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British Broadcasting Regulator Ofcom Reveals Itself As Compromised By Hounding Mark Steyn Off GB News

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British Broadcasting Regulator Ofcom Reveals Itself As Compromised By Hounding Mark Steyn Off GB News

And Other Radical Reactions Plus The Radical Show Podcast 21


British Broadcasting Regulator Ofcom Reveals Itself As Compromised By Hounding Mark Steyn Off GB News

And Other Radical Reactions

1) The Radical Show Podcast 21

At the top of this newszine Resistance Radio is pleased to present full members of Radical Media with the Radical Show podcast 21: On Climate Alarmism & the Net Zero Trap for Globalist Technocracy.

In this special interview on 11th September 2022 we spoke to engineer and physicist Brian Catt about the way in which climate alarmism and the net-zero trap are being used to further the aims of globalist technocracy.

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2) British Broadcasting Regulator OfCom Reveals Itself As Compromised By Chasing Mark Steyn Off GB News

Mark Steyn was a popular GB News broadcast host who had the gumption to raise vaccine harms and injury survivor testimony on his talk show.

He then suffered two back to back heart attacks. Thankfully, he lived. He had planned on returning to his show.

Seizing their moment though, GB News seems to have taken the opportunity to not lighten the poor chap’s workload, nor provide him with paid leave in order to recover. Rather, they chose to succumb to British Broadcasting Regulator Ofcom pressure, by making it nigh on impossible for Steyn to return. Radical Media is happy to provide GB News executives a right of reply.

Mark Steyn explains in his own words.


Of course, we here at Radical Media are unsurprised by these developments.

After all, GB News is regulated by Ofcom.

If Ofcom were to be captured by the Globalist establishment, then GB News would have very little chance of being able to resist Ofcom pressure to avoid talking about vaccine injuries without being taken off air, or fined into oblivion.

And Ofcom is captured by the Globalist establishment.

Here is their page on the WEF website:

And here are details about the collaborative work Ofcom has done with the WEF on Digital Safety Online Censorship.

Our view has been stated clearly and openly: regulatory capture is an essential component of palace coups, and what you have all been witnessing since 2019 is nothing short of a global palace coup.

3) British Corporatist Press Absurdly Claims Pfizer Has Killed “Just” 75 Brits And Hails This As Proof That The ‘Vaccine’ Is Safe

3a) The Article

Astonishingly, the Daily Mail reports 15th February 2023:

No, this is not fake. Click on the image if you need to see for yourselves.

Where to begin?

Let’s take it bit by bit.

Join us and follow this as we do.

3b) Vaccine injuries are serially under-reported

Here is a line from the Daily Mail article.

But the same Daily Mail article states:

they also admitted it could be a slight under-count

No, that is also not fake. That is an actual line in the article.

It is not surprising that they added that caveat.

Even as a gross underestimate, 75 is still too many deaths as an official side effect for a jab.

It’s a bit like Déjà Vu.

3c) The Yellow Card System counts thousands of more deaths than that

The warning signs are already in the self-reporting yellow card death count. In this light, how does the 75 dead figure make sense?

3d) Those who died within 14 days of taking the jab are perversely listed as unvaccinated

Another clue is provided in the same article here:

Two weeks after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid jab.”

That line points to the fact that - incredibly - the official figure still does not include any deaths within 14 days of taking the jab.

On the long standing state-fraud of not counting deaths within 14 days of taking the jab as vaccinated deaths, Radical Media reports 26th January 2023, full extract of Section 3:

The UK Statistics Regulator has just torpedoed most of corporatist media’s misinformation around ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status’ by admitting that the ONS data that was previously presented to the nation is “not representative of the general population” because those not counted are “more likely to be younger and unvaccinated”

By omitting from their sample size young unvaccinated people from among the general population, the ONS would have revealed that there recorded proportion of unvaccinated deaths in care appears higher than it is. This is because they would have missed the unvaccinated young from the general population who are still alive and never needed medical care in the first instance.

The letter from the Regulator still contains problems. Including the way in which it attempts to dodge any clarity around those dying ‘within 14 days of vaccination’ being listed by the state as ‘unvaccinated.’ This is so obviously fudged.

See Professor Norman Fenton’s analysis from this previous Radical Dispatch (section 3) dated 7th February 2022, reproduced here for you below:

Definitions Matter

For those seeking to understand how such an alarming rise in non-Covid, all-cause mortality could stay out of our news cycle for this long, they should note that definitions matter. See the below - again - from Professor Norman Fenton, on his fully referenced explanation of official Covid death definitions. The last example given is what directly relates to our topic here, but all of the below should disturb any human among our readers:

Once this is understood, the only fact that remains is to consider the conflicts of interest involved. GPs were paid per jab. The below is from the BMJ.

Fear not, in these times of inflation and higher energy bills, if the pitiful amount per jab troubles you, then that’s also since been addressed. GPs got a raise per jab. Routine quality control was also apparently stopped, to speed up the process.

We here at The Radical Dispatch cannot say for certain what is causing this by-now documented spike in non-Covid all-cause mortality and heart illness. But one thing that we absolutely condemn and unequivocally disavow is if any scientist, expert or journalist were to apply the scientific or critical method, develop a hypothesis and interrogate this question until a thesis were to emerge. The reason we disavow such an approach is because everybody knows that the scientific method has been historically developed only through consensus and official state narratives, while the best scientists reject doubt, curiosity and critical thinking. Obviously.

Here’s a graph of deaths within 14 days of taking the jab, to illustrate the impact of leaving this tally out of the official count.

3e) This Daily Mail article was published just as the UK announced it will be suspending the Covid ‘vaccine’ for all under 50s

The timing of this article is also interesting, considering that the UK is about to suspended Covid ‘vaccines’ for all under 50s.

Warning: this assertion has been “fact” checked by corporatist media.

As usual, remember that the exact opposite of what “fact” checkers say is true.

Test it out. Here’s the AP “fact” check:

And here’s their explanation provided in the very first paragraph (emphasis ours).

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. While the country will stop widely providing the vaccine to those under 50 next month, anyone deemed to have a clinical need, such as those at risk of severe illness, as well as frontline healthcare workers and caregivers, will still be able to get the shot.

OK. So the ‘vaccines’ are being suspended for under 50s in the UK.

Here’s the actual announcement made by Steve Barclay MP on 25th January 2023:

3f) So is there an unexplained excess death count in the UK?


The exact same article in the Mail Online confirms this, 5th February 2023:

And that very same article in the Mail Online provides a nice graphic for this unexplained excess death count, 5th February 2023:

3g) So how are those among the excess death rate dying?

You guessed it, heart attacks.

Again, the very same Mail Online article reports, as above on the 5th February 2023:

3h) So is it possible that the ‘vaccine’ is causing this excess death?

Again, the same Mail Online article provides the answer, as reported 5th February 2023:

They think you’re stupid.

3i) So why is this not the greatest global scandal in history?

Perhaps this is why. The Mail Online reports 28th December 2022:

Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, made the comments in a parliamentary debate on the potential harms of vaccines earlier this month.

He claimed that someone in a 'prominent leadership role' in the British Heart Foundation (BHF) was 'covering up clear data that reveals that the mRNA vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries'.

The damn is very nearly broken.

And We Are Coming.

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