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Reform UK Leader Nigel Farage Insists Ukraine Must Make Peace with Russia & May Be Partitioned

EU Swings to Populist Right: A Sign For What is Coming

Nigel Farage Launches UK General Election Campaign as Trump's US Win is Guaranteed by His Conviction

Mossad Threatens ICC Prosecutor For Investigating Israel While Putin Warns Britain Against Sparking WWIII

BREAKING: Spain, Ireland and Norway Recognise Palestinian State as International Criminal Court Seeks Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu

Technocrat Dominic Cummings Proposes New Political Party to Thwart Return of Nigel Farage

Israel Invades Rafah After Rejecting Ceasefire Deal That Hamas Accepted

Who Was Behind the Race-Baiting of Humza Yousaf's 13-Month Short Tenure as Scotland's First Minister?

Midazolam Deaths Debated in UK Parliament as Twitter Fact-Checkers Backdown

Israeli Invasion of Rafah Looms But Israel Stands Isolated After Iran's Retaliation

BREAKING ANALYSIS: Iran Retaliates By Launching Hundreds of Drone Missiles Directly at Israel

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Lobbies Trump for More War Funds to Ukraine While Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Cameron to 'Kiss My Ass'

A Global Blackmail Operation to Serve Mossad's Global War Machine in a Global Palace Coup

Trump Slams Israel, UN Passes 'Immediate Ceasefire' Resolution, Netanyahu Retaliates & Terrorists Attack Russia

Decorated British General Sent Home From Afghanistan After "Smear Campaign" For Criticising Israel's "Impunity" in Gaza

UK Government Extremism Tsar Ridiculed for Declaring London 'No-Go Zone' for Jews During Gaza Protests

PM Panics as Newly Elected George Galloway Beats Three Main Parties Combined Over Gaza Issue in Rochdale UK

Active Duty US Air Force Aaron Bushnell Dies After Setting Himself Ablaze Outside Israeli Embassy in Protest at "Gaza Genocide"

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: UK Excess Deaths Correlate to Lethal Midazolam Injections with Dr Wilson Sy

BREAKING: This interview with Julian Assange's Former PR Representative Richard Hillgrove Has Gone Missing From Our Rumble Livestream

BREAKING: New Research Implicates UK State in Policy of Mass-Euthanasia With Midazolam Using Covid Deaths as Cover

Globalist Governments Introduce Online Censorship Legislation Ahead of US & UK Elections

Excess Deaths Remain High as Academics Declare: 'Covid Jabs Cause Myocarditis' & 'Suspend all Jabs'

Governments Hide Worldwide Increase in Post-Vaccine Excess Death

Trump Wins Landslide Iowa Primary As Globalists Provoke WWIII to Avoid What is Coming

BREAKING: Epstein Judge Unseals "Richard Branson" & Photo of Lord Peter Mandelson

BREAKING: Full Copy of Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Associates Documents As Unsealed By Court Order

Mossad Honeytrap - Bill Clinton Named Over 50 Times in Newly Unsealed Epstein Court Documents