Here is President Trump’s statement:

Whatever one thinks of Trump - and there is a great deal to say - the view that he has been indicted by his political enemies is inescapable. The glaring inconsistencies are too obvious to ignore.

2) Hilary Clinton

The FBI has previously admitted that Hilary Clinton deleted 33,000 classified emails.

Hilary Clinton was never indicted.

3) Hunter Biden

Corporatist media mouthpieces the New York Times and the Washington Post had to eventually admit that Hunter Biden did indeed own that infamous laptop full of criminal images and political kompromat.

Readers will recall that this ‘Laptop from Hell’ was so bad that 51 former security officials were initially rolled out during an election cycle to claim that it was a Russian disinformation campaign.

Hunter Biden was never indicted.

4) Dr Anthony Fauci

As Radical Media reported 28th February 2023, corporatist media mouthpieces The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal had to finally concede that Dr Anthony Fauci’s decision to use US tax dollars to illegally fund Gain of Function research in the Wuhan lab in China, was likely to have been behind the origin of Covid.

And despite best efforts, Dr Anthony Fauci is yet to be indicted.

4) Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

And as we all know by now, Jeffrey Epstein became the first sex-offender convicted of trafficking underage girls to… absolutely nobody.

Not one name on the Epstein client list has been indicted.

Despite all of the above, the FBI Director who oversaw the now defunct Russia investigation into Trump, could barely conceal his glee at this Trump indictment.

The aforementioned hypocrisy, in deciding who to indict, has not gone unnoticed.

This image pretty much sums it up:

And the below sentiment will be incredibly difficult to challenge:

5) Ramifications

One cannot but help escape the conclusion that this decision to indict Trump has effectively sealed his primary nomination.

As Radical Media has been noting for a while, Trump is likely to be the next Republican party candidate for President. Even Ron De Santis - Trump’s biggest Primary rival to date - has leaped to the former President’s defence.

If Trump were to win the presidency due to this hasty move, the impact his current policy stances could have on the US political debate might be world changing, especially when seen in context of Trump’s recent campaign statements.

Perhaps garnering Trump the sympathy of his rivals while further amplifying him and his message, will be the only result this indictment can possibly end in. Which reminds us, the Globalists appear to be destroying themselves by their own hands.

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